How to Master Your Restaurant Order Taking App & Why?

How to Master Your Restaurant Order Taking App & Why?
How to Master Your Restaurant Order Taking App & Why?

Restaurants must digitize their operations in 2021 for getting scalable and faster results. From small food outlets to cloud kitchens, every startup owner is emphasizing on the importance of having a restaurant order taking app for having smooth and swift business operations. But only acquiring the online delivery management system is not enough for the success of your restaurant, it must be mastered and implemented in the daily operations.

With our exclusive blog post, we shall help you get the tips and tricks to master your online delivery management software along with the benefits of doing so.

What is a restaurant delivery management solution?

A restaurant order taking solution is a digital platform that allows the restaurant owner to handle the various incoming and outgoing food orders via a single dashboard. It is more like a business operations screen where the owner can easily identify the ongoing orders, delivered orders, orders due for preparation, orders billed, and much more. It mainly works like a third eye for your restaurant business and allows you to judge the operations of your business via a single screen.

How to master your restaurant order taking app?

When you have got your online ordering system designed and developed, the very next thing that you need to do is apply it or implement it for the sake of your business operations. It is like ERP, if you have invested in an ERP software considering the benefits of it but if you do not utilise it or implement it, the results would be nil. Hence, implementation is incredibly important for the success of your business operations. 

Make the most use of your online ordering system

To implement or master the order taking app, you must understand the functionalities offered by an online delivery management system. So, if your on-demand delivery solution company has provided you with a restaurant management software then you must organize a team meet and discuss the basic functionalities and exclusive features of the online delivery management software. Indeed, your restaurant order taking application training is important for the manager to help your business get the ultimate advantage of it.  

Delivery management system is connected to various devices and on-demand solution

When you design your restaurant management software then it is vital to get it connected with the various order taking devices such as the on-demand delivery solution, the tablets issued to captains for placing customer on-table orders, cashier billing software, and the kitchen order ticket screen. All the devices need to relate to the restaurant order taking application for ease of operations and solutions. 

Implementing the use of features

Before I tell you why you should implement the features, let me tell you what the top features of any delivery management solution are. 

  • Manage food items

The online delivery management system ensures that you can manage the availability of the products or food items via your order taking solution. Here the manager can turn on and off the menu items with a push button to help the restaurant captains as well as the online app customers about the availability of the food items. Those items that are currently not available in the kitchen or are out of stock because of fewer ingredients can be directly turned off with the availability button. And the same is updated on all the connected devices. 

  • Manage offers

The restaurant manager or owner can utilise the dashboard access to update the different festival offers that are automatically updated on different connected devices of the restaurant for which both the dine-in as well as the food delivery customers can avail the benefit. 

  • Manage Customers/Tables

In the delivery scenario, the software helps to manage customers by viewing their orders and updating the order status to the kitchen department. In the dine-in scenario, the software helps in managing the different orders of the tables such as table 1, 2 ,3 and so on. With the help of the restaurant order taking app, the entire business is viewable on the screen as the orders placed by on-demand delivery solution and captain tablets are automatically updated on the software and the kitchen order ticket screen. 

Other main features of utilising the delivery management software are:

  • Managing orders
  • Updating orders
  • Assigning drivers for food delivery orders
  • Bill printing 
  • Managing inventory

Why does restaurant management software need to be implemented or mastered?

Why does restaurant management software need to be implemented or mastered?

When you are planning to run a restaurant, you must think of investing into a software for ease of operations. Here the chances of errors are nil as everything is updated and edited via digital platforms and each of the department including manager, kitchen staff, delivery boy and cashier is updated. Also, it helps in saving time as well as money. Less human resources are required which saves a lot of money on hiring internal staff members for managing the business. 

The online food delivery trend has gone viral in the last many years, but the pandemic has boosted digitalization positively. Here is one of the images sharing the positivity about the same. 


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