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Start Your Online Food Delivery Business With Dunzo Clone

Interested in starting an online multi-delivery business? Get started at no upfront cost with a readymade Dunzo clone app. The white-label multi-service app like Dunzo provides all-inclusive features to help you deliver everything quickly and efficiently.

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Launch Your White-Label Dunzo Clone App ASAP!

Are you struggling to manage your online multi-delivery business? Streamline your daily and last-mile deliveries with the automation of the on-demand Dunzo clone app. Want to keep track of the delivery orders and schedules, payments, and revenue? The readymade white-label Dunzo clone app takes care of all these seamlessly.

The robust features laden with advanced technology help you dig your feet deep and get an edge ahead. Connect now to see your on-demand Dunzo clone live on the app stores within 20 minutes.

How Does Our Food Delivery
Solution Works?

Dunzo Clone Software Package

Run your on-demand multi-delivery business with a complete suite of a customer app, Store app, driver app, and web admin panel. Serve your customers with a readymade Dunzo clone app.

Customer App

Let the customers enjoy doorstep food deliveries with easy online ordering, tracking, & payments via the customer app.

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Store/Restaurant App

Grow your online food delivery business MORE with Restaurant App! MORE Orders, Sales, Customers, ROI.

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Driver App

Let the drivers make on-time deliveries using the advanced features & technologies of the driver app.

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Web Panel

Manage & operate your food ordering & delivery business seamlessly with the web panel.

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Don’t Want to Invest Dollars to build a Multi-Delivery App?

Launch Your On-demand Multi-delivery App like Dunzo at Zero Upfront Cost.

Customer App Features

A complete set of features to make the online ordering experience a delight for customers.

  • Login

    Register or Sign up via email or social logins and start browsing.

  • Browse Stores

    Browse the stores listed on the app for their products & prices.

  • Add to Cart

    Keep adding the products you want to order to the cart & proceed.

  • Real-time Order Tracking

    Track & know where your order is and when it will be delivered.

  • Real-time Order Tracking

    Track & know where your favorite dish is and when it will be delivered.

  • Review and Ratings

    Rate the quality & services of any Store & share reviews.

  • Wish List

    Customers can add their favorite items to the wishlist to purchase them later.

Driver App

Online Dunzo Clone Features to help drivers not just make timely but quality & safer deliveries.

  • Availability toggle

    Drivers can switch from online to offline to take up new orders.

  • Job Order History

    Watch and keep track of the order delivered in a day on the History.

  • GPS Navigation

    Find & follow optimized routes & directions via in-app navigation.

  • In-App Call/Chat

    Avoid any miscommunication via direct call with customers or admin.

  • Track Earnings

    Track daily, weekly, & monthly earnings on the Dunzo Clone app.

  • Delivery Information

    Notifications alert drivers of new orders with detailed customer info.

Store App

Robust features to help you lead the online delivery industry like Dunzo & surge your ROI.

Admin Panel

The key features to hold together the various puzzles of the food delivery business- ordering, delivery, promotions, etc.

Add-On Features Of Our Dunzo Clone App

Customers are always looking for something extra or unique. So, our readymade Dunzo Clone App offers add-on features to help you deliver something extra, unique, and special. Stand out & always ahead with DeOnde.

Disarming COD

Disarm cash on delivery as a covid safety precaution. Avoid any physical contact to keep the infection at bay.

Call Masking

The call masking feature enables customers to hide their numbers from the delivery executives.

Multi-Currency Support

The DeOnde Dunzo clone supports multiple currencies to let store owners expand their business worldwide.

Monitor Traffic

Delivery executives and customers can monitor traffic on the routes. It gives them an estimate of their order delivery time.

Corporate Discounts

Store owners can provide corporate discounts to the business owners to make deliveries.

Referral Codes

The customers can refer the on-demand Dunzo clone app to their friends and relatives and earn special discounts or offers.

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Launch Your Dunzo Clone App Online Faster Than Your Deliveries.

An Insight View of Our Dunzo Clone App

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Why DeOnde For Saas-based
Dunzo Clone App Solution?

The purpose is not just to make deliveries safer & quicker. DeOnde brings innovative features to help you scale high in Sales & ROI.


The readymade Dunzo clone app will cost you no upfront cost. Earn millions in revenue by paying a minimal monthly subscription fee.

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Fully Scalable

The white-label Dunzo clone app is fully scalable, so you can easily expand your business.

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Faster Time-to-Market

The online Dunzo clone app is ready-to-launch with pre-laden features and design. So, you can enter the market in just minutes.

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The Multi-delivery app like Dunzo offers an appealing design and user-friendly interface to keep your users engaged with the app.

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