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Ordering.co Alternative

Need A Budget-friendly Ordering.co Alternative?

Stop paying more for Ordering.co. Our Ordering.co Alternative is a one-stop solution that provides you everything at just half the cost of ordering.co. Deonde offers flexible solutions with complete customizations tailored to your unique business needs. Say goodbye to rigid back-end architectures that hinder your ability to adapt to market trends swiftly.

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Scale Your Delivery Business With Ordering.co Alternative

Boost your business popularity and earn more profits with DEONDE. Integrating our feature-rich platform into your operations gives you access to tools designed to upgrade your business to new heights.

Streamline processes and enhance user experiences, ultimately driving greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Want to see how it works? Book a demo of Ordering.co Alternative to know its features and benefits.

How Does Our Food Delivery Solution Works?


What You Will Get In Ordering.co Alternative?

Customer App

Feature-rich software to help your customers reach you soon to place their online food delivery orders.

Merchant App

The software to gear your restaurant with the next-gen technologies to serve your customers the best food delivery services.

Driver App

The advanced driver app enables drivers to deliver delicious meals hot and on-time to the customers.

Web Panel

The powerful software to seamlessly manage and coordinate the operations of your restaurant business.

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Customer App Features

Unlimited Food dishes, multiple payment gateways, and the choice to give their feedback, the customer app offers such features, and much more.

  • Email or social sign-up or login to the Zomato app will let you use its features.

  • Read the restaurant menu listed on the app to prepare your food order.

  • Customers can make online payments securely via the Zomato app.

  • Pick the dishes & add them to the cart and finally proceed to checkout.

  • After placing the order, track its real-time location before delivery.

  • Give your feedback on the food quality & services of the restaurant.

Driver App

In-app maps & navigation, route optimization, and availability toggle to help drivers make on-time and efficient deliveries.

  • Drivers can switch their status from online to offline for new orders.

  • Drivers can check the orders they delivered in a day in the history section.

  • The in-app map and navigation help drivers find optimal routes.

  • Drivers can connect with admins or customers via in-app chat/call.

  • Drivers get complete details of the order & customers for timely delivery.

  • Drivers can track their daily, weekly, & monthly earnings accurately.

Merchant App

A complete set of features to manage online food orders, customers, and payments aligned to business growth.

  • Create a profile for your restaurant after registering on the Zomato alternative app.

  • Upload the pictures and food dishes you want to offer to create the menu.

  • Now you will always know how much stock is there in your restaurant.

  • Set a price for each food item adding your restaurant margin.

  • Boost sales with in-app offers and discounts on the Zomato alternative.

  • Assign deliveries to your drivers once the order is ready to dispatch.

  • You can hide items that are out of stock with an availability toggle.

Admin Panel

Managing customers, restaurants, drivers, promotions, notifications, and much more is easier with the robust features of the admin panel.

  • A single dashboard to manage your customer details, orders, & preferences.

  • Track all the food deliveries from start to end to ensure timely deliveries.

  • Spend less on marketing and get more leads with in-app promotions.

  • AI-based reports to help you track and analyze your business progress.

  • Handle and track the delivery staff and store their details at one place.

  • Appreciate positive feedback and resolve negative feedback.

Add-On Features Of Our
Ordering.co Alternative app

Ordering.co alternative corresponds with your dream of a perfect platform. Deonde provides a powerful & comprehensive technology solution to bring your businesses online.

Personalized Push Notifications

Send customized notifications to drivers and customers about new dishes, special offers, deliveries, etc.

Cuisines Management

Add new cuisines or delete some as per the changing customer demands and the food you offer.


Create invoices for each food order and send them to the customers via Ordering.co Alternative app.

eWallet Integration

Enable users to store their money in the integrated eWallet and make secure payments through the wallet.

Loyalty/Rewards Points

Run the customer reward or loyalty program to appreciate users and retain them in the app.

Google GPS

GPS navigation enables drivers to find optimized routes to the delivery addresses.

Know What Makes Deonde Better than Ordering.co

Choose the right and the best marketplace platform and experience remarkable business growth.

Features Deonde Ordering.co
Freelancer Marketplace
Online Storefront
Ordering Website
Admin Dashboard
Merchant Subscription
Merchant Panel
Customized Apps
Customize User Signup Template
Themes Store
Access Control List
Inventory Management
Advanced Analytics and Reports
Integration with Delivery Management
Social Media Logins
Promotions and Referrals
Reverse Bidding
Free Forever Plan
Unlimited User
Unlimited Transactions
Search Engine Optimization
Loyalty Points
Gift Cards
Multi-Lingual Support
Powerful Real-Time Chat Support
Technical Support Response Time 1 minute 2 minutes

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Choose Deonde the top ordering and delivery platform and enjoy remarkable growth.

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Get a Head Start in Your Online Ordering & Delivery Business with Ordering.co Alternative to take Your Business to the Next Level. Customers from more than 180 countries are developing businesses through Ordering.co Alternative.


Why Choose Ordering.Co Alternative Solution?

Intuitive UI/UX

Capture the attention of your target audience with our Ordering.co alternative. The customer-centric designs prioritize user experience.

Secure and Scalable

Benefit from end-to-end encryption to safeguard your business data. Our ordering.co alternative scales effortlessly with your growing audience.

Quick Launch

Launch your Ordering.co alternative solution within minutes. The ready-to-use features and designs support immediate deployment.

Technical Assistance

Access complete and prompt support from our technical experts for addressing bugs or ensuring timely updates.


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