Are Subscription based food delivery applications worth for your startup?

Are Subscription based food delivery applications worth for your startup?
Are Subscription based food delivery applications worth for your startup?

The concept of food, restaurant and online food delivery has been changing our lives for decades to decades. The concept of food keeps changing with the invention of new technology, digitalization and mobile application development.

Earlier people used to watch TV and follow the famous chefs for preparing recipes at home; now people order food online. They switch on the TV and watch their favourite chef shows eating the same home-delivered food.


Food delivery has played an inspiring role

Do you know how food delivery concept started? The instance of food delivery comes from Italy in the year 1889, where Pizza was recorded as the first food item to be delivered. The history of food delivery remembers King Umberto and Queen Margherita, who called Raffaele Esposito to deliver pizza out of laziness.

Can you believe the life-changing food delivery concept comes from the ground of Italy with Pizza delivery tale?

Since then, food delivery has been becoming famous and today with the tint of digitalization, the online food delivery industry has gone crazy and huge.

Online Food Delivery Application

1996-2001 is the era that is well-known for the rise of the Internet. Online grocery delivery subsequently started with the boom of the dotcom era and eventually ended up in 2001. In the late 2000s, GrubHub was introduced and eventually, with its existence, many pizza chains started delivering pizza using mobile apps.

The independent food delivery application is always great to have, especially when you are having a chain of restaurants. The same can prove costly for your restaurant if you are running a medium or single-sized outlet. The introduction of SaaS-based solutions for online food delivery changed the entire scenario as it is quite cost-friendly.

Without a doubt, the DoorDash and GrubHub are the leaders in the online food delivery market in the USA recording the highest sales in FY 2019. You can also start up your food delivery business and earn huge amount of profits.

Subscription-Based Online Food Delivery Application

Investment is one of the biggest things that makes one wonder about choosing the type of food delivery application for their upcoming project. Food delivery business has always been fascinating and the coming years promise more enticing results.

Designing and developing a customized food delivery app takes both time and money, handsome money; yeah! It is not peanuts to have your labelled application customized for your brand with your source code delivered to you after the creation of the app.

On the other hand, Subscribed based food delivery applications are pay as you use model apps. These are readily designed and you can start using their service and have your white labelled application for food delivery within a few hours. It is one of the cost-friendly options to start your independent food delivery business across any city or country.

SaaS-based solutions

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a software distribution model where a third party or owner hosts application for your brand on the subscription-based model. It is exactly what we are talking about for your food delivery business.

Once you sign up with the SaaS provider On-demand Food Delivery Application Development Company, you instantly get your application and can start delivering food using the connection of your customer, restaurant owners and driver-partners.

Is it worth to choose Subscription based food delivery app for your startup?

Definitely, YES!

Subscription food delivery application delivers the same features and processes like the outright or customized food delivery application. You can get Zomato like food delivery application for your startup with a subscription-based model.

With this model too, you get three applications, i.e. for customer, restaurant and driver. Apart from the same, you get an admin dashboard to manage your food delivery business along with analytics and reports.

Are you looking to start your food delivery business across India or USA? We help you get your food delivery application like DoorDash, Zomato and UberEATS. Inquire more by writing us your queries at [email protected].

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