Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in South Africa

Top Food Delivery Apps in South Africa

We all enjoy eating, but when we are too exhausted to prepare a meal at home, we often opt to grab a bite somewhere else instead. Customers love food delivery apps as they are simple to use and quick to place an order, and the deals blow them away. Time is money, and these apps help save it for consumers.

Do you want to know more about the top food delivery applications in South Africa?

The Online Food Delivery market in South Africa is likely to reach a revenue of ZAR US$ 2.10 billion by the end of 2023.

This market segment is anticipated to showcase a yearly growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 10.8 percent, resulting in an expected market volume of around ZAR US$ 3.17 billion by 2027.

Despite these lucrative statistics, limited food delivery enterprises thrive in South Africa. Uber and Takealot rule national food delivery. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s use these food delivery services because of their popularity.

However, more food delivery apps are needed to serve the huge market. South Africans have long awaited these services. The Top Food Delivery Apps in South Africa are covered in this blog, so let us explore them. We will also discover how White-label Food Delivery App Solution helps in enabling on-demand food delivery businesses.

How Food Delivery Apps in South Africa are Effectively Ruling the Food Marketplace

According to research reports, the South African meal delivery app market will be a more worthy marketplace in the coming time. The marketplace is estimated to upsurge at a CAGR of around seven percent between 2023 and 2028.

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People all around Africa use popular applications to ship themselves drinks, garments, meals, groceries, and much more. The new consumers just need to get the app on their phone, and once they do it, they will be good to go.

Online ordering and delivery systems have made people’s lives considerably more accessible globally. Mobile apps are affordable and versatile, making them convenient. Users can get free shipping, features, and functionality with the same app.

On the other hand, both startup companies and enterprise firms are looking to develop food delivery apps or going for subscription technology enablement models to enable their businesses across South African regions.

Top Food Delivery Apps in South Africa

Looking at the top 10 South African food delivery companies may help you understand how they succeeded and you can replicate the same in your ongoing or startup business.

Best Food Delivery Apps in South Africa
Best Food Delivery Apps in South Africa
  1. Mr D Food
Mr D Food
Mr D Food

Mr D Food is South Africa’s most popular meal delivery app. Being a Takealot Group subsidiary has always provided Mr D Food with an edge over other South African food delivery applications. With a 30% market share, Mr D Food is the leading food delivery app in South Africa.

The delivery service has over five million downloads and one million regular clients. Demand for Mr. D. Foods is rising.

In fiscal year 2021–2022, App order volume increased 51%. Sales increased by 62% for Mr D Food between 2021 and 2022.

The company expects to increase revenue in 2023 owing to its partnership with Pick N Pay. Mr D Food App users may order alcohol and groceries from Pick n Pay.

The Mr D Food app offers fast food from different establishments. The app has over 8,000 restaurants. New Mr D Food customers get R50 off R100+ orders. Enter the coupon code “DEAL50” at checkout to save 50% on your first app purchase.

Mr. D Food offers happy hour bargains and other offers to its loyal consumers. They provide customizable food deals based on individual interests.

  1. UberEats

While UberEats is a widely used service worldwide, its popularity in Cape Town is unparalleled. Local favourites like Nando’s sit alongside international fast-food giants like KFC and McDonald’s on the site.

The “Pickup” option is a standout function of the UberEats Food Delivery App. Hence allowing food lovers to order ahead and skip the queue at partnering restaurants for online meal ordering.

When consumers are pressed for time or during peak lunch hours, this functionality can come in handy.

This SaaS-based food delivery app solution is convenient because it links directly to the Uber app. For customers familiar with the Uber platform, switching between ride-sharing and food delivery is as simple as opening a new tab in the app.

  1. SoFresh

Food-saving packaging from SoFresh, Inc. eliminates mouldy food waste. Their solutions help food companies eliminate preservatives, minimise waste, save costs, and provide higher-quality food. In summary, their active packaging technique feeds more people healthier food at a cheaper price.

SoFresh’s flexible packaging includes conventional and custom bread and bakery packaging, over-wrap films, lid stock materials, and barrier laminations with our patent-pending active technology that prevents food deterioration.

Nigerian-founded SoFresh leads healthy meal delivery services. This Food delivery app in South Africa offers freshly prepared meals and other health related services. SoFresh promises to help people live more nutritious lives by making it easy to get high-quality, freshly prepared meals that meet their dietary needs.

As its motto states, “FRESH IS BEST,” the company offers gourmands a fast and convenient web app-based service. To complement the healthy main meals, the site offers fresh salads, parfaits, drinks, sandwiches, smoothies, fiesta wraps, etc.

  1. Zulzi

Zulzi is a famous online food delivery application in South Africa known for its swift delivery times. Zulzi can deliver food in less than 30 minutes of time. It is highly effective for people who require quick food.

One exclusive feature of Zulzi is the “Personal Shopper” option. Consumers can request a personal shopper to pick up grocery items along with their food order. This makes it a perfect selection for those who require more than merely food delivered.

Zulzi app provides real-time monitoring and tracking of online orders and numerous payment choices comprising cash on delivery (COD) and card payments. The application even has a precise rating system that enables consumers to rate their overall experience with both the involved restaurant and the driver.

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  1. UCook

Regarding food delivery in South Africa, UCook is among the best. Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, as well as several smaller communities, can all make use of the meal delivery service.

UCook fills a need in South African cuisine by selling raw ingredients that can be processed at home. The On-Demand Food Delivery Service accommodates customers with dietary restrictions by allowing them to order meals based on the servings they need.

Pre-cooked meal orders can be placed on the platform for those who prefer them. Gluten-free, dairy-free, high-fibre, vegetarian, high-protein, and meat-based recipes are available at food delivery apps South Africa.

Frozen craft pizza, kid-friendly dinners, and even baby food are all available at UCook. There is also an extensive wine list, with many merchants giving deals on cases of three or more bottles.

UCook is a subscription service in which clients select the meals they want to consume every week. The client is free to choose the number of persons to be served and the frequency of service.

  1. Jumia Food
Jumia Food
Jumia Food

Millions of clients in over 30 African cities, including Casablanca and Lagos in Nigeria and Kenya, its largest market, have met their needs by Jumia Food. More than 4,000 eateries joined forces with the company.

From familiar fast food chains like KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, etc., to family-owned restaurants, it has it all. For expansion, Jumia Food is not just focusing on the middle class in Africa but on anyone with a disposable income of $2 to $20 per day.

By 2024, the market volume is expected to reach US $1396M, growing at a CAGR of around. The business only recently started offering food delivery in Saudi Arabia. The company now targets over 3 billion people worldwide with its South African food delivery expansion.

Jumia Food is one of the most popular food ordering and delivery businesses, with a huge customer base and a presence in more than 11 African nations.

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  1. Glovo

Sacha Michaud and Oscar Pierre founded Glovo in Barcelona in 2015. One of the most popular online courier services, its app may be used for pickup, delivery, and purchases. This all-purpose living app delivers meals and other things on demand.

Glovo’s most popular function is food delivery. With the greatest food delivery app in South Africa, Glovo raised $169 million in Series D funding.

Customers in your location can order from any supported city, making this service convenient. Customers can order groceries, gifts, and food. After receiving an order, the nearest delivery service will acquire the product from the nearest store and deliver it.

  1. Yum Deliveries
Yum Deliveries

Yum is Nairobi’s top online restaurant and grocery delivery service. Please choose from our wide selection of meals and save your favourites for quick reordering.

Yum started in the summer of 2012 to make ordering meals to your door simpler. We serve over 250 restaurants and 10,000 consumers in Nairobi and recently began in Kampala, Uganda. Industry-leading efficiency, variety, and customer service distinguish Yum.

Yum Deliveries is Nairobi’s best online food delivery service for top grocery stores and restaurants. Customers can browse menus before ordering and buy from their favourite businesses online.

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The website simplifies and speeds up ordering. The company’s collaborations with over 250 restaurants have served over 10,000 Nairobi residents. Customers in Uganda, especially Kampala, can now order food from this food delivery app in South Africa. Customer service, productivity, and features helped the platform climb to popularity.

  1. Homechow

Homechow is revolutionising the food delivery system in African cities, as well as the logistics and supply chain that support them. The app offers a high-quality, convenient, and reasonably priced prepared meal delivery service for people on the go.

Gabriel Ankamafio established the platform in 2018, and it now has its headquarters in Labadi, Accra. Customers in Ghana’s Greater Accra Area are the company’s primary focus. Food delivery business in South Africa has lately declared plans to extend into Ghana’s Ashanti region.

  1. The Flying Pan
The Flying Pan
The Flying Pan

The Flying Pan was built to deliver online food to food lovers right at their doorsteps. The digital platform offers healthy and ready-to-eat meals in South African regions. All the meals are freshly cooked on the same day of the delivery. The food delivery app offers consumers a balanced and nutritious food item across South Africa.

Customers can easily order their food dishes online for dinner and relish it with their loved ones. Diverse meal options are obtainable on the digital platform; these choices comprise low-carb, classic health meals, and vegetarian food items.

This food delivery app solution is, without a doubt, the top South African food delivery app. Customers may easily order their go-to dishes from their preferred eateries using the site.

Future Perspective of Food Delivery Business Model in South Africa

When it comes to international food delivery, South Africa holds a considerable stake. The food delivery business in South Africa is growing and maturing at a quick speed.

With a high projected annual growth rate, the food delivery industry and its different inner food segments are poised to exceed the projected mark by the year 2027.

South Africa’s statistics and projections are large-sized, with already successful and other upcoming enterprise food delivery and related organizations.

Regarding food delivery services, some of the biggest companies in the country are Uber and Takealot. Their dominance has led major fast-food franchises like McDonald’s to contract them to deliver their food.

Online Food Delivery Business Plan for Startups: Step-by-Step Guide

The Key Takeaways

Some may try to imitate these above ten food delivery business models, while others may build their own. There are not yet enough innovative businesses to match all the variety of food demands in the South African marketplace, so now is a great opening to become and directly involved in this type of online food ordering and delivery business venture.

As a food technology business leader, we with our highly professional team can assist you start your own food delivery business with our app-based solutions and other technology resources in South Africa or even at any other part of the world.

So, if you are discovering a SaaS-based Food Delivery App Solution in 1 Week, we at DeOnDe provide the best readymade food delivery solutions to offer a result-oriented application and business solution particularly created to enable your online food business.

Let us get connected and discuss more about enabling your food delivery business with our latest technology and a proven app-based business model to facilitate your seamless global operations.

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