Ready-Made Multi-Delivery Solution By DeOnDe: Features & Benefits

Ready-Made Multi-Delivery Solution By DeOnDe
Ready-Made Multi-Delivery Solution By DeOnDe

We have come across food delivery app solution, a grocery delivery app solution, and medicine delivery app solution- but now it’s time to get acknowledged with all in one- multi-delivery app solution. DeOnDe has unveiled a perfect multi-delivery app solution for online ordering system or platform. Let’s get acquainted with its features and benefits. 

What is Multi-Delivery App Solution?

A multi-delivery application means a single platform or an app for delivering medicines, food items, groceries, cake, flowers, snacks, etc.

DeOnDe has a readymade multi-delivery solution that is purely SaaS-based on-demand delivery solution that can be easily rented for a monthly or yearly basis for launching your multi-delivery startup in India, UAE or anywhere in the world.

For any on-demand ordering system, an application plays an essential role in connecting the customers with the store owners.

Many times, it happens that a customer wants to order different types of items, and for that, the customer shall be happy to serve a single app delivering multiple items. 

During the pandemic, Swiggy switched its food delivery platform to the multi-delivery platform by introducing the delivery of medicines and groceries along with food.

Indeed, the decision turned out in favour of the online ordering brand, and just like Swiggy, many other on-demand brands came up with similar multi-delivery or multi-vendor operations.

DeOnDe’s Readymade Multi-Delivery Solution

DeOnDe has recently launched its multi-delivery application or solution that includes multi-vendor categories and multi-vendor items for sale on a single platform. Let’s get acquainted with its main screen features and categories.


The DeOnDe multi-delivery application customer application is the most highlighted app as it includes a lot of functions and features for helping the customer to purchase items from multi-vendors. 

Multi-Vendor Customer Application

  • Login screen- login via the phone number, log in via Facebook and log in via Google
  • The main screen includes delivery location, delivery and takeaway tab, offer banners by different vendors and main categories.
  • The main categories include:: restaurants, grocery, cake, flower, medicine, liquor, snacks, etc.
  • Add to cart option
  • Customizable purchase options for relevant items
  • Change add or edit the delivery address 
  • Reorder or cancel the order 
  • Offers and promos 
  • Special instructions 
  • Payment method
  • Realtime order tracking 
  • User management & reviews

With all the above features, the multi-vendor customer application is one of the fully-featured application that can order multiple food or grocery or any other items via a single application.

View Demo : Get Ready-Made Food And Grocery Delivery Apps

Multi-Vendor Store Owner Application

In this case, the store owners can be a grocery store owner, restaurant owner, medicine store owner, cake store owner, flower shop owner, bar owner, etc. Depending upon the nature of the business, the application is readily designed. For your reference, DeOnDe has a readymade solution for multi vendor food ordering system – it is pre-built and ready to use keeping in mind the features and elements of different vendors.

Let’s explore the features:

  • Store management
  • Add categories, add items, add price, add menu
  • Add offers and manage offers
  • Add banners
  • Update order status
  • Availability toggle for the store as well as items 
  • Description of the items
  • Assign driver
  • Analytics and reports
  • Earning management

Multi-Vendor Driver Application

Just like the food delivery app solution and grocery delivery app solution, the online ordering system app for multi-vendor driver app remains the same. It is accompanied with all the standard features, including the following:

  • Availability toggle
  • Manage earnings
  • Update delivery status
  • Payment collection update
  • Job history
  • GPS location

Why Multi-Vendor Delivery App Solution?

The slow phase of business teaches us many things. Let’s take an example of the coronavirus outbreak. None would have imagined that the world’s most earning sector, i.e. the restaurant and food sector will be going through losses at one point in time.

When the giant food delivery application brands like Zomato, UberEats, and Swiggy realized that their earnings are turning nil during the pandemic- they switched their business focus.

They started delivering essentials via the same food delivery application. 

Later, these brands reported vast sales via their app after introducing a multi-vendor functionality for both store owners and customers.

The drivers assigned for food also started delivering groceries and medicines when restaurants were shut down during the lockdown period.

Indeed, it is an example of an effective means of utilizing the resources during an emergency or slowdown period of the business. 

Core benefits of utilizing or running a multi-vendor startup bring in more customer base, more sales, more versatility, more profits, and lastly, more customer retention ratio. 


View a demo of DeOnDe multi-delivery app solution for understanding the features and elements of the readymade app. You can also write to us by logging on to our official website, We are just a click away to answer your queries and comments.

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