Grocery Delivery App Development – How To Make A Grocery App Like Jio Mart?


Jio Mart is an online grocery service provider. The founder of the online grocery store is Reliance retail and Jio platforms. It refers to a mobile application for Android and other devices. There is the complete development of the application after Reliance industries announced new plans for the Jiomart platform. The grocery delivery app is an application that will allow people to order online groceries from home with comfort. The delivery is provided at the doorstep of the individuals. It eliminates the requirement of going to any local store to purchase groceries.

Jio mart is an Indian grocery delivery service. It provides delivery of groceries and daily essentials from nearby stores at your doorstep. The application has been launched in several cities and towns to offer complete comfort and convenience. You can look at the features of the Jio Mart application for using it on your mobile for any other device.

Features of the Jiomart application

Jio Mart application is one of the best online grocery stores available for ordering online groceries. The users can get the groceries and daily necessities at the doorstep. You can have a look at the features of the Jiomart application.

  • Free home delivery– the application is providing free home delivery of groceries and other essential things. There are no requirements of pain, any delivery or shipping charges for the groceries. It is a crucial feature of the Jiomart application that you need to know. It will allow you to save money and time both while purchasing grocery from an online store.
  • No minimum order value – there is no minimum order value available at the Jio Mart application. You can place an order according to your needs and requirements without any minimum order value. There is a need to keep it in mind when making a grocery application like Jio Mart. The customers can place an order within their budget to get free delivery at home.
  • Express delivery – the application is providing the groceries at the doorstep of the customers through express delivery. The grocery is delivered at home a few minutes after placing the order. There is no need to wait for the availability of groceries at home.
  • No question asked return policy – if the grocery is not up to the mark, then there is no question asked return policy. You can return the products and groceries to the Jio Mart without being asked any question. It is a great feature that the application provides for ordering online groceries from Jio Mart.

Thus, these are the features of the Jio Mart application that you need to understand while creating a Grocery delivery app development like it.

Jio Mart Future And Insights

As you know, the E-Commerce battle is intensified in the country. Jio Mart is one of the latest major grocery applications available for free home delivery of groceries. The customers can get groceries online, and the market size is estimated to grow for Jio Mart in the next five years. According to the company, online grocery is the next battleground for growth and development in the market. It will reach or expand over billions by 2024. There is a growth of 60 % from the calendar year 2020, and it is estimated that it will grow 49% more in upcoming years. There is complete growth and development available to the geometry application for providing online groceries.

Another report found that the demand for the Jio Mart for comfort food will increase in the pandemic and after it. The essentials will remain strong in the Supermarket grocery delivery app to provide comfort to the customers. With these snacks and branded foods, cookies and biscuits are also available in a subcategory at the Jio Mart application. The pandemic lockdown and social distancing have increased online orders for groceries and cookies, and it derived utility as 80%. People are interested in placing an online order during the lockdown, and it is convenient for them as opposed to price and selection.

According to a survey, there is substantial growth available in online grocery applications. It will also start providing fruits and vegetables but ensure that these are of good quality.

Cost To Build An Application Like Jio Mart

The cost of building an application like Jio Mart is around 15 to 20k USD. There is a need to learn about the cost of the application creation to prepare a budget. It will estimate the cost that you need to spend for creating an online grocery store like Jio Mart.

JioMart is best positioned in new commerce digitizing neighbourhood stores and e-commerce applications. It provides online grocery and snacks to customers.


Through the information mentioned above, you can create an application for online purchasing of groceries and other necessary things. The creation of an application like Jio mark will require understanding their future insights and features. Learning about the cost is also beneficial for developing an application to serve free home delivery of groceries from an online store.

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