How DeOnDe Helps You to Sell Food Online?

DeOnDe : How DeOnDe Helps You to Sell Food Online?
DeOnDe : How DeOnDe Helps You to Sell Food Online?

Are you starting your online business in the coming months? Are any great on-demand delivery business plans on the way?

Well, let me tell you- if you are investing in the on-demand food delivery solutions or grocery delivery solutions in 2020- it is a million-dollar idea that will bring you outstanding sales shortly. We at DeOnDe- Delivery On-Demand help you to sell food online with our monthly subscription-based solutions. 

What is DeOnDe?

DeOnDe is an online platform that helps online business owners with monthly subscription-based solutions for food delivery, grocery delivery, and liquor delivery business.

The brand provides white-label and ready-to-use on-demand delivery solutions for kickstarting your delivery segment with ease.

Using our on-demand delivery solutions- any business owner can streamline the startup dream without worrying about time and investment. Ask us, HOW?

DeOnDe Solutions

DeOnDe has readymade on-demand delivery solutions that can help any business owner to sell food online or grocery/liquor online. Our most prominent on-demand delivery SaaS-based solutions are:

  1. Food Delivery Solutions
  2. Grocery Delivery Solutions
  3. Liquor Delivery Solutions
  4. Medicine Delivery Solutions

How Does DeOnDe Help to Sell Food Online?

The very moment you decide to have your independent food or grocery or liquor delivery solution- DeOnDe comes in the picture.

DeOnDe is a platform that will share the readymade and SaaS-based delivery solution to the clients who are willing to pay a monthly rental for utilizing the same.

Yes, one needs to pay the entire development one-time cost because the solution is to pay as you use a model where one pays until one uses the solution for their business.

The SaaS-based solutions are emerging solutions that has grown with time and are quite famous for leveraging business solutions online.

Why DeOnDe Monthly Subscription Based Solutions?

There are several benefits of utilising the SaaS-based models for your next or upcoming food, grocery, or liquor delivery business.

Though the prime and central reason for choosing the Software As A Service Solution is purely cost-based, there are many other surprising benefits of utilizing the SaaS-solutions for your on-demand delivery business. 

  • Cost-efficient- reduces the burden of the one-time development cost of the application
  • Scalability and integration
  • Service benefit for round the clock by the provider
  • 0% of hardware cost
  • Easy upgrades installation 
  • Relatively easy to adapt and use
  • One of the growing global market segments with increasing users. 

Here is an image depicting how SaaS Global Market is expected to grow

Global SaaS Sales Projection 2020

The DeOnDe Solutions Package Cost

DeOnDe provides the three types of on-demand delivery solution packages for kickstarting your business. As a client, you get to choose between the Basic, Plus and Premium packages that have different rates and accordingly various benefits to offer. 

1) Basic Plan

Basic Package Monthly Rate is 89 USD. The package offers the following benefits to sell food online or grocery online: 1 Vendor Support, 1 Location (City), $299 Setup Cost, 24X5 Support, Email Support and 1500 Orders/month. 

2) Plus Plan

The most popular Plus package monthly rate is 249 USD. The package offers the following benefits to sell food online or grocery online: Branded Apps On Store, 50 Vendors Support, 1 Location (City), 99$ – for Location Addon, $299 Setup Cost, 39$ – for 10 Vendors Addon, 1 Payment Gateway, 24X5 Support, Email Support, Phone Support and Unlimited Order access.

3) Premium Plan

The Premium Monthly Package rate is USD 449. It avails the following benefits for helping you start your full-fledge on-demand delivery business with food delivery solutions, grocery delivery solutions or liquor delivery solutions. With premium package- you get Branded Apps On Store, 100 Vendors Support, 1 Location (City) 99$ – for Location Addon, $299 Setup Cost, 39$ – for 20 Vendors Addon, 2 Payment Gateway, 24X5 Support, Email Support, Phone Support, Multiple Language (Maximum 3), and Unlimited Order Access. 

Why DeOnDe to Sell Food Online?

DeOnDe monthly subscription-based solutions are the best apps that one can utilize for both Android and iOS.

It has the most intuitive features and UI to help your customer stay on board for a bit longer.  Be it any delivery solution, and the solution is accompanied by three types of apps, namely the customer app, the store app and the driver app.

Moreover, the cherry on the cake is its admin panel dashboard that helps to bring the entire business on-screen with exclusive reports and business stats. You can check out the DeOnDe monthly subscription-based solution features online. 

Summing Up

If you are starting any delivery-based business and are looking to save a one-time investment cost- DeOnDe is one of the best platforms for kickstarting your food, liquor or grocery delivery business. It not only helps to sell food online but also unveils the best food delivery solutions, grocery delivery solutions, and liquor-medicine delivery solutions with its innovative concept.

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