On Demand Monthly Subscription Vs One Time License Version: What’s better option for startups in 2020?

On Demand Monthly Subscription Vs One Time License Version: What's better option for startups in 2020?
On Demand Monthly Subscription Vs One Time License Version: What’s better option for startups in 2020?

In this age of online business, where every other company is planning to go online; all you need is to have an on demand app that further enables you to run your business smoother.

With the growing passage of time what is needed is that you could able to get such customers who could able to avail on-demand monthly subscription, as when you set up a new website it proves to be costlier to the startup as well.

These days the Tech startups are facing a difficult time in terms of investment and engagement. There is enormous competition in each field. In this scenario, a lower budget for app development can prove worth.

The lower budget structure helps emerging startups with great aid in terms of monetary and moral field. Here are some of the benefits that shows how the recurring model or the monthly subscription model is superior to the one-time investment model.

Secure Income Structure

The recurring billing system proves more impressive than the one-time license cost. The unique app includes the hiring cost, the designing cost, the development cost, the customization cost and whatnot. On the other hand, the monthly based subscription model proves lucky as there are no such charges imposed separately.

  • So how does it work? Let me explain in the layman language. There lie zero gaps between the billing cycles. As we can see that the first cycle comes to an end, the next cycle automatically starts. The period therefore continues.
  • Let’s chat over the cloud-based companies and its work. The cloud-based startups have designated plans to offer to the customers worldwide. The ready to made solutions are prepared for use. These solutions are further sold on rent as white label solutions.
  • When the monthly rental of any cloud-based company is as affordable as 15K per month, it is highly accessible to run the food or grocery delivery startup.

Easy to start and Survive

The monthly subscription model is easy to start and commence. For an, e.g., if you are about to invest a considerable amount in any application, then it is difficult to expect it to start unless your investment is ready. On the other hand, if you have a monthly option of payment that is both affordable and easy to choose, you can start your food or grocery delivery business in no time.


For sure, this is a win for the month based model. Cost-wise it proves lucky to the startup owners. It is easily affordable and manageable. If you want to check it out, you can talk to any business head and get the estimation of a total mobile app cost. For sure, you will get an idea about what is the most easier model to choose for your future on-demand delivery or booking startup.


We at Deonde offer this facility which can help you in On-demand solutions on your Grocery services. Hence we can able to say is that a Monthly subscription-based solution which is the most valuable feature which can help you in multi-dimensions.

Deonde is the On-demand app brand that helps with various types of on-demand food and delivery based solutions. This provides you with Food delivery solutions and can help you in this time of panic as well. This is the most used app which is also used in Grocery Delivery.

We at DeOnDe offer premium quality products when you order through our website and could able to get on-time deliveries which we had promised for. We are the most trusted brand which offers various offers and services that are needed for a firm when they run on such scale as well.

P.S. We as a brand together believe that the customers are our primary focus points, and we further help them giving premium experiences while connecting with our white label solutions.

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