Restaurent Omni Sales Channel Management System

With DeOnde's online ordering suite, stay connected with your customers on every
touch-point to boost sales and gain customer loyalty.

Mobile Apps

Get your brand personalized custom mobile app for receiving orders and deliveries. Stay on their screens waiting for their hunger or shopping cravings. Your store is just a tap away.

  • Custom Mobile App!
  • Available on-demand!
  • Quick Ordering!


Turn your website into a full-fledged online ordering system within minutes with DeOnde. Let your website visitors place orders directly and earn your sales.

  • Improved customer experience!
  • Easier to place orders!
  • High Conversion rate!

Ordering Widget

Make ordering easier and more convenient for users by adding Menu & Order Widgets to your website. Get more customers to buy using easy-to-spot widgets.

  • Easy Visibility & Access!
  • Easy Integration!

Social Media

Boost your profits by selling online on social media handles. Turn millions of social media users to buy from you by taking orders on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

  • Wide Audience Reach!
  • Increase in Sales!
  • Brand Identity & Promotion!

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