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Kick-start your Online Food Delivery Business with Uber Eats Clone!

Uber Eats is a multi-million dollar business. And now, you too can build a business exactly like Uber Eats with Deonde’s Uber Eats clone app . It takes less than an hour to launch and needs no upfront investments.

UberEats Clone

What is an UberEats Clone Script?

An Uber Eats clone is a white-label SaaS application that leverages the same technology as Uber Eats—and can be customized to meet customer needs.

It is ideal for food delivery startups. SMB, and entrepreneurs. So, what are you waiting for? Simplify food ordering and delivery with the tried and tested Uber Eats clone from Deonde.

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Launch Your White-Label UberEats Clone App ASAP!

Are you a food business owner eager to get your food delivery app live without the long wait? Well, Deonde has the perfect solution for you. Our SaaS-based UberEats Clone Apps are ready for quick launch, allowing you to accept online food orders instantly.

With our UberEats Clone App Development, you can convert more visitors into loyal customers thanks to impressive features mirroring UberEats. Additionally, you can gain a competitive edge with customizable add-on features tailored to your business needs and customer preferences.

How Does the Uber Eats Clone App Work?


What’s Inside Deonde’s Uber Eats Clone?

Everything you need to launch your food delivery business is here, only at Deonde. Our UberEats Clone suite is feature-rich and comes with four different apps:

Customer App

Customers can enjoy convenient doorstep food deliveries with the UberEats Clone customer app, easy online ordering, real-time tracking, & secure payment options.

Merchant App

Boost your online food delivery business significantly with the UberEats Clone restaurant app! Achieve MORE orders, sales, customers, and ROI.

Driver App

Enable your drivers to make punctual deliveries using the advanced features and technologies of the UberEats Clone driver app.

Admin Panel

Efficiently manage and operate your food ordering and delivery business seamlessly with the UberEats Clone admin panel.

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Everything You Required To Start UberEats Clone Script

Launch your App Like Ubereats food delivery business with no set investment or commissions. Look at the operational platforms in our UberEats Clone App.

Customer App Features

A complete set of Features is crafted to enhance customers' happiness when ordering food online.

  • In our Customer App, you can seamlessly log in or register and set up and manage your profile with robust security.

  • We enhance users’ browsing experience with filters to sort results by restaurants, cuisine, price range, restaurant ratings, location, and working hours.

  • Enabling users to add their selected food items to a virtual cart. Users can edit cart items before checkout.

  • Deonde offers multiple payment options like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, QR, and COD and facilitates secure transactions on the app.

  • We help customers stay informed through live updates on their orders via real-time GPS tracking.

  • Making consumers feel heard and valued by enabling them to share their feedback and rate restaurants.

Delivery Partner App Features

Delivery Partner App Features are designed to ensure timely, quality, and safe food deliveries.

  • Seamlessly switch from offline mode to online to declare availability and receive new orders.

  • Keep track of orders received and delivered throughout a day or a week.

  • We equip drivers with advanced navigation tools so they can easily drive food from the restaurants to the consumers.

  • In-app messaging and phone call features help drivers communicate with the customers as well as the restaurant.

  • Drivers get instantly notified when an order is placed. They receive details like restaurant address, customer name, phone number, and address.

  • Drivers can check the orders they’ve successfully delivered and track their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings.

Merchant App Features

Unlock the features of the Restaurant Vendor App to dominate the online food scene like UberEats and boost your ROI.

  • Restaurant vendors can set up shop with brand logos, tag lines, locations, and contact information so that consumers can find them on the UberEats Clone App.

  • Vendors can create, edit, delete, or update menus. They can also add high-resolution food images to their menus.

  • Restaurant vendors to review historical orders and update their food stock accordingly.

  • Adjust prices on the menu as you go to keep up your net profit margins.

  • We help restaurants promote their cuisines on weekends or holidays through in-app marketing banners and push notifications.

  • Assign orders to delivery drivers once it’s ready.

  • Using this, restaurants can temporarily mark sold-out items as unavailable until they’re restocked.

Admin Panel Features

The Admin Panel Features streamlines order management, delivery logistics, and promotions for food delivery businesses.

  • An intuitive analytics suite that gives insights into customer details, orders, concerns, and preferences.

  • Manage multiple restaurants, their authentication details, orders, and activities.

  • Manage in-app marketing and promotions of multiple restaurant vendors.

  • Through this module, you’ll be able to track all deliveries—especially late or missed deliveries!

  • An information panel that stores all delivery staff-related data including their profile, account details, and payroll.

  • Because this is a multi-vendor food delivery app, thousands of orders will pour in daily. It will be impossible to keep track of all these numbers without automated, AI-based reports.

  • Respond and keep track of customer feedback. After all, happy customers are the cornerstone of your business.

Add-On Features Of Our
UberEats Clone App

Customers are always looking for something extra and unique. So, our readymade UberEats Clone App Script offers add-on features to help you deliver that extra something. Set yourself apart and stay at the forefront with Deonde.

Add to Favourites

Users can mark and save their most preferred restaurants.

Table Bookings and Pre-Order

Users will be able to reserve a table or even order food in advance using the Uber Eats clone app.

Search Location

Get the directions to the nearby restaurant via maps on the UberEats Clone App.

Multiple Payment Options

Seamless and secure transactions using multiple payment options like digital wallets, net banking, debit/credit cards, and UPI.

Loyalty Programs

Build a network of loyal consumers through customer loyalty programs and referrals.

Payment Invoice

Send a detailed order invoice to your patrons through the pre-built UberEats Clone App.

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Tap into the Online Food delivery industry in no time with the saas-based UberEats clone app.

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Watch an exclusive sneak peek of our UberEats Clone App offering a user-centric design and easy navigation.


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360-degree Support

The Deonde UberEats clone app will always be free of bugs with regular version updates & upgrades.

Affordable Cost

The SaaS-based UberEats clone costs no upfront cost. You just have to pay a minimal monthly subscription.

100% White-label

Get the designs and the features tailored to your business branding and modified to your revenue model.

Impressive Designs

Impress customers with eye-catchy UI designs. Enhance their user experience with perfect UX.


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Frequently Asked Question

Clear up any doubts by finding the answers to your questions right here.

Uber Eats Clone App is a white-label SaaS solution that is analogous to Uber Eats. DeOnDe’s Uber Eats clone enables start-ups and SMBs to launch their online food delivery business. Loaded with customizable features and interactive UI, Deonde’s Uber Eats clone can be tailored to meet consumer demands.

Using the Uber Eats Clone app, business can reduce their time-to-market. The Uber Eats Clone app is pre-built and ready for deployment. With slight customization, businesses have a powerful app at their disposal that can be successfully commercialized. Deonde’s Uber Eats clone is available on Android and iOS. It has a high uptime and can be accessed by users globally. Besides, Deonde offers constant tech support and updates to ensure the smooth functioning of the clone app.

Uber Eats clone app has a repertoire of features and modules to support restaurant vendors. Using these capabilities, restaurants can easily manage customers, orders, deliveries, inventory, promotions, and feedback. The clone app also includes AI-powered analytics to help restaurant owners make data-driven decisions.

Deonde’s Uber Eats Clone App is ideal for food delivery startups, SMBs, or entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the online food delivery market. It is also for the logistics business or on-demand apps that want to expand their services and explore new lines of business.

The Uber Eats Clone suite has three different sets of interfaces: User, Restaurant, and Delivery Driver. First, the user browses menus of local restaurant vendors and places an order through the user interface.
Once the payment is successfully received, the system notifies the restaurant. As a result, the restaurant starts meal preparation. Delivery drivers get notified when the food is ready for pickup. Finally, the delivery drivers complete the over by handing the food to the user.

Deonde’s Uber Eats Clone has capabilities that enhance the experiences of all involved parties. For users, Deonde offers the option to mark their favorite restaurants. Users can also order in advance and get food delivered at specified times. Deonde helps restaurant vendors with in-app promotions, ready-to-send invoices, and loyalty programs. And delivery drivers have their very own interface which includes intuitive reports—-so drivers can track orders, earnings, ratings, and more.