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Deonde Ressto

An end-to-end customizable white-label solution to digitalize your restaurant business.
Establish your restaurant brand with our Saas-Based Restaurant Solution.

Branded For You

Build your online store simply and instantly

Empower your Restaurant business with our ready-made Restaurant Delivery solution designed and branded for your business.Just sign up on the platform and upload your Restaurant Menu and you are ready with your top-notch Online Food Delivery Store instantly.

Ready To Launch

With Ressto Start your Restaurant Delivery
Business within 5 Minutes !!

Build a strong online presence with scalable delivery choices for your Bakery or Pizza Store or a wine shop while accelerating your success.
Benefit with our Saas-based monthly subscription business model.


Why limit to dine-ins when you can deliver online with our readymade restaurant delivery app.

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Manage your online orders and workflows seamlessly with our saas-based grocery delivery app.

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Wine shop

Deliver your liquor delivery business online with a readymade white-label restaurant delivery solution.

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Sell Your oven-fresh cakes and cookies instantly with our white-label restaurant delivery solution.

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Pizza Store

Start your online Pizza delivery business (5 minutes) faster than you deliver your Pizza (30 minutes).

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Coffee Shop

Serve your hot brewed coffees online with our readymade white-label food delivery suite.

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Must have features to start your
food Delivery business

Tailored For Success. Most Advanced Features to help you run your restaurant business smoothly and efficiently.

Order Management

Customers can customize their order as per their requirement using the apps

Inventory Management

The store/restaurant owner can manage the availability of the items by verifying stock.

Real-time Tracking

Our real-time order tracking system helps customers to track their orders on Google Maps.

Payment Gateway

We use a 100% secure payment gateway to manage your business payments.

Promotional Codes

Run promotional discounts on DeOnde Express to reward your customers and grow your business 2X faster.


The Admin Panel helps the business owner with real-time analytics and earnings.

Multi Language

Customers can place orders in the languages of their choice using iCoderz's multilingual support for localization.

Delivey Zones

Create visual delivery zones on maps where you can make rapid and efficient deliveries.

LTR/RTR Support

Not just Left-to-right, but DeOnde support right-to-left languages too. For example, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, etc.

Robust Online Presence

You will get Following Platform Powering DEONDE RESSTO

We provide you with a full-fledged dynamic Restaurant Delivery Solution for restaurant owners, fast food outlets, and startups. Have a look at the operational platforms you get in our saas-based solution.

Ordering App

Delivery App


Merchant Apps

Sell More

Omni-channel Ordering

Create a more efficient and personalized ordering process for customers with Omni-channel Ordering. Convert your Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp friends and followers into customers. We help you increase sales, improve customer experience and restaurant profitability.




Mobile Apps

Easy Payments

Third-Party Integrations

Our Saas-based products help you reach and serve your customers more efficiently with integrations like Delivery fleet for on-demand deliveries and multiple payment gateways. Customers can pay using credit/debit cards, several wallets, and cash as well.

Build Loyal Customers

Promotions & Loyalty Cashbacks.

Engage and boost your Restaurant traffic with an automated Promotions and Loyalty Program integrated with the Ordering and delivery applications. Rewards and giveaways always lure customers to come back.

Safe Ordering & Pay

QR code Ordering.

Make ordering safe and secure for customers with our contactless QR Code ordering and payment functionality. Customers can order food and make payments directly from their smartphones.

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Best For You

Why Choose Deonde Ressto?

Setup your own multi-vendor marketplace to serve your customers with multiple products and services.
Get Started with our SaaS-based on-demand multi-delivery solution rented on a monthly or yearly basis.

Easy to Setup

The readymade solutions are fully customized and can be set up and launched easily within a few minutes to a few days.

100+ Features

Get 100 plus features to personalize the app experience to be user-friendly and customer-centric.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support for maintenance and updates in the software solution.

No Huge Investment

With the monthly subscription (SaaS) model, entrepreneurs need not worry about enormous capital investments.

Sign up and Kickstart your delivery business today!

We offer market-ready high interactive, robust, and scalable all in one
delivery solution in your hands.