How to Outsmart Your Competition by investing in a Delivery management system?

How to Outsmart Your Competition by investing in a Delivery Management System?
How to Outsmart Your Competition by investing in a Delivery Management System?

How to Outsmart Your Competition by investing in a Delivery management system? The trend of online business is surging for the past many years. Almost every business that has the flexibility of switching their operations online is choosing the digital platform for enhancing their sales. And why not?

Digital platforms are the newest trend for running any business with ease. In other words, we can say that online businesses like food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, etc must believe to shift their operations digitally by trusting a complete delivery management system. To your questions concerning why, please read the blog further.

On-demand delivery business: Is that your business?

Well, before we jump to the reasons that justify the importance of having a delivery ordering system let me clarify that are you running an on-demand delivery business or a shipping business? If yes, this blog post is for you. 

Different types of online delivery business 

  • On-demand food delivery business
  • On-demand grocery delivery biz
  • On-demand medicine delivery business
  • On-demand multi-vendor delivery biz
  • Courier delivery service  

An on-demand delivery business is a business that has frequent deliveries to handle on one particular day. If you consider the number of deliveries in a week or month, it is quite huge. So, this is exactly where you need to apply the brilliance of an automated delivery management solution. Let me share an example for the same.

Online Ordering System: Crucial Role, Analysis & Pricing 

You are running a grocery delivery business for more than one of your outlets. Considering the importance of your delivery business, it becomes essential to manage every delivery with ease. In the delivery business, time plays a crucial role. Your business’s efficiency is proved when each of your customers gets the delivery on time without compromising the quality and quantity. 

Having a brilliant delivery management system helps the business or operations manager to handle different deliveries via a single screen. The delivery management solution throws light on the different delivery status including pending deliveries, on the way deliveries, deliveries done, feedbacks received, about to deliver orders, etc. In short, the entire business is viewable from operational point of view via a single dashboard screen. The owner himself can view the delivery activities of the business from any corner of the world. If you have the admin access and the internet connection, managing delivery business is easy

Investing in an on-demand delivery business is one of the best ways to enhance your business revenue. Here is one of the infographics from Statista that shares the forecast of food delivery business revenue.

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Readymade On-demand Delivery Solution: Have you got it?

When you are running an online delivery management business like food, grocery, medicine, meat, pizza, fish, logistics, clothing, laundry, liquor, etc. the very first thing that your business requires is an on-demand delivery app. Though it is an app but when you get it designed it works like a complete solution that helps your business from getting orders to delivering it. So, here your business requires three different applications apart from the backend online ordering solution that we have explained above.

The customer app is applicable for delivery business segments like food, grocery, liquor, medicine, etc. Here the customers order via the customer application and they can also have the access to real-time tracking feature where they can check their order status. Also, the customer application helps the outlet owners to understand what the customer wants on a regular basis and helps them to study the customer shopping behaviour, which in turns helps them to build a strong customer-vendor relationship in the future. 

The vendor or the outlet application is the app that accepts or rejects the customer order. Here, the vendors are given the benefit of availability toggle buttons for the outlet as well as the items to help customers know what to order and when to order. Later the vendor application assigns drivers for seamless product or food delivery.

Lastly, the driver application is also designed in a way that the drivers can turn on and off the toggle button to help the vendors understand what drivers are available for delivery. The driver application is also designed with Live GPS tracker to help them find the customer address as per their app’s order location. 

Connecting the apps with delivery management solution

The whole process is synchronized for a seamless on-demand delivery experience for both the vendors as well as the customers. Now, when you have a delivery management system for managing the entire business, you can check the activities of each vendor, each driver, and each customer through a single dashboard. In case, if any orders are getting late or delayed, you will get a notification on your panel to understand the efficiency of your business model. An online ordering system is therefore highly crucial for the success of your delivery or logistics business model.

Monthly Subscription Solution: Our Pricing Model

The very first thing that comes to the client’s mind is the investment required to outsmart the competition. So, before you invest in the on-demand delivery solution for your business, we would like to show you the glimpse of our pricing model. Yes, below is the readymade solution pricing details for acquiring DeOnDe delivery management solution. 

Cost of on demand app development solutions - deonde

The above-mentioned pricing models are described for a yearly basis subscription. We have got three different models, i.e. Basic, Plus, and Premium. Considering the type of models defined including the pricing, the features are offered. Selecting the premium model is highly appropriate for multi-chain delivery stores.


When you have your delivery management solution to handle the business swiftly and smartly, you get more orders and therefore more sales. This is the best way to outsmart your existing or upcoming delivery business competition. For the same, first you need to consult a mobile app development company for the best on-demand delivery solution

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