Top 5 Reasons to Switch your Business Online in 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Switch your Business Online in 2020 Deonde App
Top 5 Reasons to Switch your Business Online in 2020 Deonde App

Online business is the need of the hour for many entrepreneurs across the world. 2020 has marked as a phenomenal year for the digital world because it has got maximum business owners on its board.

Shopify International Marketing Partner has released a statement a few days ago that in the last 12 weeks the numbers of businesses switched online are greater in number than the numbers of businesses turned online in the last 12 years.

We at DeOnDe have experienced highest numbers of clients switching their offline restaurant operations online with our subscription-based model for food delivery. 

So, you must be wondering why you need to switch your business operations online?

Well, we bring to you the top 5 reasons for choosing online business in 2020.

Online is one of the business trends that suits almost every business industry. Though the major focus is eCommerce that sells goods and services online. Let us explore the benefits of having an online website or online mobile app for your online business model.


1. Low Startup Costs


One of the major benefits of starting an online business is that it requires a minimum or low cost for setting up your business. The investment required here is quite less than that compared to the offline business. 

DeOnDe has helped many offline business owners to switch their business online with the help of our subscription-based model for food delivery solution, grocery delivery solution and liquor delivery solution.

Our monthly subscription-based solutions make sure our clients do not have to pay the huge mobile application investment cost.

Indeed, the clients need to pay a reasonable amount of monthly rental for utilizing our eCommerce solutions. 


2. Wide Income Potential 


The income potential is quite huge with online businesses especially on-demand delivery solutions.

If I must share a live example on the same, I would like to tell you about the BigBasket grocery delivery solution that earned its lifetime business during the lockdown.

Now, after experiencing the pandemic wave- many business owners have switched their interests and operations online. 

Yes, you too can switch your offline grocery store to online, offline liquor outlet to online liquor delivery solution and offline restaurant to online food delivery solution by contacting us at DeOnDe – Delivery On Demand Business Solutions. 


3. Autopilot Business


Do you know what is the meaning of autopilot?

Switching your business operations to autopilot mode refers to switching your business to many scheduled online tasks that do not require any manual or human resource for smooth functioning or operations. 

After acquiring our monthly based subscription models your online business for food, grocery, and liquor delivery can be easily autopilot.

The entire synch and operations of the business will be via an app and the master admin can keep an eye via the admin panel dashboard of the ongoing businesses or orders. 

Customers can place the order online with the help of the food delivery solution or application, the restaurant owner can accept the order via his app, the delivery person can be auto-assigned for the delivery of the parcel.

Hence, the business owner need not channelize every option by putting his personal efforts or attention.

The same procedure is applied for grocery and liquor delivery solutions when you subscribe for monthly based subscription solutions with DeOnDe.

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4. Easy to Setup


Another benefit of subscription-based model is that it is quick to set up and launch. You need to plan the entire blueprint from the beginning that takes almost a month or two.

With DeOnDe monthly based subscription solutions, you can launch your online eCommerce startup within 48 hours.

Isn’t it amazing? Above all, it not only saves time for launching your business, but it also saves a lot of cost as paying for monthly rentals is quite affordable than paying a onetime investment cost.


5. Future-proof Business 


Online delivery solutions are considered as the future-proof business and it has been proved amidst the pandemic.

When the entire world faced economic issues, it was only the on-demand business platforms that survived such as online grocery delivery, online medicine delivery, online essentials delivery, and now, online liquor and food delivery. 

Zomato has recently published a stat in their email where they said that they have recovered 80% of the lockdown business opportunities in the last few weeks.

Online food delivery is now a preferred option for customers rather than dining at the restaurant. 

Summing Up

Online business is one of the best ways to cope up with the lockdown and pandemic. If you are planning to switch your business operations online, then 2020 remarks as the right year and time.

If your business interests are into online grocery, liquor, or food delivery solution then you must connect with our business experts at DeOnDe.

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