On Demand Solutions, a COVID-Proof Business Model: Time To Make Money

Why On Demand Solution is a Covid-Proof Business Model | DeOnDe
Why On Demand Solution is a Covid-Proof Business Model | DeOnDe

When half of the world businesses are facing a crucial time for making money, the on-demand solutions are at its peak. Absolutely, the on-demand business solutions are one of the few COVID-Proof businesses in the world. On-demand business owners have made great money even amidst the lockdown.

Today’s blog is intended to especially help startups and emerging entrepreneurs get acknowledge about the business types that are still in demand amidst the novel virus pandemic. Well, if you are thinking to launch your next startup, then you must consider reading about the on-demand business solutions. We are sure the startup idea will boost amidst the pandemic!

Types of On-Demand Solutions

  1. On Demand Food Delivery App 
  2. On Demand Grocery Delivery App 
  3. On Demand Taxi Booking App 
  4. On Demand Transportation App 
  5. On Demand Doctor App 
  6. On Demand Coaching App
  7. Doctor Appointment Booking App 
  8. Dating App Development 
  9. e-Commerce Solutions

The business mentioned above applications is a type of on-demand solutions. When you are instantly delivering food or grocery or medicines or liquor, it comes under on-demand delivery business models. In contrast, booking and courier is a part of on-demand logistics and taxi booking services. 

And, absolutely, all these businesses are COVID-proof business models as they are going to have more demand in the near future. 

Are Subscription Based Food Delivery Applications Worth For Your Startup?

Opportunity Window for On-Demand Startups

Let’s talk about the opportunity window for the on-demand startups in the upcoming future.  Considering the sales data that we have researched different on-demand delivery and logistics business, we can say that their business has grown 100x times amidst the pandemic. And, the same situation is going to continue for the months to come. 

The government of different countries released the COVID-19 precaution guidelines and announced the lockdown for the safety of the citizens. Now, amidst the pandemic where only food, grocery and essentials services were allowed to deliver their items, the business for these startups grew commendably. 

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Even when the lockdown is lifted for the green zones and orange zone in countries like India, the demand for grocery and medicines continue over the on-demand application like BigBasket and Grofers. The grocery mall giants like DMart and Big Bazaar also launched their delivery service amidst the lockdown for maintaining their sales.

DMart launched DMart Ready, on-demand grocery delivery application amidst the pandemic for helping their customers with two types of services, i.e., self-pickup and home delivery. 

Tip: If you are also thinking to launch your grocery delivery startup, we can help you get DMart like grocery delivery app solution in the most affordable rate. 

How Grocery Apps Like BigBasket & Grofers Made Huge Profits Amidst the Lockdown?

If you are genuinely interested in the grocery delivery or on-demand business, then you must have come across the headlines that read, ‘BigBasket managed a 900% spike in orders with only half the staff during India’s lockdown’. 

Because of the lockdown, the customers panicked about getting the required essentials and grocery items. Out of the panic, customers started placing huge orders on grocery delivery apps like BigBasket, Grofers and DMart Ready. 

Plus because of the lockdown, many employees left for their natives considering they would be trapped amidst the lockdown. This entire situation gave rise to circumstances where the delivery startups ran their business operations with lesser staff. 

On the other hand, the famous Grocery Delivery App Grofers also stated amidst the lockdown about hiring 5000 more employees for meeting the massive grocery delivery orders of its customers. Thus, it proves that grocery delivery startups have high demand for which investing in one of these segments can prove highly beneficial. 

Zero Contact Delivery

To ensure that the brands follow 100% COVID-19 guidelines, these grocery delivery brands launched contactless or zero contact delivery. The contactless delivery is where the delivery personnel will leave the grocery items outside the main door by ringing a bell. Also, these delivery partners have to compulsory wear gloves and mask for ensuring safety. 

Subscription-Based Business Solutions

Because of the lockdown, many clients have approached our business head for affordable or reasonable mobile application development. Well, for the same, we would like to introduce the subscription-based on-demand business application where the client only needs to pay monthly rent for utilising the solution. It is one of the easiest as well as the quickest way to launch your next food or grocery delivery startup across the world. 

Grocery Delivery App Features

Customer App

The main feature is the login or sign up, where the customer can use his/her social media id or email id for a successful signup. A mobile number verification follows the signup via OTP.

The customer can then use the browse store or browse the items option for scrolling the menu or categories that are listed by the vendor. The other screen list comprises of the real-time order tracking feature, usage of discount voucher or coupon, payment option and checkout and yes, the profile management.

Grocery Store App

For grocery startup owners or outlet owners, DeOnDe offers two types of the facility for managing the store. Both the platforms are highly easy to operate for managing the grocery outlets. 

Mobile App

  • Accepts New Order requests, 
  • Ready for Delivery status,
  • Delivered Orders status, 
  • Availability Toggle,  [The Availability toggle helps the vendor owner to turn on and off the grocery items as per the availability)
  • On the way status
  • And cancelled Order Status

Dashboard (Web Assistance)

  • New requests and accept or Reject it, All the status like Ready to delivery-on delivery-delivered-cancelled etc.
  • Adding or Removing the items
  • Adding Offers – Promo code and discounts, 
  • Detail Finance with Payment, settlements 
  • Reports & Analytics, [Sales Reports, Revenue reports, COD v/s Online Order reports, Customer reports, Items reports etc.]
  • Reviews & Rating, Banking details
  • Delivery Auto Dispatch and even manually assign the Delivery boy and Updating Order Status. 

Driver App

On the other hand, the driver application features include the delivery executive they can manage their availability with a toggle button and current status for helping the restaurants and customers be aware of it. 

Let’s discuss Driver App Features:

  • Login
  • Driver Registration or Signup
  • Doc upload for verification
  • Forget Password
  • Profile Management
  • Orders and Earnings Report
  • In-App Navigation
  • Order status update

How DeOnDe Will Help You Launch Your Next On-Demand Business Startup?

Well, if you are thinking to launch your on-demand delivery or on-demand booking startup, then it is a must for your startup to have an on-demand business application. DeOnDe helps startups across India and USA with exceptional on-demand business applications that are delivered with 100% white-label solutions. 

To know more about DeOnDe on-demand business solutions, visit www.deonde.co.

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