Top 8 Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia

Top Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia

Online food delivery is growing rapidly across Saudi’s major cities. With rising smartphone use and busier lifestyles, food delivery apps in Riyadh have become quite popular, too.

So, if you are eager to gratify consumer’s appetites and make your mark like successful food delivery apps, let these Top Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia be your guide. Leverage their experience and intelligence, add exclusive flavors, and craft a flourishing On-demand Food Delivery Solution that caters to the applicable target audience.

Get ready to entice taste buds, win more and more consumers, and make waves in the marketplaces. It is the right time to explore your business spirit and plan to taste quick success using advanced technology and tools.

Let us explore the food delivery space and leading Saudi food delivery apps making their mark in this high-potential market and progressive industry.

The Booming Food Delivery Market

Industry reports suggest that Saudi Arabia’s food delivery sector is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6% CAGR from 2024 to 2028, resulting in a projected market volume of US$14.83 billion by 2028. This indicates the rising appetite for convenient food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia.

Several factors are powering this growth. High mobile penetration, time-pressed consumers, and more restaurants partnering with delivery platforms. Food delivery is now an everyday need rather than an occasional treat. International and local players are tapping into this opportunity through specialized services.

How Do Food Delivery Apps Work?

Before reviewing the major platforms, let’s understand the typical food delivery business model in Saudi Arabia:

  • Customers place orders through a user-friendly app interface
  • Orders are dispatched to delivery partners for fulfilment
  • Delivery partners pick up packages from restaurants and deliver them to the customer’s address
  • The app handles all digital payments, tracking and customer support
  • Revenues come from commission fees, delivery fees, subscriptions and advertising
  • Analytics and campaign tools provided to partner restaurants

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This aggregator model has fueled the rise of food delivery apps by enabling scalable and smooth operations.

8 Top Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia

Now let us discuss the leading food delivery platforms in Saudi Arabia one by one:

Top 8 Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia
Top 8 Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia

1. Jahez


Jahez has emerged as Saudi Arabia’s most popular food delivery app since its launch in 2016. It stands out for its wide choice of over 1500 restaurants, reliable deliveries and discounts. Customers highly rate its smooth order experience and responsive support.

Some key features include:

  • Sleek user interface and mobile application.
  • Order tracking in real-time with updated ETAs.
  • A large assortment ranging from sophisticated dining establishments to fast meals.
  • “Jahez Plus” is a premium subscription with exclusive offers and free delivery.
  • “Business Jahez” is a corporate customer program.

Jahez offers exclusive subscription plans like Jahez Plus with free delivery and special deals. It also helps restaurants through analytics and promotion capabilities. After cementing its leadership in Saudi Arabia, Jahez is expanding to the UAE and Bahrain.

2. Talabat


Talabat needs no introduction in the Middle East region. Operational since 2004 in Saudi, it has the highest brand recall in this space. With over 10,000 restaurant partners and 60,000 delivery riders, Talabat has unmatched scale and network density.

Some key features include:

  • Simple mobile application with conventional delivery methods.
  • “Talabat Mart” delivers groceries and necessities.
  • Alternatives for cashless and contactless deliveries.
  • For simple payments, use the “Talabat Pay” digital wallet.
  • Regular sales and discount codes.

Talabat’s Mart service for grocery and essentials delivery has become very popular during the pandemic. It also offers contactless and cashless delivery options for safety. Talabat Pay digital wallet provides hassle-free payment. It continues to retain loyal customers through a strong brand reputation.

3. Daily Mealz

Daily Mealz
Daily Mealz

Daily Mealz brings a fresh subscription-based take on food deliveries. As the name suggests, it allows scheduling fresh cooked meals daily or weekly. Customers love its nutritious, dietitian-designed meal plans delivered with minimal hassle.

Some key features include:

  • Pick from over ten different dinner selections each day.
  • Plan delivery times based on your requirements.
  • Options for weekly subscriptions or pay per meal.
  • Freshly made meals are served in insulated packaging.
  • Calorie-counted and nutritionist-approved meals.

It meets the needs of health-conscious consumers seeking home-cooked food without cooking themselves. Target user segments include gym-goers, office workers, dieters and older people. Daily Mealz prepares each order fresh after customers finalize schedules and payments. With its differentiated approach, this startup has carved a niche in Saudi’s meal delivery space.

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats
Uber Eats

Uber Eats leverages the global popularity of Uber’s ride-hailing app to provide seamless food deliveries. Launched in 2019 in Saudi, it has already onboarded 3000 restaurants in major cities. Its food delivery platform mirrors the Uber app’s intuitive interface for maximum familiarity.

Some key features include:

  • Simple app UI; the ordering process is the same as for Uber rides.
  • The dispatch algorithm has been improved for the fastest delivery times.
  • Track orders in real-time with projected delivery times.
  • Several different eateries, such as Hardee’s, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s.
  • Sporadic sales and discounts on purchases.

For reliable delivery, Uber Eats lets users order from famous chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s, etc. It provides restaurant partners with valuable insights to boost their growth. Thanks to Uber’s strong resources and scale, Uber Eats has become a formidable food delivery player in Saudi.

5. HungerStation


Homegrown startup HungerStation connects customers to the best local restaurants in major Saudi cities. Founded in 2015, it is a gateway for discovering hidden gem restaurants. HungerStation provides analytics and campaign capabilities to help Saudi SMEs grow their business.

Some key features include:

  • Intuitive app and ordering process
  • Live tracking of orders
  • Occasional discounts and cashback offer
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Strong focus on small/medium local restaurants

Its excellent user experience and support have won many loyal customers. HungerStation raised significant investments last year to support expansion across the GCC. It represents how local startups can leverage technology to disrupt established players.

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6. Lugmety


New entrant Lugmety differentiates itself with its hyperfast delivery promise – food reaches within 30 minutes. Its predictive algorithms and strong logistics ensure the shortest delivery routes. Lugmety has quickly gained users looking for near-instant meal delivery.

Some key features include:

  • A focus on lightning-fast deliveries—on average, within 30 minutes.
  • Predictive algorithms ensure the quickest routes.
  • Minimal wait periods and order processing.
  • Tracking map to keep an eye on rider activity.
  • Program allowing customers to earn prizes through referrals.

Though limited to Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, Lugmety plans to expand across the kingdom. Its partner network already includes over 500 restaurants. Lugmety represents how new business models can keep disrupting the food delivery space.



BURGERIZZR aggregates multiple international and local burger brands on a single delivery platform. By centralizing all key players, it targets Saudi’s burger-loving population. Top burger restaurants and chains are partners, giving customers plenty of variety.

Some key features include:

  • Exclusive focus on burgers
  • Multiple global and local burger brands on one platform
  • Order burgers, fries, sides, and beverages
  • Occasional BURGERIZZR vouchers and deals
  • Earn rewards on purchases

Occasional discount vouchers, along with a point-based loyalty program, retain customers. BURGERIZZR saw swift growth since its 2021 launch by differentiating as a burger-only app. It has emerged as the go-to platform for convenient burger deliveries.

8. The Chefz

The Chefz
The Chefz

For a truly gourmet meal experience without leaving home, The Chefz connects customers to professional chefs. Launched in 2019, over 500 verified chefs are registered on the platform across Saudi cities.

Some key features include:

  • Home delivery of gourmet dishes prepared by expert chefs
  • Customized menus for occasions like parties, events, etc.
  • Top chefs curated based on credentials and customer reviews
  • Handle ingredient delivery and payments
  • Special kids-friendly chefs are also available

Customers can book a chef to prepare the dishes of their choice based on cuisine, charges, reviews and availability. The Chefz handles all logistics of ingredient delivery, preparation and payments. It has emerged as a sought-after app for hosting special dinners or parties without hassle.

Comprehensive Outlook to Online Food Delivery Domain

We explored Best Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia. However, the food delivery apps market is still in its growth stage with tremendous potential ahead. New business models like meat delivery app solutions and meal subscriptions will continue to emerge. More niche apps like BURGERIZZR will aim at underserved segments.

Incumbents will focus on winning through exclusives, discounts, and loyalty programs. Smaller Talabat Clone startups can effectively compete by addressing unique consumer needs. International expansion also remains a key focus area.

Overall, exciting times ahead for Saudi’s food delivery space! For entrepreneurs, customizable white-label solutions make it easy to launch specialized delivery apps without huge development costs. Adapting to changing consumer food preferences will be the key to success.

Key Takeaways

Saudi’s thriving food delivery space provides great value to time-pressed urban consumers. At the same time, it empowers restaurants to boost revenues through online channels. As the market matures, newer niche delivery models based on differentiated offerings emerge.

Aggregator platforms like Jahez, Talabat and HungerStation dominate the overall market. Alongside, Uber Eats, Daily Mealz, Lugmety, BURGERIZZR and The Chefz provide specialized value propositions. International expansion and tapping meal subscription models will be key opportunities to pursue. We help our clients to launch a food delivery app in merely 1 week.

The convenience of food deliveries will continue driving innovation in Saudi Arabia. For entrepreneurs, white-label food delivery app solutions can lower the barriers to launching niche food delivery services. Overall, the market promises robust growth as customer food habits evolve.

So, you are determining a Food Delivery App Solution which can be initiated in 1 Week. In that case, we at DeOnDe offer Readymade Food Delivery App Solutions to enable a result-driven application and business solution predominantly crafted to facilitate your online food business.

Let us connect and explore more about empowering your food delivery business with our newest technology, latest tools, and a proven app-based business model to enable flawless global food delivery business operations.

Elevate your Food Startup with the Ultimate Convenience Try our Food Delivery App Solution in Saudi Arabia Now
Elevate your Food Startup with the Ultimate Convenience! Try our Food Delivery App Solution in Saudi Arabia Now
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