Complete SaaS-Based Online Pizza POS System

Complete SaaS-Based Online Pizza POS System | DeOnDe
Complete SaaS-Based Online Pizza POS System | DeOnDe

For the love of Pizza, Pizza joints today, with the correct POS framework it is feasible for an eating foundation to offer the comfort of online ordering with pizza ordering app. Pizza is one such tempted thing which is in demand always and every age people loves it. The best Pizza ordering app can help your business grow like magic. SaaS based solutions can help you go for suitable POS system for you.

A full SaaS-based food app can offer you with various features which is made specially for pizza business. From joining to online ordering, delivering and payment, all the process is done with our POS system. With unique and easy mobile app development on platforms like Android app development and iOS app development with customized features as per the requirements.

With the SaaS based app, you get different dashboards one is for

User panel

Where a user downloads the app to get list of pizza joints with their menus and special items of the day and other offers. All this is displayed to the user on their screen. Second comes with

Delivery partner panel

The one in which it keeps track of the areas and location and the details of each delivery boy. They have been assigned the locations with specified pizza joints and outlets with GPS.

Restaurant/Admin Panel

This is the one which remains with restaurant owner. This panel app is the most important which connects other panels. Connecting customers and delivery partners to the restaurants.

Benefits of SaaS-Based Pizza App

  • SaaS based apps comes with a subscriptions and packages so the cost is low compared to licensed versions.
  • There are different panels and sections of the app are there which is divided as per the rights.
  • It is integrated to central main panel which makes it easy for admins to check things.
  • It is very scalable and new updates can be easily done and added

How Does Monthly Subscription Based Online Grocery Ordering Software Work?

Let’s understand the process of online ordering with delivery through POS systems

Order Processing becomes easy

With POS, order processing becomes central and the orders are sent to your POS device. This gives accuracy with no hurdles which in turn keeps good coordination in staff and employees.

Customer Services are well done

Every day orders and real-time tracking has reduced some work for employees which can divert them to answer customer queries and solve it on time which keeps a happy customer in your list.

Picking up or Takeouts is Possible

Many customers today are searching for eating alternatives that enable them to appreciate the accommodation and in the comfort of their home.  To-go and online request alternatives would now be able to be offered by a wide range of cafés, including full-scale eating outlets. So as to work a fruitful takeout business, you should guarantee legitimate request section and bundling. The way toward finding a POS framework that addresses the majority of your issues for online orders or takeout requests for your eatery should concentrate on a few key measures.

Easy Order Requests

A total POS framework for online requests and takeout requests deals with online request, request in calls and take away. For online requests, it is significant that the POS framework offer applications that will enable clients to place orders by means of their tablets or cell phones. But for calls and walk ins, the staff has to arrange and deal with the situation.

Ease for Delivery

Any POS system you choose must have a variety of functions for making delivery to the destination in a quicker way. POS system includes delivery tracking, order dispatching and giving real time best and easy route to destination. With other features it can also benefit in ensuring that orders get delivered in processed way.


Get the SaaS-based Pizza POS solutions from DeonDe (Delivery On Demand) they provide complete solutions from single to medium to multilevel enterprises.

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