How to Build an Online Pizza Ordering System Within 48 Hours?

How to Build an Online Pizza Ordering System Within 48 Hours?
How to Build an Online Pizza Ordering System Within 48 Hours?

Pizza delivery is one of the booming businesses in 2020. We all are entirely acknowledged with the superior pizza delivery services like Dominos and La Pino’z. Ordering pizza online is one of the favourite things in our lives as pizza brings us happiness.

But when it comes to building your online pizza ordering system, we often feel the worry about managing the investments. But imagine you get the entire pizza delivery solution within 48 hours with less cost and effort! 

What is Pizza Ordering System?

A pizza ordering system is an online system that makes it possible for customers to order the pizza home delivery and the outlet to deliver the pizza by accepting the order online.

It is a web admin system controlled by the owner and a mobile app system operated by the customers and store owners. The system is overall designed to make pizza delivery service possible. 

Features of On-Demand Pizza Delivery App

To make pizza delivery service possible and live, you will require an online pizza ordering system accompanied by the basic features of the pizza delivery app. So, let’s check the features of the pizza delivery application

1. Customer App

A customer application is designed with the following features to make sure that the customer can place an order successfully for his/her favourite pizza with chosen toppings. 

  • Profile management
  • Pizza filter search
  • Pizza toppings selection
  • Pizza cart
  • Payment methods
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Add-change-edit address
  • Review and ratings
  • Social media sharing 

2. Pizza Outlet App

The pizza outlet app is managed by the head of the outlet, i.e. the pizza outlet manager or the pizza outlet owner.

The application is designed to sync the orders received by the customers to the outlet kitchen. The pizza outlet owner also manages to intimate the driver about the pick up and drop off the pizzas. 

Here are the features of the pizza outlet owner application:

  • Outlet management
  • Availability toggle
  • Availability on and off for pizza items
  • Assign drivers
  • Update order status
  • Manage offers and coupons

3. Driver App

Just like the customer and store owner application, the driver app is also designed to fulfil the complete process of pizza delivery service.

Here are the features of the driver application.

  • Driver profile management
  • Availability toggle
  • Real-time status update
  • GPS navigation
  • Order status update
  • Cash collection reports
  • Job history report
  • Order history report

How Much Does It Cost To Create An On-Demand Delivery App?

How to build an Online Pizza Ordering System within 48 hours?

Well, when you are sure to launch your pizza delivery business- the first thing that you will require from a technical aspect is the online pizza delivery application.

At DeOnDe, we make sure that your startup gets launched ASAP without having worried about both investment and time.

For the same, we have got readymade pizza delivery solutions for your upcoming pizza delivery outlet. 

By connecting with our online pizza delivery solution head, you get to know about the technical benefits that your startup can avail after associating with us as your pizza delivery app development company.

We help you to get on-demand pizza delivery app for your next single pizza delivery outlet, multi pizza delivery outlets, pizza delivery chain or pizza delivery cloud kitchen outlet. 

White-label & Ready-to-use Pizza Delivery Solutions

Often our clients ask us how they shall get the branding advantage by acquiring the readymade pizza delivery solutions. Well, for the same, we have got a white-label online pizza ordering system to make sure your business is benefited with branding and marketing purpose.

Our SaaS-based online pizza ordering solutions are integrated with all the essential pizza delivery app features, as stated above. We make things easier for clients by charging them solution rent every month to avoid the unnecessary on-time app development investment expenses.

Clients can be benefited from the following:

  • Native mobile apps and website dashboard
  • Delivery management tool
  • Live dedicated support
  • Customer insights

Ready-Made Food Delivery App Development Demo

Summing Up

DeOnDe is a one-stop solution for building different types of on-demand delivery solutions including an online pizza ordering system, online food ordering system, online grocery, and medicine ordering system, online liquor ordering system, online meat ordering system, etc.

We help clients get their readymade on-demand delivery solution within 48 hours with three delivery apps and a whole admin panel dashboard. 

Connect with us by logging on to our official website and can also check a free demo of our online ordering solution by clicking here.

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