POS And Retail Software For Grocery Business: Must-Have Features And More

POS And Retail Software For Grocery Business: Must-Have Features And More | DeOnDe App
POS And Retail Software For Grocery Business: Must-Have Features And More | DeOnDe App

All the grocery stores need POS (point of sale) and retail software. As a matter of fact, all the retail stores need a POS and retail software.

All the POS and retail software are the same more or less but there are some differential elements too. These elements are present because even the retail industry differs from sector to sector.

So, an industry-specific solution will offer a lot more than the traditional one-for-all POS and retail software. A restaurant software will have to have a table booking system, for example. The industry-specific solution increases ease of business, profitability and growth rate.

Let’s see which features you should include in your POS and retail software if you own a grocery store. The same can be used for supermarkets and other retail businesses with a little modification.

POS And Retail Software How Does Monthly Subscription Based Online Grocery Ordering Software Work?

Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner is a must-have feature for any POS and retail software. It is the only way to provide faster checkouts to customers.

Think of the situation when you have to enter the details of all the products manually to generate your bill. Horrible, isn’t it? The only way to keep the checkout lines constantly moving is the barcode scanner. Of course, you will have to have a way to enter things manually, as a backup, but you will require that only when the barcode scanner won’t work.

How Does Monthly Subscription Based Online Grocery Ordering Software Work?

Scale Integration

As it is the grocery business, not all the things will go through barcode scanners. You will have to weigh many items so integrating the scale with POS and retail software is also as important as the barcode scanner feature.

If you have the scale integration built right into your POS and retail software, when you weigh something, it will know the weight of the item and when you select the item from the touch-screen menu, it will automatically add the proper product description, weight and amount in the bill. Your job can’t get easier and quicker than that.

Inventory Management

Imagine a situation when a customer wants something and you happen to remember that thing in your last order but nobody from your staff seems to locate it. Suddenly, after a lot of searching, someone from the staff, who happens to be on his lunch break, turns up and declares that all the stock of that particular thing has been sold out about an hour ago. How embarrassing and problematic that situation would be?

To avoid such goof-ups, you need a proper inventory management system incorporated right into your POS and retail software. Once the stock arrives, you have to scan one piece from the lot and enter its details and quantity. The retail software will keep deducting it as soon as the sale happens so that you can keep an eye on your entire inventory and never under-stock or over-stock anything.

Payment Processing

Payment is one of the most important aspects of any business so it has to be there in the POS and retail software. If it includes all the payment options, it will be very fruitful for the business.

In this digital age, there are many online payment options such as credit, debit and prepaid cards, online banking, various wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay, NFC based payments, QR code based payment, mobile number based payments, and of course the cash.

In addition, there are various payment gateways that offer various plans. All the POS and retail software won’t allow you to choose the payment gateway you want. They may have partnered with some of them. On the other hand, some POS and retail software may let you choose your own payment gateway so be sure to know the details before you finalize anything.

Various Reports

In this digital age, data is a real currency. You can get everything out of data with the help of clever data processing. The end result of this data processing is various types of reports. These reports help make better decisions.

For example, you seek a report of quarterly sales for the past three years and from these reports, you can see that the sale of various soft drinks has increased during the summer season. On the other hand, the sale of spices has declined. From this data, you can easily conclude that you will need to order more variety and quantity of soft drinks during summer. To increase the sale of spices, you may need to run special promotions and combo offers too.

In the age of cloud computing, this data resides in the cloud. You can access it from anywhere and generate various types of report.

Grocery Apps

People are now used to with various types of grocery delivery apps such as Instacart, Shipt, Grofers, and FreshDirect. Such apps are quite easy and convenient to use. They save a lot of time, money and energy. And it also reduces the overhead of business owners. So, such grocery apps are a win-win situation for all. What if you have grocery delivery apps for your grocery business in addition to POS and retail software?

It will be a lethal combination for the growth of your business. You can serve many customers through grocery apps in addition to your traditional store business. You should have a customer ordering app, a driver app and an app for the store owner or admin. If you have a web-based admin panel, it will be better and more convenient for you too.

What Is Monthly Subscription Based (SaaS) Online Grocery Ordering Software?

Monthly Subscription Based Grocery Apps

What if you cannot afford to invest a huge capital in a SaaS-based Grocery Delivery App Solution? It’s just like buying or renting a home. If you can’t afford to buy a home, rent one. You will have everything you need except for the ownership of the home.

The same thing is possible for grocery apps too. You can rent a grocery delivery app solution. A monthly subscription-based (SaaS-based) grocery delivery app is quite a popular option.

You will have everything you need for iOS and Android. In addition, you will also have a web-based admin panel for your convenience and ease of business.

Final Thoughts

If you have the combination of POS and retail software with grocery apps, no one can compete with your growth. Get your own software and apps or rent from a leading company and you will never regret your decision.

DeOnDe is a leading monthly subscription-based online grocery ordering software and mobile app provider. We also provide solutions for food ordering software and liquor software on a monthly subscription basis. We are proud of having many clients happily using our multiple solutions all over the world. Get in touch with Deonde to know more, have a demo, and equip your business with our software solutions in a blink.

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