Single-Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering Management System

Increase your Profits with a personalized White-label Online ordering Suite.

Single Store/Multiple Store

Take orders for your single Branded store or multiple-location stores with our single ordering suite. Register unlimited stores and restaurants with one subscription. Multiple Stores, One Subscription!

  • Manage Single Store!
  • Manage Multiple Locations!
  • Low Costs!
  • More Customers!

Website/Mobile Apps

Make ordering online more personalized for customers. Let them order with the white-label mobile app or directly from the store website. Go Social by taking orders from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more places.

  • Omnichannel Ordering!
  • Attract New customers!
  • Retain existing ones!
  • Better Reach!
  • Multi-platform Brand Presence!

Custom Domains

Own your Ordering, Own Your Brand! With DeOnDe, put your business online with our fully customizable White-label Store. You can customize the designs to set the right look for your online stores like Logo, Brand name, and more. We will assist you in customizing the designs to resonate with your brand.

  • 360-degree Customization!
  • Brand-centered Designs!
  • Create Brand Identity!
  • Easily upload brand Logo, color, etc.

Themes & Layouts

With DeOnDe, Themes and layouts let you customize your website and mobile app. Customize each page for a different look and theme. Make your features stand out by choosing a color and style, unlike the Home Page.

  • Custom Marketing!
  • Custom Themes!
  • Page-specific Layouts!
  • Custom Colors & Style!

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