Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps in South Africa

Top Grocery Delivery Apps in South Africa

Today’s business data sets show that supermarket delivery services are experiencing unprecedented growth. Entrepreneurs and new business owners frequently see the grocery delivery industry as a promising new venture.

In South Africa, there are several new opportunities for company owners who want to start a highly dependable and reasonably priced online grocery delivery service business.

However, it is significant to conduct your research on online grocery businesses before starting a top grocery delivery app in South Africa because each one has its special advantages.

This blog lists the 10 top grocery delivery apps in South Africa, so it is useful to read it if you are planning to start an online grocery delivery business.

Explore How Grocery Delivery Dealers Successfully Work in South African Market

From 2018 to 2022, the market for online grocery delivery services saw growth and maturity at a whopping 22 percent CAGR. The Grocery Delivery marketplace globally is set to attain a massive revenue of US$ 627.30 bn by the year 2023.

Buying groceries online through Grocery Delivery Apps in South Africa has become increasingly convenient as more and more online stores provide same-day or next-day delivery services.

The Grocery Delivery marketplace in South Africa will reach a revenue of ZAR 998.70m by the end of the year 2023. Furthermore, it is likely to exhibit a yearly growth of 13.85 percent (CAGR 2023-2027), leading to a total market volume of US$1,678.00m by the year 2027.

10 Top Grocery Delivery Apps in South Africa

The online grocery delivery business is one of the topmost businesses to commence amongst startup companies and new entrepreneurs. So, if you are a business owner exploring a dependable and reasonably priced grocery delivery service in South Africa, you will be content to know that there are numerous app models to select from.

Each app has its own exclusive set of advantages, so it is vital to do extensive research before finalizing. To learn more about how the top 10 on-demand grocery delivery services satisfy their clients, look at their online ordering and delivery services.

Top 10 On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps in South Africa
Top 10 On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps in South Africa

1. Postmates


Postmates is a delivery company started in 2011 by Sam Street, Bastian Lehmann, and Sean Plaice in San Francisco. Postmates with its online grocery app interface, was released in 2014 to help businesses provide superior delivery services to their customers. 

The firm has a big network of over 6,000 drivers that have completed millions of online grocery deliveries. The company’s delivery service is top-notch, offering customers various grocery options with easy online payments and convenient shipping of products.

Key Benefits of Ordering:

  • Consumers can place online orders for food and beverages
  • The application offers prompt shipping solutions
  • The app serves groceries in diverse locations

2. GoPuff


As of 2020, GoPuff has successfully launched in over 200 markets as a digital grocery delivery business. Founded by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev, GoPuff is an on-demand grocery delivery platform with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originally, the venue delivered hookahs, but now they also have groceries and restaurant fare. Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, and many other cities were among the first to receive the company’s new delivery service.

To help roll out its service in this new area, GoPuff, the grocery delivery app solution, has raised $8.25 million in an A round of fundraising. The company raised $750 million in capital; in 2019, the delivery platform opened its new headquarters. Millions of users’ expectations have been met, and the platform now has a firm grip on their affections.

Kay Benefits of Ordering:

  • Distributed to 200+ marketplaces and counting
  • It offers groceries to your door in merely 30 minutes or less
  • Consumers have buying choices of groceries, meals, and snacks

3. Zulzi

Zulzi 1

Zulzi, this online grocery shopping app in South Africa is a startup that provides on-demand grocery delivery in Johannesburg, with fundings from a JSE-listed firm. Customers can create a shopping list and make purchases without physically going to the store, thanks to the digital platform. The delivery service will then collect the item from the store, ensuring the clients’ shopping experience is not interrupted.

Vutlharhi Valoyi laid the groundwork for the company in 2013, and it made its debut on the market the following year. Customers are given the ability to gain direct access to an unlimited number of supermarket grocery items through Zulzi’s online platform. After the debut of Zulzi’s online platform in the same year, Netshipise eventually became a co-founder of the company. 

The online marketplace first catered to students when it launched its e-commerce operation. Still, in response to steadily increasing customer demand, Zulzi eventually expanded its customer base to include virtually everyone. Customers can get their goods online and deliver them to their homes within an hour of placing their order.

The provider of grocery delivery services aims to expand its business outside Johannesburg after attaining huge success in South Africa. The company is preparing its business debut in grocery delivery in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and many more locations across South Africa. The on-demand grocery platform in South Africa has raised .6 million in finance; it processes more than 2,000 orders every day and is looking forward to expanding its range of services shortly.

Key Benefits of Ordering:

  • Optional delivery in 15 minutes
  • Transport of Alcohol
  • Extensive city availability
  • Specialized consumer and driver app

4. Yebo Fresh

Yebo Fresh
Yebo Fresh

Yebo Fresh, a delivery firm driven by technology, is meeting most of the requirements of the people living in Cape Town. Because of the lockout, the corporation has increased the number of nations in which it provides its services. The business was started in a garage in Hout Bay, and it has since expanded into a big warehouse. 

Using the on-demand platform, customers can easily buy hundreds of different grocery goods whenever convenient. The company’s grocery delivery service is in more than nine townships in the Western Cape. In response to the rising demand for groceries, Yebo Fresh is planning to extend its operations on a national scale.

Yebo Fresh was initially conceived as a platform for food distribution; the company began offering food packs for delivery in 2018 and was established by Jessica Boonstra in the Netherlands in South Africa. Later, the company started delivering shop groceries online in South Africa to customers on demand, which allowed them to capitalize on new potential in the township market in the Western Cape.

Key Benefits of Ordering:

  • Quick shipping
  • Thousands of food products
  • Extending over a large portion of South Africa

5. Woolworths


Woolworths is an Australian supermarket and South Africa grocery store company founded on September 22, 1924, by Australian businessmen Stanley Chatterton, Percy Christmas, Ernest Williams, Cecil Scott Waine, and George Creed. Woolworths Group owns the corporation and controls more than 80% of the Australian market share now.

Woolworths is most known for its grocery delivery service. Still, it offers various other things, including health and beauty aids, periodicals, DVDs, furniture, baby and pet supplies, and more. 

There are currently over 980 Woolworths supermarkets and about 43 Woolworths Metro convenience stores, guaranteeing that supply will meet the demand. In recent times, Woolworths Group has banned plastic bags at checkout for hygiene and safety reasons.

Key Benefits of Ordering:

  • One-stop shopping for a wide range of needs
  • Guarantees prompt delivery

6. SnapnSave

This is a rebate app that gives users money back on their supermarket purchases. No coupons, punch cards, or other forms of customer loyalty are offered. Instead, consumers are given instantaneous rebates on their investments. This frees up more of their money to be used however they like. If you are a shopper who despises dealing with vouchers and coupons, the on-demand delivery platform is your best bet for getting your money back without leaving your house.

SnapnSave, the grocery app in South Africa, started in 2015 and has raised money in four separate stages. Total funding for the platform is $1.5M, with the most recent round being in September of this year. 

When you use this app your funds will be added to your SnapnSave digital wallet. You just need to purchase the required groceries, snap a picture of the receipt, and upload it to the site. You can deposit the money into a South African bank account and complete the transaction through it.

Kay Benefits of Ordering:

  • Refunds in Cash, Optional
  • The option of doorstep delivery
  • Shipping in 30 minutes

7. Yum Deliveries

If consumers are exploring a premier on-demand delivery platform, Yum Deliveries is the finest choice enabling users to order food and groceries from Nairobi retail stores. Customers can explore the range of groceries before placing their online orders without any trouble. 

This online grocery platform ensures a more convenient and quicker ordering. The company has partnered with grocery stores and restaurants to satisfy the hunger of consumers in Nairobi. Yum has introduced its services even in other regions like Uganda and Kampala. The digital platform has gained popularity for its on-demand service, effectiveness, and the range of choices that it provides to its user base.

Key Benefits of Ordering:

  • Order groceries at low cost 
  • Rapid online distribution of groceries
  • Special offers for loyal consumers

8. Vassco Distributors

Vassco Distributors is a wholesale business with headquarters in Pretoria, Gauteng. When it comes to delivering food and drink, the company is unrivaled. On request, it provides grocery delivery to hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. The platform expanded its commercial services and wholesale prices for consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kay Benefits of Ordering:

  • The order procedure is simple.
  • Their dedicated team is always here to help.
  • Monday through Saturday, they have inventory ready for their consumers.

9. Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay has grown to be South Africa’s second-biggest grocery delivery powerhouse and is already rocking the scene in a bunch of Southern African countries like Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. In 2010, Raymond Ackerman acquired Pick n Pay in Cape Town from Jack Goldin. In recent years, Pick n Pay has greatly enhanced its operation and widened its cash deposit options at this point.

Pick n Pay, the grocery delivery app has over 1,600 sites throughout seven Southern African nations as of 2018. The company has released a script for an SA-specific grocery ordering app, making it easier for clients to submit precise orders. In the annual report, Pick n Pay intends to increase its business service in Nigeria and Ghana. In addition, the company has a limited number of outlets in Swaziland and South Africa under the Boxer label.

Key Benefits of Ordering:

  • The convenient ordering processes
  • Prompt shipping

10. Onecart

In Cape Town, South Africa, you can trust OneCart – a dependable online delivery service that lets you order grocery products straight from your favorite supermarket right to your doorsteps. The platform provides a vast selection of merchants that can ship directly to a customer’s home. 

Lynton Peters developed the online platform to constantly enhance the quality of service and convenience offered to users in South Africa.

OneCart joined 11 other startups in 2019 to form the Grindstone Accelerator’s fourth batch, led by Knife Capital. In the same year, OneCart reported that it had finished a funding round when it secured an investment. Users can adjust their location on the platform to find relevant products and then shop for what they want.

Kay Benefits of Ordering:

  • Avoid wasting resources
  • Multiple stores
  • In-town shipping

Moving Forward

Grocery delivery services in South Africa will develop at various rates and patterns nationwide. Despite the continent’s name, Africa is home to more than fifty-four different countries, each with its unique size, history, and personality. The sustainability of on-demand food delivery services can practically serve all these geographies and their ability to keep up with the rising demand from customers necessitates the development of a sound food business strategy.

We at DeOnDe can help your grocery delivery business to come true and flourish by facilitating you to rent our online grocery delivery application solution. We have ready-made grocery delivery app-based solutions to enable your grocery business in one go and within your budget.

For quick pricing and a free demo of our on-demand grocery delivery solutions, visit and explore our website.

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