Restaurent Promo Code Coupon Management System

DeOnde creates various coupons and promo codes to prompt
customers to place orders.

Customers/Vendor Specific PromoCode

48% of people buy sooner when they have a coupon. Create and categorize your promo codes for customers and vendors. Inspire your customers to make purchases by offering promo code discounts.

  • Customer Promo codes!
  • Vendor Promo codes!
  • Better Sales!

Type of Promocode

Enter the Promo code, and you get a discount on the amount to pay. Define the type of promo code via the on-demand ordering and delivery app. Delight your customers with discounted deals to make them repeat their orders.

  • Percentage-off Promo code!
  • Amount-off Promo code!
  • Free Shipping Promo code!

Client Stories revealing
our Success

“Deonde helped me start my business immediately with least hustle and let me focus on my business with great confidence in the software. No server lost or data missed due to their round the clock monitoring and troubleshooting.”

Ahmed Shalaby
Ayooh, Founder

“It help me to start up our pilot project with full function that we can even easily manage our business... they delivery the app in such a way that its over expectation .. thanks to the deonde team for helping us to launch our services”

Mohammad Akshar
Red Delivery, CEO

"Deonde has an easy interface and users can order anything and have different payment methods available to them. Deonde team helped to integrates local api payment systems."

Drink On Tap - Founder

5.0 /5.0

5.0 /5.0

5.0 /5.0

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