How are Monthly Subscription Delivery Apps Soaring Income during COVID-19?

How are Monthly Subscription Delivery Apps Soaring Income during COVID-19?
How are Monthly Subscription Delivery Apps Soaring Income during COVID-19?

Before we start talking about the benefits of the ‘Monthly Subscription Delivery Apps Model’, let me share a little glimpse on the current world situation and the online delivery app market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life to the extreme. Because of the coronavirus spread, many countries have imposed compulsory lockdown in different cities. The lockdown has therefore raised the demand for food, grocery, liquor and medicine delivery across the world.

When we say food, we are referring to the delivery of food items from the restaurants. Yes, there are many cities in the world, which are operating from the cloud kitchen for serving hot and delicious meals amid the pandemic. The question that arises is, ‘Online Ordering System for food is safe during the pandemic’?

Well, yes- if you follow the necessary precautions while accepting any delivery (food or grocery), the online delivery model is safe even during the pandemic.


What is an On-Demand Delivery App?

How is it built?

An on-demand delivery app models are designed in two ways. One is the licensed version that includes the development of the entire app, including the graphics, coding, content, etc. The mobile app owner receives the code of the app after completion of the app development.

The other online delivery solution option is considered as the monthly subscription-based model, where the mobile app provider charges a monthly fee for providing the service.

To know the difference between License Version and Monthly Subscription Model, Please Click Here.


On-Demand Food Delivery App

The on-demand food delivery apps are the primary online restaurant solutions that help restaurant owners to get the ease for receiving home deliveries of food. The application is divided into three parts, the customer app + the driver app and the restaurant app. Here the online restaurant owner also gets the ease of accessing a separate dashboard for managing orders, customers, restaurants, drivers and offers.

DeOnDe offers a complete food delivery solution, including the customer application, the restaurant owner app and the driver-partner app. DeOnDe also provides an attractive dashboard for managing the food business.


How does the food delivery solution work?

1: A customer signs up with the food delivery application. After sign-up, the customer starts scrolling the different restaurant menus.

2: The customer adds the dishes in the cart that he/she needs to order

3: If there are any coupons or discount offers, it will be valid for use.

4: The customer selects the payment option that he/she finds the most appropriate.

5: The Restaurant Owner App beeps with the order notification. Once the vendor accepts the order, the customer too gets a notification about the order acceptance.

6: The customer can check about the order preparation time via the app dashboard.

How Does An Online Food Delivery App Works?

7: The Restaurant Owner contacts the nearest driver-partner and informs about the food pick-up and delivery.

8: Once the food is ready, the driver arrives and proceeds for delivery.

9: The vendor application notifies that the food is on the way, and the customer gets notification on it.

10: After the food delivery, the customer can share the ratings about the food quality, taste and delivery via the same application.

DEONDE Pricing and Inclusions

DEONDE Pricing and Inclusions

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Just like the food delivery solution, we have an online ordering solution for grocery. The on-demand grocery app solution is best for starting a grocery delivery business in your city. Using the app, people can easily order groceries, and you can setup a driver-partner channel for managing the delivery.


Only about 3% or 4% of grocery spending in the US was online before the pandemic, but that’s surged to 10% to 15%, according to research by consulting firm Bain & Company. (Source: CNBC)


Amidst the pandemic, the grocery delivery business has boomed in the entire world. The grocery delivery brands and app owners have earned handsome profits amid the pandemic. Imagine the profits that the grocery and food delivery app owners have registered when the entire economy is moving slowly!


Covid-19 has changed the economic scenario

The coronavirus has changed the entire economic scenario. It is not a luxury that matters to people. Instead, it is the need of the essential items that matter the most. People have learnt to spend their money wisely. People across the world are spending their money only on grocery and food delivery, apart from that on medicines and other essential items.



If you wish to have your online delivery system built at the earliest, you must contact an experienced and renowned online delivery solution provider company in the USA and UK. We at DEONDE provide with online food and grocery delivery solution at affordable rates.

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