Subscription-Based Food Delivery Solution: The Most Feasible Model For Indian Startups

Subscription-Based Food Delivery Solution: The Most Feasible Model For Indian Startups | DeOnDe
Subscription-Based Food Delivery Solution: The Most Feasible Model For Indian Startups | DeOnDe

Online food delivery Solution is growing at a rapid pace from about a decade. People, especially the employees, settled due to the employment mobility in major cities, find an online food delivery as the most convenient option. With its rapid demand in this decade, it compelled the introduction of new online food delivery solutions. Food delivery may cost a lot to new startups and companies due to a long list of accessories required along with it.

For about a time, some online delivery food solutions, including the aggregator model and the owner model were widely accepted by online food delivery companies. The main problem with them was that they are not much feasible for all companies and startups. The newly established startups and companies might feel a debt burden and economic stress due to the high revenue and development cost along with it.

Is the subscription-based delivery solution feasible?

In countries like India and the USA, a large number of enterprises and startups introduce every single minute. There should be some hoaxes and methods that bring laurels to the operational and financial conditions of those companies. In recent times a new type of online delivery solution called subscription-based delivery model is replacing the traditional methods.

The one apparent reason which suits its recent development well is some sets of ease it provides over other traditional methods. If the same is not accurate, then it would never replace the existed conventional means to a large extent. When it comes to ease, there are undoubtedly other methods too, which can help to bring the ease widely. Why does a subscription-based delivery solution become the first choice over other online delivery solutions?

A glance at the subscription-based delivery solution

The subscription-based delivery option includes monthly or annual rental charges to the clients who are willing to use the subscription. The subscription varies from a monthly subscription to yearly and proceeds further. The client needs to pay the same sum of money for the subscription plan he/she is opting for the business. The subscription plans also vary according to the premium qualities of the plan. The client needs to take the concern to opt for the best-suited subscription option for the business. The subscription-based solutions primarily help the enterprises to choose solutions according to the feasible needs of the company.

Benefits of the subscription-based delivery model over other delivery models

The subscription-based delivery option is far more compatible than other online food delivery solutions. The main reason for the same is that in the subscription-based delivery options, both the service provider and the client enjoy a comprehensive profit and ease in the operation. Before this solution, not all the companies and startups could enjoy serving online food delivery services to their esteemed customers.

The reason for that inconvenience is highly expensive and unaffordable ways by which online food delivery became possible. Online delivery solutions included developing an application or a website on your own by hiring an application development agency for the same. Hiring A Mobile application or development agency costs a lot and is not even economically feasible to the nascent businesses.

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Another option left (excluding subscription-based food delivery) is the aggregator method. This method is includes coming into co-operation with some developed companies like Uber eats and Zomato to deliver the services via the platform of the service provider. In this method, the joined members cannot take the efficiency of having a personal application or website. In this online food delivery solution, the company provides revenue to the client regularly, but that is not much sufficient.

Via personal website or application, any of the growing delivery business can excel way better than that in other methods. This online food delivery solution is not just infeasible to the co-operated members, but the service provider needs to pay the members a large sum of money as revenue. What is the use of such an online food delivery solution where none of the sides gets an absolute advantage?

If any of the delivery companies go for developing an application, it requires an ample sum of money for the same. Considering the same subscription-based delivery solution is introduced.


As mentioned above, subscription-based solutions eliminate the need of companies to roam around the premises of app or web development companies for developing a personal application or website. Nor the delivery service providers need to spend an ample sum of money in the development of applications. Online food ordering services have increased tremendously in recent times due to feasibility provided to delivery services providers by the subscription-based solution.

The delivery service providers need to take the monthly subscription or annual subscription plans. The pans may look a little bit expensive at first view but are far more compatible than the costs of developing a personalized application. The subscription-based delivery service provider assists the client to use the app and website designed by them for carrying delivery procedures.

Via this subscription-based solution, the delivery service provider needs not to spend an ample sum of money. On the contrary, nor come in co-operation to sell cheap services. For a profound time, any of the companies can get the benefits of application-based delivery services.

Why is it compatible with new startups?

New startups and businesses always look for cheap and affordable ways to carry on their operations. In conditions like this, subscription-based solutions help such services a lot. With the help of a subscription-based delivery model, any new startups can get the benefits of application-based online food delivery at the very first developing stages of the startup.

Final verdict

Several different reasons make it very crystal clear that the subscription-based food delivery model is way more feasible than any of the other existing models. It increases the accessibility of the delivery service provider. In order to use a lot of operations that were not available to them. Subscription-based solutions provide a better environment for their business flow.

Why choose us?

We at DeOnDe are solemnly committed to providing top-notch services to all our esteemed clients. The subscription-based solutions at DeOnDe are planned considering the economic feasibility of the nascent startups. Our subscription plans will help to grow the business and related needs. The applications and websites are developed to serve clients with all the necessary amenities.

We strive to provide a tailor-made environment for application and web development for our clients and sew a suitable environment. DeOnDe works on Delivery on-demand and helps our esteemed client in each step of business development via our classy services.

P.S. DeOnDe is always eager to welcome nascent or well-established clients to give us a chance to serve them. Also, looking at the current scenario of lockdown, where startups find it difficult to invest enormous funds for the development of a complete mobile app solution for food delivery. The right option is to go for the monthly rental model. The mode where you need to pay a monthly subscription to the food solution provider company. Invest small and enjoy a long term solution for your food startup anywhere in India or USA or UK.

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