On-Demand Subscription Based Apps: Pros, Cons, Solutions & Cost

On-Demand Subscription Based Apps: Pros, Cons, Solutions & Cost
On-Demand Subscription Based Apps: Pros, Cons, Solutions & Cost

Online Subscription-based apps are easy to grab and deal with. That is what most people know about the monthly subscription-based applications. But there is a lot more about these apps that we must explore and know about. Our today’s blog post is everything about the online subscription-based solutions that include food delivery app solution, grocery delivery app solution, multi-delivery app solution, online ordering system for restaurants and outlets, etc. So, let us begin with the basic introduction.

What are Subscription based apps?

Subscription based applications are revenue-based models when a person who subscribed for on-demand subscription-based application solutions are readymade SaaS based solutions that are easy to use. For example, if you’re running a food delivery outlet or a grocery delivery outlet then you do not need to develop a food delivery application from scratch , instead you can simply hire an on demand readymade food delivery solution or grocery delivery solution from any subscription best online company like DeOnDe

Just like as a customer we use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, and Disney Hotstar plus on a subscription basis, likewise, the subscription-based solutions are designed for on-demand startups and logistics businesses and are purely B2B business models. 

Pros of Online Subscription based apps

There are many benefits of using subscription-based models or applications especially when you are in the on-demand delivery business. Let’s explore each of the benefits below. 

  • It is easy to launch. 
  • Easy to adapt and use.
  • 24*7 support
  • Does not require much technical skills to operate the system
  • Saves time and cost of development
  • Reasonable and wise investment 
  • Futuristic and flexible business model
  • 100% white-label services (With DeOnDe)
  • Access from anywhere 

Cons of Online Subscription solution

There are very few cons of using the online subscription solution so I would like to narrate it down here. Firstly, the online subscription solution cannot be customised because it is an already ready to use model. If you want your new business solution to be customized as per your ideas and requirement, then you must develop the app from scratch.

In many cases, food delivery app solutions or grocery delivery app solution owners complain about the data and security. But with the DeOnDe the business owners need not to worry about the customer or business data. Our readymade subscription-based solutions offer seamless security and flexibility. We have got the best technological infrastructure to protect the data. 

DeOnDe Readymade Online Ordering Solutions

A DeOnDe, we have got different Subscription-based apps and solutions for quick launching your business in various fields. Here is what we offer at DeOnDe.

  • Food Delivery App Solution
  • Grocery Delivery App Solution
  • Liquor Delivery App Solution
  • Single Vendor Delivery App Solution
  • Multi-Delivery App Solution
  • Pizza Delivery App Solution
  • Meat Delivery App Solution
  • Medicine Delivery App Solution

With all the mentioned on-demand delivery solutions, we aim to make your business process quick and smart. To understand the features and benefits of each of these delivery models offering white label solutions, you need to visit our official website. The ultimate benefit of using subscription-based solutions is that we offer highly reasonable, timesaving, and 100% modern online ordering systems to run your startup. 

DeOnDe has always advanced with time and technology. We have recently added two more readymade models to our chart. One is a single vendor food delivery app and the second is a multi-vendor food delivery app. Since the pandemic has started, many food delivery app owners modernized their app and business by offering multi-delivery services.

Considering it as one of the trends and a highly idealistic solution- we have also developed the readymade single and multi-delivery app solutions for our clients. 

To understand these solutions along with its features, UI, and functionality; we have crafted the demo videos of these readymade solutions- which can be easily accessed on YouTube. Having a glance at these tutorial videos of the newly launched multi-delivery solutions; our clients can get a complete idea on what DeOnDe offers such as elements, design, and quality. 

Cost of Readymade/Subscription-based Apps

As we know that the readymade online ordering system is not charged once like the app development cost. Neither it needs a one-time investment cost, nor it charges any hourly basis development charges like the hire developer model.

Instead, every SaaS-based online delivery solution company has got its monthly and yearly subscription plans ready for offering the clients. To check the pricing model of DeOnDe online subscription-based apps, please click here. We assure you that our pricing model is highly flexible and reasonable than any other SaaS solution provider companies. 

Wrapping Up

Online ordering systems that are SaaS-based or Subscription-based are highly required by startups that need to launch their app solution ASAP. Also, digital startups that don’t want to spend approximately 10K USD on developing on-demand apps can easily get the monthly subscription-based apps for launching their business online.

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