Trending Push Notification Templates for your Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App Push Notification Templates

An average smartphone user in the United States receives about 46 push notifications daily. If you’ve got a smartphone, you might already be familiar with push notifications that pop up on your home screen in the form of banners, alerts, or badges. 

Usually generated by a mobile app, these push notifications keep users informed. Additionally, they encourage brand engagement, making them a mobile app marketer’s favorite tool.  

More recently, push notifications have gained traction among Online Food Ordering and Delivery Software that use these notifications for reminders, delivery updates, and promotions. 

Zomato, India’s leading food delivery app solution, is well-known for its witty and personalized push notifications. Zomato has shown how push notifications, when executed correctly, can grab user attention and elicit desired actions. 

If you’re interested in learning how to deploy push notifications correctly for your food ordering app, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is all about push notifications. We’ll talk about their types, importance, and myriad advantages. 

On top of that, we’ll also look at some practical Food Delivery App Push Notification Templates—that’ll get your creative juices flowing! Ready to learn more about push notifications? Let’s start right away!

What Are Push Notifications?

What are Push Notifications
What Are Push Notifications

A Powerful Marketing Tool:

You can use your food delivery app to notify users—even when they’re not using the app. 

Push notifications are an excellent way to market your food delivery app to its users. They are truly a powerful tool! Push notifications can supercharge your online food-ordering business by motivating users to explore your app. 

For example, initiate push notifications around lunch and dinner times to persuade users to order food from your app.

An Effective Communication Channel:

Push notifications allow you to communicate effectively. With push notifications, you can promote a culture of complete transparency. 

Leverage push notifications to keep users informed throughout the food ordering process. You can notify them when a restaurant receives their order, dispatches it for delivery, or when the delivery driver is within reach. 

As you can see, push notifications inform the user about the status of their ordered food in real time. But that’s not all. Push notifications substantially impact customer retention, loyalty, and overall satisfaction.

How Can Push Notifications Benefit Your Food Delivery App?

Push notifications garner user attention and can be an important driver of sales and consumer satisfaction. Let’s look at how push notifications can affect a food delivery app:

How Can Push Notifications Benefit Your Food Delivery App
How Can Push Notifications Benefit Your Food Delivery App

1. Improve Consumer Retention Rates

Push notifications have a favorable impact on consumer retention rates. 

Push notifications can elicit action in a variety of ways. And this user engagement with the brand can improve consumer retention rates. For instance, consistent notifications can help you win back dormant users—who haven’t ordered from your app in a while. 

On the flip side, you can leverage these notifications to interact regularly with active users. Keep users happy with offers and discounts; they’ll become your customers for life!

2. Promote Consumer Loyalty

Use push notifications to hyper-personalize your app experience. Consider data points like users’ culinary choices, favourite restaurants, and peak ordering hours to deliver targeted messages. 

Line up your services and push notifications with your user’s choices to promote loyalty. It is noted that personalized notifications can have a significant impact on meal orders and can also enhance client loyalty. 

The more users connect with your brand, the more likely they will order frequently through your app. Push notifications can foster loyalty to a point where your competitors won’t stand a chance—even if they offer discounts. 

3. Boost Sales

It’s time for lunch and you receive a push notification from a restaurant delivery app, which reads: Want biryani for lunch? And now all you can think about is biryani. 

This is what push notifications can do for your food delivery app. They can influence users to order food—even if they initially weren’t planning to do so. 

Push notifications are your best salesman. They can be individualized and used to broadcast discounts and special offers. As a result, they greatly reduce consumer hesitation—motivating them to order. 

Research suggests that users are more likely to buy goods advertised through in-app push notifications. Hence, push notifications can skyrocket your food delivery app’s sales.

Types of Food Delivery Push Notifications

Push notifications can be categorized based on their content. The six major types of food delivery app push notifications are described below:

Types of Food Delivery App Push Notifications
Types of Food Delivery Push Notifications

1. Informational

Push notifications in this category inform users about general app activities. Notifications for order acceptance, meal dispatch, delivery driver ETA, and tracking updates fall into this category. 



2. Reminders

This category of notifications reminds users about incomplete actions or subscription renewals.  If a user is browsing menus and adds dishes to the cart but leaves the app before checkout, reminder notifications can used to trigger purchases. 



3. Promotional

Push notifications that announce special offers, limited-time discounts, and promo codes fall into this category. Promotional pushes incentivize food orders by offering perks to the users. 

Promotional push notifications can also advertise newly added restaurants or cuisines. 



4. Personalized

Personalized push notifications leverage users’ personal information and browsing behaviour to increase app engagement further. For instance, personalized notifications can recommend users’ most ordered dishes or highlight nearby restaurants. They can also be effective in winning back dormant app users. 



5. Transactional

As the name suggests, these notifications confirm the status of an ongoing or completed transaction. Transactional push lets the user know whether their payment was successfully received or not. It can also update users about refunds and account wallet balances.



6. Engagement

Push notifications that inspire action or tempt users to purchase through the app fall into this category. Engagement push notifications trigger cravings and create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). As a result, they are a tad bit quirky and humorous—to grab user attention. 

At some point, we all must have come across quips from leading food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy. 



Food Delivery App Push Notification Templates

Online food ordering and delivery apps extensively use push notifications to engage their audience. Sadly, not every food delivery app can successfully reap the benefits of push notifications. We suspect a big reason behind this is the lack of relevant, exciting content.

Hence, we’ve listed sample push notifications that you could use to better your food delivery app notifications:

  • Generate Interest

Craft push notifications with questions, riddles, or something to ponder upon:

Generate Interest
  • Positive Appreciation

Foster friendship by appreciating good values and behavior:

Positive Appreciation
  • Provide an Incentive

Give users some sort of discount for ordering through your food delivery app:

Provide an Incentive
  • Create a Sense of Urgency

Provide tight deadlines for promos and offers to elicit action:

Create a Sense of Urgency
  • Provide Options

Mention two or three dishes to give users a sense of authority and control:

Provide Options
  • Holiday-themed Notifications

Promote your food delivery app around holidays and special occasions:

Holiday themed Notifications
  • Use Wit and Humor1

Stand out by making your app users smile:

Use Wit and Humor1
  • Leverage FOMO

Humans don’t like to be left out. Use this human tendency to your advantage:

Leverage FOMO
  • Post-purchase Acknowledgment

Don’t forget your users as soon as they’ve ordered:

Post purchase Acknowledgment
  • Promote Subscriptions

Encourage users to subscribe to your food delivery app through push notifications:

Promote Subscriptions

What Makes a Good Push Notification?

 There is no thumb-rule when crafting the perfect food delivery app push notification. However, several elements can take your push notification from good to great. 

We’ll start from the top. Include a clear heading that is concise, attention-grabbing, and unique. The central message body should follow this. Use this space to communicate information, reminders, updates, and promos in simple, everyday vocabulary. Use strong verbs to elicit actions. 

Lastly, don’t forget to add your CTAs. Tell the users what exactly you want them to do. Show them how they can use the information you’ve just provided for their benefit.  You can add high-resolution images. Bright images, colors, and even fun emojis can have a sensory impact—making your notification memorable. 

Top 5 Practices for Food Delivery Push Notifications

Any push notification that provides vital information or adds value will definitely be appreciated by your users. Hence, always make sure you have a well-defined purpose or a reason behind generating in-app notifications. Beyond that, here are our top 5 industry practices that will help you create compelling food delivery app push notifications.

Top 5 Practices for Food Delivery Push Notifications
  1. Use Emojis

The average click-through rate (CTR) for push notifications across major industries is about 2.25%. However, the CTRs rocket to 3.48% when emojis are included in the content. Now that’s some solid evidence in favor of emojis. So, we’d advise you to create emoji-rich push notifications.  

  1. Frequency

When it comes to push notifications—less is more. Use restraint and send out push notifications sparingly. 73% of app users disable push notifications because they were overwhelmed with too many notifications. Hence, the takeaway here is to limit your app to 4 to 5 weekly push notifications. And make each notification count!

  1. Constantly Optimize

Use A/B testing to optimize your push notifications further. See what kinds of push notifications are working best for your users. You can also segment users based on demographics and online behaviors and generate different CTAs for different consumer groups. 

  1. Right Timing

One ill-timed push notification could upset your clients—which is why timing is everything. For food delivery apps, it might make sense to send a push around lunch and dinner times. A majority of notifications, that is 77%, are sent during the week, and 22% of notifications are sent over the weekend. 

What time works best for your food delivery app depends on a lot of factors like time zones, cultural habits, and personal routines. Hence, send push notifications judiciously to avoid notification fatigue. 

Ps: Aim to send pushes slightly after or before peak hours to get noticed! 

  1. Branding

Make sure your notification UI speaks to your food delivery business. Use consistent formatting, font style, size, colors, and tone—so users don’t feel disconnected when they see your food delivery app push notifications. Branding your push notifications can also improve brand recall and loyalty. 

Top Tips for Restaurant Marketing Push Notifications

As we said, Push notifications are a mobile app marketer’s favorite tool. When timed perfectly with slight personalization, they can do wonders.

 In an era when everyone’s glued to their phones, creating a push notification strategy for your restaurant delivery app is a must. Rich push notifications can increase app open rates by 56%.

Eager to use push notifications?  Here are a few tips for marketing your restaurant delivery app using push notifications:

  • Get to the point quickly. Keep your push notifications short and simple.
  • Highlight benefits and incentives. Actively show users how your app can make their lives easier. 
  • Personalize when possible to grab user attention. 
  • Keep the brand tone and personality intact—even when crafting funny or slightly informal push notifications. 
  • Create retention messages to win back dormant users. 
  • Use persuasive diction and active verbs. Pair messages with exciting emojis. 

In a Nutshell

Push notifications are short, persuasive messages generated by your food delivery app to remind, inform, and update users. They can help you engage and serve your app users. When implemented correctly, these notifications can boost customer loyalty and drive sales through the roof. 

The key to perfect push notifications is delivering value to your food delivery app’s users. Provide relevant, accurate, and useful information and turn your push notifications into a powerful marketing tool. 

Getting Started with Food Delivery App Push Notifications

If you’re unsure how to leverage push notifications for your food delivery app, connect with Deonde. We’re a leading white-label food delivery app solution provider. We take pride in our feature-rich food delivery suite. With Deonde:

  • You’ll be able to send bulk push notifications to users, drivers, and restaurant vendor
  • Generate in-app notifications for driver ETAs and delivery updates
  • Send periodic messages to promote restaurants

Here’s your chance to start your food-ordering business in just a few days. Grab it now—talk to Deonde!


  1. How Often Should I Send Push Notifications?

It’s important to remember that less is more when it comes to push notifications. Don’t bombard your app users with too many notifications. While there is no fixed number, we recommend sending 4 to 5 push notifications per week. This can be optimized by further understanding user behavior and monitoring CTRs.

  1. Tips for Writing Effective Push Notifications?

We believe in creating short, crisp, value-based push notifications. Use strong action words and simple vocabulary. You can also use humor, wit, and riddles to grab attention. Research shows that notifications with emojis have better click-through rates. Hence, use emojis as well as high-resolution images to stand out.

  1. Can Deonde Help Me With My Food Delivery App Push Notifications?

Yes, we can. At Deonde, we are excited to help vendors, drivers, and consumers with our multi-restaurant food ordering apps. We have enriched our software suite with bulk notifications, which can be used to inform and update. Our periodic marketing notifications will help you broadcast offers, discounts, new restaurants, or app functionalities. We’re just a call away. Connect with Deonde to get started!

Revamp your food delivery app with trending push notification templates
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