QR-Code Contactless Digital Menus for Restaurants

Eliminate all the hitches of physical touchpoints and create a safer contactless ordering experience for customers.

Digital Menu/ QR Code Menu

With DeOnde, give your customers more safety and comfort through contactless ordering. Let your customers view digital menus by scanning QR codes. They can place orders and pay bills all from their online ordering app.

  • Digital Payments!
  • Quick-Services!
  • Safer Ordering!

Customers can choose Contactless Delivery

Modernize your delivery business with the contactless delivery option for excellent customer safety. Customers can place an order, make payments and get their orders delivered right outside their doorsteps, not inside. They will get a notification on the online ordering app to take in the order.

  • Safer Deliveries!
  • Greater customer comfort!
  • Increase in sales!
  • Pandemic-fit deliveries!

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