How to Setup Online Ordering System for Restaurant in 2024?

Online Ordering System for Restaurant

Whatever happens in the world, the need for food for us is never going to be reduced. We can never deny the fact that food is a basic requirement for humans.

As we get more advanced, we have discovered new ways to get food for ourselves. People love to eat outside, like in restaurants or different food outlets of their favourite brands.

Nowadays, people have made it a normal gesture to eat food outside their homes or order their favourite food at a restaurant. It is estimated that in 2024, the online food industry will be a $32 billion industry. This is a great number, and it is going to increase year by year.

If you have a restaurant and you don’t have this online ordering system for restaurant, then my friend, after some time you will literally vanish from this industry. You have to set up an online ordering system for Restaurant. It helps you grow and flourish magically within a few months.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can set up an Online Ordering System for Restaurants for your own profit.

What Is an Online Ordering System?

Let us first clarify what the online ordering system is. It is a system in which customers can order food for themselves or their family or friends without getting out of their homes. They can use an online food ordering platform and can easily order whatever they like from any restaurant.

This system is getting famous day by day because it makes the hustle of a consumer almost nil. She can order food from her favourite restaurants and can also get exciting discounts, special offers, and lots of things.

How Do You Set Up an Online Ordering System For Restaurant?

If you own a restaurant and you are planning to set up an online ordering system for Restaurant, it is going to be one of the best decisions of your life. You can set up this system in your restaurant in many forms. In this article, we will be discussing how you can also install this system in your business.

There are three ways in which you can set up an online ordering system for Restaurants-

  • Create your own website.
  • Use a third-party app.
  • Use a third-party app with a POS system installed.

We are going to discuss every point written above in detail. You can select any one of the ways you like. All the ways that we are going to discuss are almost equal in profit generations. You do not need to think about that aspect at all. So let us start with the explanations.

Set Up Your Own Website

If you like to do things on your own, then you must go this way. You should aim to set up your own website and deal with your customers directly. With the help of different tools present on the internet, you can set up your own online food ordering website. The most famous platform that can help you do so is WordPress.

You can easily create your own website and the profits you will earn through this method are mentioned below.

  • You can directly accept the order from the customer.
  • You don’t need to pay any commission to the third-party apps.
  • You can handle all the bookings by yourself.
  • You will get all the profit earnings.
  • The customer is directly visiting your website. It helps in the promotion of your business directly.
  • Website building doesn’t cost too much. You can easily build your own platform.
  • You can have the whole control on your website. Be it design, payments, or security, you will be in charge of everything.

All you need to remember while making your own website is that you need to have a good team of technical and non-technical people working for you. It will help you to divide the tasks easily.

Now let us check how much it will cost in total to build your own website for an online ordering system for a restaurant.

If you are using a website builder like WordPress or Wix, you can get free plans for $12 to $15 per month. It won’t cost you too much to you. It is a great option and the time it takes to set it up is also not much. Try considering it and be your own master!

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Use A Third-Party Online Ordering App

This is the second option you can consider if you are planning to set up an DEONDE Online Ordering Platform for your business. You need to register your business with a third-party app like Zomato, Uber Eats, etc. If you do not feel that you can set up your own website and manage it, this is one of the best options you can choose.

Whenever a customer places an order from these apps, the app transfers the order to your restaurant. After the order is placed, you need to prepare it. Once it is done, a delivery boy of the app will receive your restaurant, take the order from you and deliver it to the customer.

This is the whole process of a third-party app working. You need to include the basic information about your restaurant and the type of food you can deliver.

These third-party apps are getting very famous these days. People are ordering food from these apps like crazy.

For this method, you don’t need to worry about the promotion. Your restaurant ranks with the other ones that have been selling their food for a long time.

In 2020, Zomato had captured 11.2 million customers. This was the year of COVID-19 spread. Even after this, the customers were buying their favourite food continuously.

All you need to start it is to choose an app with which you are willing to enter into a partnership. At the time of registering your restaurant, you don’t have to pay any money but this app takes a cut on every single order your restaurant gets.

These platforms make the online ordering system for restaurant more convenient than the former.

Use A Third-Party App with A PoS System Installed

This is the third and one of the most convenient methods of all. In this system, you get a third-party app to get the orders and a POS integrated system as well, which helps you to enter the details of the order directly into your POS without any staff member doing it.

As it is the most suitable way of setting up an online ordering platform, it also costs quite a bit more than others. The platforms which are providing these services to you are CAKE and Checkmate. CAKE costs up to $85 per month for this system integration.

You need to remember that if you want to include this system in your business, you need to have a great inflow of regular orders unless this system will be a great burden on your pocket.

This system gives you the least hustle, and your staff can easily do other work without worrying about messing it up.

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How To Prepare Online Orders?

Now we are going to discuss some of the points to get more and more online orders. These points will help you prepare your restaurant business for online food orders.

  • You need to keep this thing in mind: your customers need to know you very well. You continuously need to keep them updated with your presence. Try to post on social media. give advertisements, do pay promotions, etc.
  • Try to connect with the third-party apps which are famous in your area. Like in India Zomato is a third-party app which is equivalent to UberEats. You need to distinguish between these differences.
  • You need to have a trained staff who can easily manage online orders, dine-in and takeaways. You cannot afford to mix between them as it will not at all be good for your business.
  • Try to include things in your menu which are causally eaten all the time. If you serve fast food, you can include pizza, fries, burgers, cokes, etc. on your menu. If you serve regional food, try to keep your menu well-optimized according to the wishes of your customers. You need to understand what your customers want to eat and what they want to binge eat (if you know what we are saying).
  • Try to provide special offers, discounts, deals of the day, and other things like that. These methods will make your customers stick with you, and they can be your loyal customers as well.

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Wrapping It Up

As we said in the introduction, the importance of food in one’s life is never going to decrease. Moreover, with each passing year, it will get greater and greater. If you also want to keep up in the race, you need to optimize your food business with an Online Ordering System for Small-Multi Restaurants, which can help you grow your business on a great level.

All the points discussed above will help you boost your profits upside-down if they are implied precisely. We want to wish you the very best of luck. If you want us to help you in making your business greater, do contact us by phone or email us at the giver email address. We will be more than happy to help you.

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