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Chowman Food Delivery App


On-demand Food Delivery Apps are the modern trend and the preferred choice among Millennials to order food. Whether takeaway or home delivery services, restaurants must be technically sound to fulfill the modern customer demands.

Chowman-the popular Chinese Food Delivery App, is one of the prominent clients of DeOnDe and a thriving name in the food business industry of India.

Our Client is based in Kolkata, India; the well-known brand ‘Chowman‘, with its restaurant chain of 35+ outlets spread across the five cities of India. In March 2020, Chowman also launched its first cloud kitchen in Bengaluru’s Whitefield.

Among thousands of Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata, the Chowman brand has created a unique identity for its brand, with its low-profit margins revenue model.

It is a perfect example of how creative food, marketing ideas, and next-gen technology can be a game-changer in your success.

Let us see what challenges the brand faced and how DeOnDe’s White-label Food Delivery Solution solved their issues perfectly.

What is Chowman?

Chowman is a popular Chinese food order and delivery app based in Kolkata. The Chowman food delivery app enables users to order their favorite Chinese dishes from Chowman- the famous Chinese Restaurant Chain. The app has a 4.3-star rating on the Play Store, has an impressive UI resonating with the Chowman brand, and offers full-fledged features for easy ordering and payments.

Challenges & Client Needs

In 2019, when the client first approached us, they were already using an on-demand Food Delivery Solution with a POS system. But they were not satisfied and hence wanted a better solution. They were facing both business and technical challenges.

Let us see the challenges we observed:


  1. Platform Upgrade

The biggest challenge was upgrading the existing platform and the backend they used with new functionalities. 

The existing platform was developed using technologies like Core PHP, HTML, and MySQL. The platform technology and features were incompatible with the growing needs of the chain restaurants of the Chowman brand.

Our food delivery app development team observed the following needs for the Chowman food delivery app.

  • Need for Continuous Development of the Product.
  • Optimization of UI Design
  • Addition of New Features.
  1. Handling Finance

Chowman offers various lucrative discounts and special offers on festivals and occasional days for promotions and better engagement. To accommodate it, it required us to manage the finance in the backend very carefully.

  1. ThirdParty Integration

With the constant growth of the business, the on-demand food delivery app requires adding new features and functionalities. Third-party Integration functionalities required a system architecture change.

  1. Maintaining Total Cost of Ownership.

To control the cost of server configuration and extra hidden costs to maintain to upgrade the entire app under the client’s budget.


  1. Target Non-Smartphone Users

In May 2019, when we began working on the Chowman food business project, 30% of the customer base didn’t have access to a smartphone or didn’t want to place an order online.

  1. Omni-channel Ordering

The client wanted to collect orders from all platforms for their chain of restaurants for better customer service and increased sales.

  1. Customer Data

The client wanted an insight into customer preferences, their food and dining choices, etc., for better customer service. 

  1. COVID Challenge

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, there was a new challenge in front of us. The client wanted a solution to continue their services with equal customer trust and complete safety.

How DeOnDe Offers A Better Food Delivery Solution?

Our technical head listened to all their problems and understood what they demanded from DeOnDe. 

Here is Our Step-by-Step approach to Building the Chowman Food Delivery App Solution.

1. Brainstorm: While finalizing the scope of work and figuring out the details of every component, we continuously brainstormed for two weeks.

2. Pre-Kickoff: Our team of food delivery app developers verified all the details, defined an architecture for the app, and chose the right technology stack and modules. We divided the project into smaller milestones and documented them before starting development.

Old Technology Stack: Web front/back end – Core PHP, HTML, CSS+JavascriptMobile – Objective C(iOS), Java(Android)

We choose the technology stack per the new demands: Web backend – Laravel, Node, Vue.jsWeb frontend – VueX.Mobile – Objective C(iOS), Java(Android).

3. Wireframe & Design: We sketched the mobile app development flow for prototyping.

4. Development: We first worked on predefined modules one by one, and then, finally, we did integrations.

5. Testing: For alpha testing, we used automation tools and manual testing, and then we did beta testing with 20 customers and the core development team and Chowman team members.

How to Digitize Restaurant Business in 2022?

Chowman Food Delivery App Solution:

We offered them an end-to-end food ordering and delivery solution for their restaurant chains. The previous on-demand solution they were using had a single panel for customers. We created the driver app and the restaurant panel for the Chowman food delivery app

Master Admin

We also created the web admin panel where the admin can manage and operate all 13 restaurant chains. They can add, edit, and delete the restaurant data from the single admin dashboard. 

So, managing a large chain of restaurants became easier for them. The white-label food delivery solution helped them streamline the operations, and the productivity of their staff increased significantly.

Third-Party Integration

The client needed support to integrate the food delivery services for their online food delivery business. They knew offering home deliveries would help them increase their customer base and sales. So, we provided the delivery services integration with Dunzo and Borzo. 

The chowman app also supports takeaway services and Online Restaurant Reservation System

More Integrations:

  1. Call Center Dashboard

We created a call center module that allows customers to call chowman, place an order, and get the update via SMS, with the payment link to pay online. It helped Chowman take those orders and retain 30% of their customer base.

  1. Menu Management

The Chowman app required one common platform to manage the digital menu and online orders from multiple platforms. So, we integrated a third-party POS for smooth menu management and order collections.

  1. Reports & Analytics

The client wanted to grow the business using the Chowman food delivery mobile application. So, an insight into customer data was a must to understand customers’ behaviors, spending patterns, delivery turnaround time, preparation time, etc.

So, we integrated customer analytics and third-party analytics in the online food ordering and delivery application.

  1. Contactless Ordering & Customer Feedback

So, we offered QR Code Ordering or a contactless menu, where users can access the digital menu by scanning the QR Code.

The customer feedback system helped the Chowman brand get genuine reviews about its restaurant chain business.

Constant Support 

Our technical team constantly helps support and maintain the saas-based Chowman food delivery app. We help them with the latest version updates, the addition of new features or technologies, and technical support. 

Remarkable Growth & Results

The on-demand food delivery app helped the brand eliminate all the challenges and hindrances in its growth. With an on-demand food delivery app, the brand increased its business reach and revenues to new heights.

Amazing Facts:

  • 150K Monthly Visitors
  • 1.5K Order delivered specials days
  • 8K monthly Signup
  • 30 Store
  • 250+ Fleet member
  • 150K Customers
  • 5 Cities 
  • + 4 New coming soon

How Does the Chowman App Work?

The Chowman food delivery app has three panels- The customer App, Restaurant App, and the Admin Panel. The app offers takeaway, home delivery, and restaurant table reservations. 

Customer App

The Customer app of the white-label food delivery app allows customers to browse the menu and add the food items they like to the cart. Once they have created their order, they can checkout and place order requests. They can pay for their food orders online using the Chowman food ordering app. The app supports multiple payment methods, including net banking, digital wallets, pay on delivery, etc. 

If they want home deliveries, they have to enter their address details and make payment. After placing the order, they can track the delivery driver’s location and get an idea of when their favorite Chinese dish will arrive. 

For takeaway, customers can place the order and collect the parcel from the nearby outlet. 

Key Features of Customer App

  • Registration and sign-up
  • Browse Restaurants
  • Browse Food Menu
  • Add to cart 
  • Quick checkout
  • Secure Payment Integrations
  • Order History & Repeat
  • Real-Time Food tracking 
  • Share Feedback

Restaurant App

The restaurant application of the Chowman Food Ordering App is designed for restaurant chains that can receive and manage food orders and deliveries. When a customer places a food order, the restaurant app alerts the restaurant owners and staff. The restaurant owners can accept or reject the request based on availability. 

Once the order is ready, they can assign the food deliveries to the delivery agents. The restaurant owners can also track the driver’s route from the restaurant to the destination.

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Key Features of Restaurant App

  • Availability Toggle
  • Accept and Reject Request
  • Update Digital Menu
  • Items Availability Toggle
  • Update Offers
  • Assign deliveries

Driver App

The Driver App of the saas-based Chowman food delivery app enables delivery agents to coordinate with the restaurant for efficient and timely food deliveries. The drivers get a notification for new delivery requests. As per their availability, they can accept the request or reject it. 

The built-in GPS navigation lets drivers track routes to customer locations and find optimal routes. The on-demand food delivery app also allows them to track their deliveries and commissions. 

Key Features Of Driver App

  • Availability Toggle
  • Accept/Reject Delivery Request
  • Update Delivery Status
  • Driver Earnings Report
  • Order Summary

Web Backend 

The Admin Panel helps the restaurant owner to manage the operations of all the chain restaurants. 

Key Features of Admin Panel

  • Business Dashboard
  • Real-Time Orders View
  • Vendor Finance
  • Manage Restaurants

Interested in Investing in A Food Delivery App Like Chowman?

The Chowman food business started with a single outlet and affordable prices. The brand initially faced challenges due to a lack of proper technology support. They were not able to manage their restaurant and customer data properly. Order taking was not that easy and lacked support for delivery services.

They knew the importance of the right development partner and the perfect technology for their food business growth. So, they approached DeOnDe to get a top-notch on-demand food ordering and delivery solution

With DeOnDe, they could overcome their technical challenges with modern API integrations and separate panels for the customer, restaurant, and driver. 

Chowman is our saas-based food delivery solution under the DeOnDe food delivery service. If you wish to launch a similar food delivery app for your business- you can connect with our technical experts at DeOnde. We also offer white-label multi-vendor delivery solutions like Grocery Delivery Solutions, Liquor Delivery Solutions, multi-vendor delivery, Meat Delivery Solutions, and Pizza Delivery Solutions.

Call us at +9184010 60119 for an Expert Consultation or Free App Demo.

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