Monthly Subscription-based Solution For Business Owners: Are They Worth It?

Monthly Subscription-based Solution For Business Owners - Deonde

Monthly Subscription-based Solution For Business Owners: Are They Worth It? We all have observed many digital revolutions during our lifetime. There was a time when we were new to landline phones. There was a time when we were contemporary with the features and elements of an LCD television.

There existed moments when we only had the DSLR camera for capturing pictures, and we even lived a phase- when we were new to the invention of mobile phones that soon converted into smartphones. 

Just like we have lived so many digital phases throughout our lives, we must also be aware of the technical revolution of using and owning mobile applications. As a business owner, you must be concerned about what are the different ways of owning a mobile app for expanding the business or customer reach.

You must be surprised to know that apart from designing and developing a customized mobile app, one can also get a monthly subscription-based solution as their next mobile application.

What is the Monthly Subscription Solution Based App?

A monthly subscription-based food delivery solution or grocery delivery solution is a readymade app that is already developed by the subscription provider company. The subscription-based apps are quite famous for on-demand delivery and on-demand consultation models.

As the apps are already ready-to-use, the app owner can start selling their services or products online within a matter of no time.

DeOnDe – the prominent food and grocery delivery subscription-based solution provider company helps business owners to start selling within 2 Weeks. 

Subscription-based Food Delivery Solution

The food delivery outlet owners often look to expand their business by launching a food delivery service. But the most challenging thing is to adjust the investment for developing a food delivery application.

Do you know that a food delivery solution consists of three applications, including the customer app, food outlet owner app, and the driver delivery boy app? 

For creating all these three applications, the Indian food delivery app development companies cost around 9,000-15,000 USD. Imagine investing a lot of money in designing and developing a successful food delivery app!

Hence, many IT companies, including DeOnDe, has introduced the readymade food delivery solution that is the subscription-based solution. 

DeOnDe Food App Solution

DeOnDe stands for Delivery On Demand. The company is an online readymade food and grocery delivery solution provider helping multiple on-demand delivery vendors with 100% white-label solutions. 

In fact, you will be surprised to see our existence in various countries, including India, UAE, Sweden and USA.

We have helped different delivery and logistics company owners to have a proper and swift online delivery- booking and ordering solution. 

For watching our Food Delivery App Demo, you can click here. It is our readymade food delivery application that can help you run a third-party as well as self food delivery service anywhere in the world.

Above all, we have also posted a demo of multiple vendor food delivery readymade solutions that can help vendors to run numerous delivery businesses via a single app.

Subscription-based Grocery Delivery Solution

Just like DeOnDe food app solution, we have an exclusive grocery delivery app for helping grocery outlet owners to run a swift and smooth delivery service in their locality or anywhere in the world. For the same, check DeOnDe grocery delivery solution video online. 

Why Are DeOnDe Readymade Delivery Solutions Worth?

Coming to the main point that subscription-based monthly solution applications are worth for your next online business like food delivery, grocery delivery, doctor consultation app, courier delivery apps or cake delivery apps, etc. Here are some of the benefits of associating with the readymade subscription-based mobile apps like DeOnDe:

  • Choosing a subscription-based mobile app saves time for both the developers as well as the app owner. The timeline for developing food or grocery or any delivery solution is approximately 5-6 weeks. But if you are choosing a readymade on-demand delivery solution with DeOnDe, your next mobile app can go live in a matter of 14 days. 
  • The most crucial factor in choosing a readymade food delivery solution is that it saves money. Imagine spending 9K to 15K USD for developing the entire delivery solution and on the other hand, paying a minimal subscription fee for utilising the on-demand delivery solution! Hence, you are saving a lot of investment or capital here. Paying a monthly subscription fee for your mobile app solution is both worth and feasible. 
  • One more benefit of utilising the readymade DeOnDe food app solution is that it is 100% white-label solution. Hence, the clients need not worry about branding purpose. 
  • DeOnDe Subscription-based monthly solution is embedded with latest and advanced features and elements. Be it Live GPS, social media login, real-time order tracking, live chat bot support or secure payment gateway- DeOnDe has all to offer with its readymade mobile application. 

Yes, Monthly Subscription-based Solution For Business Owners Is Worth!

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