Challenges Faced by the Top Grocery Delivery Brands Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

Top Famous Online Grocery Delivery App to Order During Coronavirus | DeOnDe
Top Famous Online Grocery Delivery App to Order During Coronavirus | DeOnDe

In this 21st century, when everything was running smoother and routine, after the 1920 Spanish Flu which taken any amounts of lives earlier, but sooner or later the vaccine was developed and the pandemic ended. This time what we could notice is that this Corona Virus has arrived and has taken the whole world in another pandemic unnoticed and all of a sudden.

How to safely order food and groceries during coronavirus quarantines?

Where it’s roots are way back from the land of the Dragons from the Wuhan city. Since then, the whole world is suffering from the pandemic trying to get a sense of relief from this. Even then, when Humans ever wanted to prove itself superior from Nature itself, it had always attempted to backfire with something big and harsh that the Human Beings had taken time to solve it.

But now, after our very own Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi had announced and implemented the 21-days Lockdown to curb the spread of this deadly Corona Virus. As this happened, people had started Stockpiling stocks like Groceries and other essential goods.

Lockdown Panic

Every city is now reporting increased sales essentials to the point that of Hoarding, and hence the supply chain seems to be crumbling since under the weight of rising demands gradually.

There are many cases reported in the market about the outbreak of the Delivery personnel from the “essential services“.  People who have been beaten up by the police across the country! This information arises even after the Ministry had press released the necessary Guidelines that essential services, including groceries, healthcare, food, medicine and e-commerce, which will further continue to function.

As per Prime Minister and many intellectuals, there was a severe need of National Lockdown. In order to ensure that social distancing is being followed to fight the novel virus.

But as per the news, what really could be seen that Festival like Gudi Padwa in Maharastra and Ugadi in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which had further led in increase in demand as well. Hence many people had also been to the Vegetable markets and stores these mornings, which has Further negated or gone against the sole motto of Social Distancing and lockdown itself.

Demands Rises & Hence the Roadblocks Increases

Now that this happened, all the Grocery and on-demand start-ups are it the BIGs like BigBasket, Grofers, Ninjacart, Milkbasket, Suprdaily or Dunzo itself have seen an unprecedented surge in demands.

Unicommerce, which is a company that provides software support to many e-commerce companies, says the lockdown has further lead to a significant or massive surge in traffic for the grocery websites.

“From the previous two weeks, what we can see is that there is a rise of 70-80 % in the number of orders.  And yes, rise in the order size too, which is increased substantially by 15-20 %. The FMCG and staples are some of the most popular products which people are ordering online “.

The Local circles survey further claimed that 35 % of consumers said they were not getting essentials goods from retail stores and eCommerce companies at this time of lockdown.

What Happens?

What happens is that most eCommerce platforms have reported that the police are stopping the trucks. Trucks that usually carry supplies as well as the delivery executive. In some cases, the delivery personnel is bare from reaching the local warehouse by the local police itself.

So these are the challenges that the top grocery delivery brands are facing amidst the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

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