A beginners guide to Software as a Service | DeOnDe

A beginners guide to Software as a Service | DeOnDe
A beginners guide to Software as a Service | DeOnDe

It is easier for companies to build and offer services over the Web due to the growth of cloud computing. The sheer force of a cloud solution and the efficiency of distribution offer the business a platform for robust solutions that clients and users can use from almost anywhere.

One of the most popular kinds of cloud-based solutions on the market is Software as a Service or SaaS. It is one of the first apps of cloud that was launched publicly. Moreover, the chances are that almost every business has implemented a SaaS system in its infrastructure.

Let us understand SaaS better with an example:

Imagine Software as your meal.

To prepare a basic meal, you need to buy grocery and cooking equipment. Then you need to put your skills and the stuff you bought together, to get the desired taste. If you know to cook, it will taste good. However, if you lack in cooking skills, its tastes depend on the efforts you put in.

However, you chose to skip this step and preferred visiting a good restaurant. This exactly is Software as a Service. The waiter comes to you, and after looking at the menu card, you ordered your food. In the restaurant, the head chef, cooks, waiters, managers and everyone related to the restaurant put all the efforts to bring the food on your table. All you need to do is to enjoy the meal and pay for it.

Alternatively, if you do not feel steeping out, online food delivery solution can work for you. You need to open an application, select the food of your choice, feed the delivery address, make the payment, and you are done.

This is what you do in Software as a Service. You do not own things; instead, you rely on someone else. You get their Software and work on it.

Sounds convincing?

Those who are still not sure and familiar with the term, we have mentioned the definition and benefits of SaaS below. Please keep reading!

What is software as a service?

Software as a service relates to a software distribution system in which Software is made widely available to customers through the cloud. Software vendors host applications remotely on their own hardware and users on other systems can use these apps through a web portal via Internet access. This implies that the Software depends on the supplier’s hardware instead of the consumer’s hardware to operate the solution.

SaaS service can be typically availed through a subscription, but they are also offered upfront with a standard rate.

Benefits of Software as a service

Software as a service deployments offers many advantages for both developers and consumers. To simplify this for you, we will bifurcate it into two sections:

♦ Benefits of SaaS to Distributors

♦ Benefits of SaaS to Software Users

Let us look into them one by one.

1: Benefits of SaaS to Distributors

For developers looking to deliver their Software, Software as a service solution offers many advantages. SaaS ‘ conveniences for designers of Software include but are not confined to:

Eliminate the physical distribution necessity

Software developers historically needed to deliver their programs to users physically; usually, this is achieved using a storage method that stores the Software, which users then download on their device. The SaaS delivery method means developers need not care about physical distribution and only need to allow users to access on-premise hardware resources.

Easier to update

Since users use their network to access the apps, pushing updates is as easy as upgrading the system locally. At the request of the client, all they have to do is install the newest version of the Software to receive an update. Instead of machine-by-machine updates, vendors can centrally host the updated Software and distribute the update to users as requested by their local computer–a much quicker vendor delivery.

2: Benefits of SaaS to Software Users

The advantages of Software as a service do not just apply to software vendors; the end-user can also benefit SaaS deployments as well. These benefits include:

Multitenant Design

It is a multi-tenant design, which uses a single, shared network and code base that is centrally managed by all users and applications. Since SaaS product customers are all on the same platform and codebase, developers can evolve quicker and save precious development time spent previously maintaining multiple obsolete software versions.

Easy Accessibility

Since Software as a service allows Internet connectivity to access a computer instead of downloading an update directly, users can access a SaaS system from anywhere. So long as a system is compliant with the Software, it is only essential to connect to a network and use the Software. That implies a client can securely run a vendor’s system, growing a vendor program’s business functionality.


Most Software uses a pay-as-you-go system as a service approach, which means users only have to pay for the services they use. Additionally, since the user does not need to invest in any physical equipment to download the application, the program only needs to be purchased to put them in use. This, alone will significantly reduce the cost of buying and maintaining a solution.

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