Frequently Asked Question

Being a startup, a little investment proves wise when you are investing in the right market. Food delivery is a booming market. With our SaaS-based food delivery application, you need to pay monthly rentals; which will be quite affordable and feasible for any startup, including yours.

Our online delivery model is SaaS-based, and hence, it is already structured. The only customisation that we need to add, according to your inputs, will take a little time. Rest, the application is ready for use, once we connect you with the server.

SaaS-based applications are highly booming in the market. Every corner of the world supports the business solution as it is one of the most user-friendly and cost-friendly business solutions for startups and young entrepreneurs. For any home-delivery model, it is the best option to go with.

DeOnDe provides support for monthly subscribers as long as they are subscribed with the company. For custom based models, the users can expect months free support from our technical team.

If you look at the eCommerce market, it has gained a huge speed and success after the introduction of the ‘door-step’ delivery model. Today, every business including food, pharma, grocery, flowers or cake, etc. is looking for the most feasible way to reach their customers. And the most solutions way is delivering at the doorstep. For startups, it is the best business model to invest in.

Basically, there are 4 types of applications or solutions in the food delivery model. Customer App, Vendor App, Delivery App and Master-Panel App. We will help you get all the four types of food delivery SaaS-Based Solutions for your online delivery business.

We are serving our Delivery on Demand business solutions to startups, SMEs, Single store owners, Caterers, Hotels and Restaurants, Medical store owners, Grocery store owners, Young entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Flower vendors, Cake vendors, Bakers, Home Bakers, etc.