How On Demand Services are proving their worth during the COVID-19 pandemic?

How On Demand Services are proving their worth during the COVID-19 pandemic?"
How On Demand Services are proving their worth during the COVID-19 pandemic?”

On Demand, Services have proved their worth during the COVID-19 pandemic. All thanks to the technology that helped us introducing with the on-demand delivery and consultation services.

Well, currently as of today, 17th April 2020, the confirmed COVID-19 cases in India are 13,384. The facts are rising across India despite the strict lockdown imposed by the Prime Minister, Mr Modi, on 22nd March 2020.

You must have read many blogs on COVID-19 and how it has helped few industries with tremendous growth such as pharma, grocery and essential services. Well, with this blog today; we shall help you understand the direct link between COVID-19 and the growth of on-demand business.

So, shall we begin?

Well, what is an on-demand business? An on-demand business involves the instant involvement of order and receipt as per the conditions defined. It includes the different industries such as on-demand food delivery, on-demand grocery delivery, on-demand flower delivery, on-demand fuel delivery, on-demand liquor delivery, on-demand medicine delivery, on-demand doctor booking service, on-demand doctor consultation and on-demand logistics service.

Altogether, these on-demand businesses are doing great in various countries as per the availability and laws imposed by the government. Let us talk about India with our current blog. In India, our government has allowed buying and selling of essential services only. Under vital services, we as Indians refer to grocery, food and medicines. We, therefore, have grocery delivery brands helping with door-to-door grocery delivery along with medicines delivery apps.

On-Demand Medicine Delivery

India has numbers of medicine delivery apps that are functioning during the pandemic in almost all the major cities. The medicine delivery apps like 1mg, PharmaEasy, NetMeds, MedPlus India, BookMed, LifeCARE, etc. are doing a great job during the lockdown situation. When we are strictly asked to follow the social distancing rules and shop online, the following apps have taken care of our essential medicine delivery.


Be it medicines or body care essentials; the on-demand medicine delivery apps are helping to have our needed items at home. All one needs to do is download and install the mobile application of the medicine delivery brand. After registering with the app, the customer simply needs to update the location and add the required items in the cart. Once the cart is prepared, the customer can choose the most feasible payment option and order the medicines online.

Please note: During the pandemic, the online on-demand delivery apps are requesting the customers to go for online payment option to avoid the exchange of currencies or card. It is purely initiated to prevent the spread of the infection and keep everyone safe, even while accepting the delivery from home.

On-Demand Doctor Consultation

For sure, we must applaud for the doctors just like every other delivery and logistic worker and law enforcement guys for doing the tremendous job during the lockdown. Currently, the doctors are at high risk of infection as they spend most of their time with the COVID-19 patients.

On the other hand, some doctors are making the most use of on-demand app services. The on-demand doctor app services offer online consultation for patients who would like to refer to the doctor for their ongoing health issues over the online app. Currently, visiting the hospitals is not a good idea as most of the hospitals are occupied with the quarantine facility of COVID-19 patients.

So, what is an on-demand doctor app?

An on-demand doctor app allows the patient to consult the doctor online by paying online consultation fees. 1mg and Practo are the best examples of on-demand doctor consultation apps in India. These apps allow doctors from various niche to join as the online consulting doctor for helping patients from across the country with online consultation and online prescription. Also, these apps have to chat as well as audio/visual consultation facility for having accurate check-ups.

Develop On-Demand Medical Apps for Doctors

Food and Grocery Delivery Apps

The on-demand food and grocery delivery apps are introduced long back in India. The primary on-demand food delivery players across the country are Zomato, Swiggy and FoodPanda. On the other hand, the popular Grocery delivery apps are BigBasket, Flipkart and Grofers. All these brands have on-demand apps available for both iOS and Android mobile platform users.

Download the application, get yourself register via email and start ordering your favourite food or essential groceries online. Currently, the restaurant industry is shut in many areas because of the lockdown. The grocery delivery market has increased 5x times during the pandemic. The ease and security of buying groceries online have helped people to get their essential items on their doorstep.

The On-Demand Market Surge

Considering the overall on-demand market surge during the pandemic, the significant players are grocery and medicine apps. The on-demand grocery app has witnessed record downloads during the lockdown. On the other hand, medicine delivery apps have seen considerable growth. New downloads and users are on the way for the on-demand delivery brands.

On-demand Solutions for Startups and SMEs

DeOnDe is a one-stop store for having all types of on-demand solutions in the matter of no time. We serve with on-demand delivery and on-demand booking services to startups and SMEs across the nation. If you are thinking to start your online delivery or online booking service, then you must visit our official website and have a word with our Business manager.

We offer the following on-demand solutions:


  • Food Ordering
  • Doctor on-Demand
  • Beauty/Salon
  • Coaching / Tutor
  • Pet Care
  • Logistics Wine / Alcohol
  • House Cleaning
  • Laundry Maintenance
  • Taxi / Cab Services Fitness

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