Top 3 Types of On-Demand Mobile Apps To Rule the Economy in 2024


There is no wonder why business owners are switching their business operations online. Moving digital has become one of the crucial business requirements in 2021. I wouldn’t give all the credit to the pandemic because there are many other factors than the pandemic that has highlighted the use of on-demand mobile apps.

2021 is the successful year right after the pandemic. We all have observed a considerable difference in our lifestyle and routine during the lockdown period. It was the time when most of us started using or investing in on-demand apps development like food delivery app, grocery delivery app, liquor delivery app, and medicine delivery app at the repeated frequency.

Top 3 Types of On-Demand Mobile Apps To Rule the Economy in 2024

There are many types of on-demand mobile applications existing today, such as the on-demand grocery delivery app, on-demand medicine delivery app, on-demand liquor delivery, on-demand food delivery app, on-demand laundry delivery app, on-demand rental marketplace app, etc. Out of these popular on-demand mobile apps; we shall move ahead with the top 3 mobile apps that are ruling the economy and shall continue to hit the charts in 2024.

1.    On-Demand Food Delivery Application

The on-demand food delivery app like Talabat, Zomato, Postmates, and Swiggy did exist in the world for a longer period. We all have been using it earlier as well even before the pandemic. But the major point of difference is that these food delivery apps gained ‘repetitive use and more orders on board’ because of the pandemic situation. As people were scared of moving to dine-out spaces, the use of on-demand food delivery apps gained massive attention.


As you can see in the above image represented by Grand View Research, on-demand food delivery applications shall rise shortly. It has continuous growth and acceptance ability in the worldwide market, including the Asia Pacific.

Food Delivery App Features

The food delivery apps also provide extraordinary features than just allowing the customers to order the food online. Nowadays, food delivery applications come with an exclusive package of convenience. It includes searching food items, searching restaurants, pinching the favorite restaurant, customizing food orders and toppings, adding special food instructions, various payment methods, repeating or scheduling food delivery, order for someone else, etc.

Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App

One of the other things that have helped the food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy rule the charts in 2020 is to switch their existing app into multi-vendor delivery. These trending brands started selling groceries, essentials, as well as medical essentials during the pandemic without acquiring any additional workforce. It gave birth to the multi-vendor delivery app’s innovation, where a single app can help deliver multiple items, including food, grocery, and medicines.

1.    On-Demand Grocery Delivery Application

The biggest revolution that one can expect in the industry is on-demand grocery shopping. There was a time when malls and shopping marts transformed the grocery industry where people learned to shop with trolleys in the shopping malls instead of local Kirana stores. Now, the scene is revolutionized once more with the ‘on-demand grocery delivery app.’


Here, the Global Data Analysis and Forecasts image reveals the enhancing grocery market size in the USA.  It depicts how people are spending more % of their income on online food and grocery items.

What is an On-demand Grocery App?

An on-demand grocery delivery application allows app users to buy their favorite groceries online via a digital medium. Here, the users can scroll through the different categories, just like they shop the various groceries in the shopping mall. Buying groceries becomes comfortable with the add-to-cart button, where users can click on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ sign for adding or removing the items in the cart.  Using the search button, the users can search for multiple grocery items. Also, there are various payment methods to help users checkout the payment process with ease.

1.    On-Demand Medicine Delivery Application

Last but not least is the medicine delivery application. In the list of on-demand mobile apps, the medicine delivery application has an enormous role. During the pandemic, the medicine delivery apps like Medcart, 1Mg, Practo, and Lybrate did a fabulous earning. It shows how people are moving ahead with time and technology concerning their health and safety.

The on-demand medicine delivery app helps the user sign-up with the application and upload the prescription via image or camera use to get the medicines delivered. Here, prescription sharing becomes essential with pharmacists in many countries. Apart from delivering medicines, the app also allows the patient to connect with the doctors via online consultation. The online consultation includes in-app audio calling, video calling as well as in-app texting.


The on-demand app development market looks demanding in the coming years as these apps hold a great future in the world economy for 2021 & beyond. At DeOnDe, we provide ready-made food, grocery, medicine, and liquor delivery solutions to help our clients with reasonable on-demand solutions. Connect with our business head concerning the pricing and other details associated with on-demand mobile apps development.

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