4 Tips Before Investing in Subscription-based Mobile App Solutions

4 Tips Before Investing in Subscription-based Mobile App Solutions
4 Tips Before Investing in Subscription-based Mobile App Solutions

A mobile application is an ongoing need and requirement for online startups and eCommerce portals across the world. To keep the flow going, you must have a mobile application of your brand that can serve as your online presence. The subscription-based mobile app solutions are available for use on a subscription basis in order to avoid the considerable cost of one-time investment.

With this blog, we will help you understand the tips that are must to know before investing in subscription-based mobile applications.

#1 Never Compromise with Features

There is a difference between developing an application from scratch and using the subscription-based mobile app solutions. The difference between the two is definitely the payment model, and hence, you must not compromise with the features.

Let us say that you are looking for a food delivery online app solution from a subscription based mobile app provider company. Now, the food delivery application must have the required features that make the application a reliable and scalable one. Without essential features, your mobile app will fail to serve the purpose.

The essential functions of any delivery or booking service mobile app are:

  • Customer App Features
  • Store App Features
  • Driver App Features
  • Admin Dashboard

The customer application is entitled to ordering the food or cake or flower or liquor or grocery in the delivery app model. In contrast, the customer is entitled to book a taxi or cab or logistic availability in the cab booking or courier booking model.

Likewise, the store app owner or the outlet owner application is entitled to receive the different types of orders placed by the customer. The outlet owner can also reject the order or can turn off the availability toggle in case of no delivery person availability.

In the cab booking model, the driver app serves as the receiver for accepting the rental prepaid or post-paid drive. The driver application features are about recognising the delivery and getting the delivery done for the restaurant or the grocery or liquor or any outlet owner.

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This is why features are quite crucial for the successful process and operation of your outlet or startup. Though the on-demand solutions are cheaper than the one time mobile app development cost, the company has to provide all the necessary features for fulfilling the demand of the client.

Well, if you require subscription based mobile app solutions for your next food or grocery or liquor delivery startup, you can consult our business head for features.

#2 Ask For White-Label Solutions

Going for on-demand solutions doesn’t mean that you do not have the right to have your mobile app as a white label solution. As a client, you must ask your mobile app provider for delivering you 100% white label solutions.

Wondering what a white label solution is?

A white label solution is entitled to give you all the benefits from the mobile app provider with your brand name and details. When you ask for white label solutions for the subscription based mobile app solutions, the entire mobile app solution will be re-designed with your brand name and details such as logo, company name, contact number, website, email id, etc.

It means you can utilise the subscription based food delivery solution or subscription based grocery delivery solution without compromising with the branding and marketing of your company/agency/startup.

Are you looking for food delivery solution or grocery delivery solution with 100% white label solutions? Well, you must refer our on-demand solutions in detail by clicking here.

#3 Aim for Long Term Investment

Well, this goes for any business or solution. Whenever you initiate any marketing strategy or any development service, you must understand that a long term investment brings long term results. It is not that you invest for a particular time and expect a considerable gain in a matter of a few months. Obviously, you need to keep the process going for planning the real-time benefits.

Well, we have also known that there are specific challenges that delivery startup owners face while running their delivery business. For the same, we would like you to read one of the blogs that will help you understand the tips for running a hassle-free on-demand delivery business.

Launching Your Food Delivery Startup? Don’t Miss Reading These 7 Proven Tips

#4 Ask for Demo

A demo is one of the vital things to ask for before investing in the solution. Any mobile app solution provider will help with the application demo. Once, you are genuinely asking to buy their white label solution.

A demo is the actual representation of the application process and operations. Generally, the business head and the development head will help you get a free demo of the solution that you are inquiring for. A free demo can help you get a rough idea of the mobile application dashboard and features. Also, it will give you an idea on ‘how will the application look like and what are the internal functions’?

Are you looking for a free demo of our mobile application solution? Well, you can try FREE DEONDE APP DEMO by clicking here. DEONDE provides affordable yet 100% white-label solution for your upcoming startup.

Our On-Demand Solutions

We provide the following on-demand solutions for your next or upcoming delivery or booking startup. We have our 100% on-demand solution ready for the following services.

  • On Demand Food Delivery Solutions
  • On Demand Grocery Delivery Solutions
  • On Demand Liquor Delivery Solutions
  • On Demand Taxi Booking App Services
  • On Demand Doctor Booking App Services
  • On Demand Transportation App Services
  • On Demand eCommerce Solutions
  • On Demand Photo Editing Solutions
  • On Demand Video Editing Solutions
  • On Demand Dating Solutions
  • On Demand Medicine Delivery Solutions
  • On Demand Flower Delivery Solutions
  • On Demand Cake Delivery Solutions

Do you wish to get our pricing model details?

DEONDE Pricing and Inclusions


When you ask for subscription based on-demand solutions, you must follow the tips mentioned above. However, these tips are the secret of having a long term on-demand solution. A solution that helps for running your startup smoothly anywhere in the world. Also, we have an independent on-demand solution team. Our team takes care of providing you 100% white-label solution for your next delivery or booking model. For the same, you can inquire with us by logging on to DEONDE website.

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