Blockbuster Startup Idea 2020: Food Delivery Business

Blockbuster Startup Idea 2020: Food Delivery Business
Blockbuster Startup Idea 2020: Food Delivery Business

Food delivery business is nowadays where it is turning out to be a basic need for the bachelors and our very own families. When we don’t have any mood of cooking at home, all we do is ordering from any food delivery platform!

So far all we have seen is grocery delivery, meal kit delivery, booking restaurant table booking, midnight food delivery and many other ways out possible. We the Millenials are moreover tilted towards the food delivery apps.  Again, what we often notice is that itis quite convenient, time-saving and with lots of deals. The most common people are the office people, and they loved it with a fantastic response.

Is It Affordable To Build An On-Demand Food Delivery Application Like Zomato & Swiggy?

Food Delivery 2020

Getting food during the weekdays is a big task which leads to pressure as we Millenials are more often bachelors. And yes we have a considerable number of Bachelors who are more often not into cooking and this online delivery system helps us out in various ways in theses busy days and we could able to find time for ourselves as well.

Many food delivery startups are somewhat tilted towards the home-based delivery system, but only a few opt for Office Delivery based startups. It is the reason that new startups like Caviar and Peach have been able to create an out of the box idea! It might have helped the brand to create a niche for themselves and seized the idea and the opportunity as well.

How does this even work for the new Millenials who manage to get their meal in the office?

We have generally observed that the Human being is quite impatient. Hence, he/she demands more and more when in need and is never quite happy with it. So it is the case with the Office worker get bored by eating the same meal in the office mess and somewhat bored with it.

However, as a food delivery startup, all we are suppose to do is, ‘to bring the deliciousness back to the lives of working professionals’. It overall diminishes the hassle of food delivery. This business model clicks the right chords. This way, we can be easily able to satisfy them to an extent.

  1. All they need is to create an id on the website or get themselves register with the platform itself.
  2. Every day after they arrive at the office they will get a notification from the applications which are build by the company itself. Also, this will avail them the menu for the day and will let the customer choose from the list.
  3. Interested users will very likely get to place an order within the giver periods and pay the amount via the available payment gateway. Hola, your order is easily placed with us, and you shall receive your order within the offices at a time at the respective offices at a given time.

Possible sources of Income

Every entrepreneur in this world is more concerned about the returns he/she is going to get after the amount they are going to invest in the following idea. So is the case with the food business; the margin on food is always a concern for everyone related or connected with it. Hence it is still advisable to have multiple streams of revenue. However, everyone who starts as a customer has in mind that am I going to charge with the delivery fees as people or customer doesn’t find this relevant with the quality of food they are going to receive.

This is often advisable that consult or find customers from the same office to lower your logistics charges which you are going to use it in the transportation.

These are the primary revenue models that such a startup can incorporate:- 

1.      Online Advertisements

Online advertisements are an essential tool which is booming in this age of technology. It is exactly where everyone is connected to the internet and find everything out of it. Be it from the shoes to the hair bend everything they see here. And what better place than placing advertisements in these platforms which seeks the most amount of ads. Ads than that of any old fashioned types which are much more complicated and pricy.

2.      Offline Advertisements

We could choose this option of last priority as these are the formulas that were used back in early 2000.  On the other hand, it is very costly and nowadays as people more online, this idea must not prove likely. This is very much outdated than the other platforms in which online advertisements had taken over.

DeOnDe Makes Food Delivery Easy

We as DeOnDe help with Food Delivery Apps Solutions to keen food delivery startup owners. Our application makes it easy for startups to run a smooth delivery oriented business in any city across the world.

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