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Setup your own multi-vendor marketplace to serve your customers with multiple products and services. Get Started with our SaaS-based on-demand multi-delivery solution rented on a monthly or yearly basis.

Create an All-in-One Multi-Service Store instantly

Get hold of a dynamic and powerful AI-based readymade multi-delivery and hyperlocal app solution designed and developed for the convenience of your customers. The multi-services is an all-inclusive package for both B2B and B2C customers serving all-around accessibility and satisfaction.

With Deonde Own a Multi-Delivery
Business with Ease !!

Create your online marketplace with multiple stores and provide several delivery services and products with our multi-vendor marketplace solution easily. Our monthly subscription business model is fully customizable to fit all delivery businesses and budgets.

Top Features for Readymade
delivery Solution

Order Management

Customers can customize their order as per their requirement using the apps

Inventory Management

The store/restaurant owner can manage the availability of the items by verifying stock.

Real-time Tracking

Our real-time order tracking system helps customers to track their orders on Google Maps.

Payment Gateway

We use a 100% secure payment gateway to manage your business payments.

Promotional Codes

Keep your business organized and synchronized with our exclusive inbuilt POS.


The Admin Panel helps the business owner with real-time analytics and earnings.

Dynamic Platforms Powering

Launch your omnichannel marketplace and multi-delivery business with no set investment or commissions. Have a look at the operational platforms you get in our saas-based solution.





Multiple Payment Gateways & Wallet

Support for the variety of payment methods enabling customers to pay in their preferred choice ensuring swift transactions and better customer experiences. For example, debit/credit card, Amazon wallet, in cash, etc.

Promotions & Loyalty Cashbacks

Boost your online hyperlocal marketplace with an automated Promotions and Loyalty Program to reward and attract more customers. Create a wide range of Promo codes with us for your Loyalty Promotions.

Call Center Dashboard

Customers make orders on phone calls as well. The Call Center Dashboard tracks call orders in real-time, so the admin can create orders on behalf of customers.

Themes & Layouts

We enable the admin to choose and keep different Themes and layouts for the website and mobile application. They can also set different themes for the home page and Restaurant listings page.

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of Your White Label Apps.

Why Choose

Easy to Setup

The readymade solutions are fully customized and can be set up and launched easily within a few minutes to a few days.

100+ Features

Get 100 plus features to personalize the app experience to be user-friendly and customer-centric.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support for maintenance and updates in the software solution.

No Huge Investment

With the monthly subscription (SaaS) model, entrepreneurs need not worry about enormous capital investments.

Client Stories revealing
our Success

“Deonde helped me start my business immediately with least hustle and let me focus on my business with great confidence in the software. No server lost or data missed due to their round the clock monitoring and troubleshooting.”

Ahmed Shalaby
Ayooh, Founder

“It help me to start up our pilot project with full function that we can even easily manage our business... they delivery the app in such a way that its over expectation .. thanks to the deonde team for helping us to launch our services”

Mohammad Akshar
Red Delivery, CEO

"Deonde has an easy interface and users can order anything and have different payment methods available to them. Deonde team helped to integrates local api payment systems."

Drink On Tap - Founder

5.0 /5.0

5.0 /5.0

5.0 /5.0

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