Designing a table reservation app for your multi chain food outlet


Those days are gone when you have to make a phone call to reserve a table at a restaurant. In modern times, you can use restaurant reservation applications to book tables in restaurants. As a business owner, there is a need to develop your table restaurant booking app to receive advance information about the customers and details of their arrival. The designing of the application should be impressive to attract more guests for booking online. It will provide many benefits to the restaurant owners with minimizing the chances of failure and reducing the wastage of food.

A complete guide is available to restaurant owners on how to have table booking app development. You can follow the instructions and information available in the guide to get success. The learning of information related to the advantages of such an application is also essential for the restaurant and business owners.

What is a restaurant reservation application?

The restaurant reservation applications are the applications which provide arrangement of the table in advance for the guest. The arrangement is done for a party at a specified time. The food delivery app development company will allow you to book a table from home without any requirement of going to a restaurant. In order to make a reservation, the users have to choose the time and number of guests who will come to the party. A look at the restaurant location, menu and ratings is possible from your mobile phone to choose the best place. You can confirm the table and provide information through your mobile phone. It will also provide details about the restaurant like prices, hours, payment options and parking availability as a short description on the reservation application.

How is a restaurant reservation app different from the food delivery app? 

The Food Delivery App Solution refers to the software that will allow the restaurants to accept and manage orders from the customers with the help of the internet. It is available both as a website or mobile application for Hungary customers to search the restaurant dishes and place an online order. The food delivery app development company will deliver the food items at the doorstep of the customers.

On the other hand, the restaurant reservation application is the software that will book tables for your meal. The users can provide time and hours in the application for a booking on a specified date. There is no delivery of the food at home . Instead, you have to go to a restaurant with a pre reservations table. It is beneficial for organising a party. You can know the difference between the two applications and install the correct software at the current moment.

Benefits of restaurant reservation application to restaurants

It is not surprising that the demand for online restaurant building elevations is increasing. According to the statistics, many people are spending 24 hours a week on their mobile devices to book a table in a restaurant through mobile applications. As a result, the days will come when your local restaurant will develop a design a mobile application for booking tables with the latest technology from home with comfort and convenience always. The restaurant owners are getting plenty of benefits with the availability of online table reservation applications. Some of them are stated here under.

  • Provide greater convenience

The restaurant wants nothing but the satisfaction of the customer available at the seat of their table. There is no more frustration for them than dreaming of having their favourite built on their desired table. It is possible for them with the availability of online table reservation applications. There is no longer a requirement to spend time on booking the tables at a restaurant. The customers can do it from home with their mobile phones. Online restaurant booking apps for the table will require customers to provide few details and tap books that can avoid potential loss of business. It provides greater convenience to the restaurant owners and the customers in booking the tables.

  • Reduce the human error

With the busy staff, it is possible that human error can occur in booking of the tables. It is understandable that many times the staff members forget to write down all the details on a telephone for booking a table in the restaurant. The application is protecting the paper from such a huge loss. There is no human error in table reservation through an online application. The management is notified if any booking enquiries occur on the system and they can deal with it immediately to prevent any further problems. It is a great benefit available to the people from the  food delivery app development with  developing or designing a Restoration reservation application.

  • Host focused on the task

And online restaurant reservation application system will prevent human errors and ensure that the staff members are providing the best services. It will allow the host and staff members to focus on the specific party details instead of writing down the information of the guest. There is nothing to worry about the distraction of standing or ringing phone calls for the host of the party.

  • Improve cancellation notifications

With online table reservations, an online cancellation option is also provided to the individual to cancel a table reservation with ease. Cancellation of the table is not comfortable with leaving the operators uninformed and turning away guests unnecessarily. The online restaurant booking app company will automatically update all the information and notify the staff member that the table is now available for future bookings. It is a great benefit available to the individuals with designing an  online table reservation application.Thus, these are the benefits associated with the table booking app development for the restaurants. You can have a look at it to get the desired results.

Features of online table reservation application

The following are the features of the online restaurant booking app company that you need to know. Will provide the best experience to restaurants and their customers for booking a table and eating the favourite meal.

  • The application will ensure a secure and safe payment option within the restaurant reservation.
  • There is a pre-ordering option available at the application so that the user can book a table in advance with describing the number of guests.
  • You can take advantage of discounts and vouchers with booking a table through an online table reservation application. It will help in reducing the cost of the booking.
  • It is a convenient and timeless reservation method available to the customers to organise a party in a local restaurant with a huge number of guests.
  • There is the maximum coverage with online reservations over different restaurants. You can book a table in your favourite restaurant through your mobile phone by sitting at home.

Thus, these are the features of the online table reservation application.

Cost of the online restaurant table reservation app

The cost for building an online restaurant table reservation app differs from one mobile app development company to another. A rough estimate will cost you around 10,000 USD to 15,000 USD depending on the features and the necessity of the application. Deonde offers readymade restaurant solutions on monthly rental, which proves quite efficient as well as affordable. 


In a nutshell, these are the features and benefits along with the cost of the online table reservation application. You can provide a design to the application to attract more customers to install it in their mobile phones or personal computer. A pleasant experience is available to them. 

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