SaaS Based Solutions vs On-Premise vs Off-Premise Cloud-Based Solutions For Startups & Businesses

SaaS-Based Solutions vs On-Premise vs Off-Premise Cloud-Based Solutions For Startups & Businesses | DeOnDe Food Ordering Software Development

While SaaS based solutions are the buzzword of the tech industry in the present scenario, businesses and startups have a sense of ambiguity about it. There seems to be a lot of confusion about on-premise solutions, off-premise cloud-based solutions, and SaaS-based solutions.

Let’s clearly define them without too many technical terms and decide which one of these three options you should opt for your startup or business.

On-Premise Solutions

During the humble beginnings of the software industry, businesses used to hire a tech development company to do their bidding. They would get them to develop customized software according to their need. Then the businesses would build a dedicated server somewhere in the labyrinth of their premise and install that software on it. They would also arrange to connect all the local computers to that server, manage the software, hardware, and data, scale, upgrade and maintain the set up whenever the need arises. That is the traditional on-premise solution. They own the software and server.

Off-Premise Cloud-Based Solutions

When the concept of hosting began a few years ago, businesses had two choices. The hosting means storing of data in a server that is not in the building where the business is situated. The third party manages the server.

First of all, businesses have an option to back up all of their valuable data in the cloud. In case of a disaster, their data would remain safe. That’s about it.

The second option is different. A business would get his software developed, rent a third-party server off-premise and install that software on that server. Then it would connect all the computers related to their business with that server. The software and data remain on the server and accessed from everywhere. The business doesn’t have to worry about maintenance and scaling. It would still cost a lot as independent software development is involved.

SaaS-Based Solutions

Then came the SaaS. SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’. It plainly means that the business doesn’t have to pay for software development. A SaaS provider company has already developed a dynamic software and installed it on the server that they manage. All the business need to do is subscribe to a plan and it can start using that software for own business straightaway. A business doesn’t have to invest heavily for the initial software development. It just pays a recurring subscription fee. And it doesn’t have to worry about maintenance, scaling, updates, and upgrades of hardware or software.

SaaS-Based Food Delivery Solutions

Take an on-demand food delivery app for example. If you want to develop and launch a website and individual apps for customer, driver, and restaurant/food delivery outlet for iOS and Android, it will cost you a fortune and a lot of time too.

If you subscribe to one of the four plans of the leading SaaS-based solution provider DeOnDe, it will cost you very little per month. In addition, you will be able to launch your entire project within a week’s time.

The same goes for on-demand grocery delivery app and on-demand liquor delivery app too.

How To Choose The Right Option?

Follow the flow-chart:


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