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Whether you own a multinational restaurant chain or running a small pizzeria,
Deonde can turn your business online within minutes; no fuss or delay.

Single restaurants

Can't wait to take your restaurant business online? Get a branded saas-based food delivery solution for your single restaurant in just 5 minutes. Hope this wait is worth it!

Chain restaurants

Want to simplify operational workflows of your restaurant chains? Our readymade Food delivery solution automates food orders & deliveries to simplify business management.

Cloud Kitchens

Want a platform for your dark kitchen to connect with your customers? Count on your readymade white-label restaurant delivery solution and flaunt your delicious meals online.

Restaurant Startups

Excited to start? Eliminate the wait of building from scratch with our white-label on-demand food ordering and delivery solution. Just Sign up, upload the menu, and be done!


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Millions restaurants & Aggregators

Quickly set up your online businesses and secure
endless growth with our fully customizable readymade solutions.

Deonde Ressto

Commission Free online ordering system for restaurants

  • Restaurants

    Why limit to dine-ins when you can deliver online with our readymade restaurant delivery app.

  • Eatery

    Manage your online orders and workflows seamlessly with our saas-based grocery delivery app.

  • Bakery

    Sell Your oven-fresh cakes and cookies instantly with our white-label restaurant delivery solution.

  • Wine Shop

    Deliver your liquor delivery business online with a readymade white-label restaurant delivery solution.

  • Pizza Store

    Start your online Pizza delivery business (5 minutes) faster than you deliver your Pizza (30 minutes).

  • Coffee Shop

    Serve your hot brewed coffees online with our readymade white-label food delivery suite.

Deonde Express

Launch your Multi Restaurant Food Delivery System Instantly

  • Food Delivery

    Fully Customized, readymade food delivery solutions to instantly start delivering online.

  • Pizza Delivery

    Why pay commissions when you can have your own Pizza delivery app like Dominos?

  • Meat Delivery

    Deliver tender meat online with our readymade meat delivery solution.

  • Liquor Delivery

    Personalized on-demand Drizly-like app for your liquor stores and bars.

  • Grocery Delivery

    White-label on-demand app to deliver your store-fresh groceries to customer homes.

  • Pharmacy Delivery

    Set up online pharmacy in 10 minutes with our saas-based pharmacy delivery solutions.

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