Trust DeOnDe As Your Next Online Grocery & Food Delivery Solution All Over the World

Trust DeOnDe As Your Next Online Grocery & Food Delivery Solution All Over the World
Trust DeOnDe As Your Next Online Grocery & Food Delivery Solution All Over the World

Food and grocery industry have experienced a considerable surge in demand in the last few years. The pandemic, on the other hand, has proved beneficial for the grocery industry. So, if you are planning to launch your next food or grocery delivery startup in India or anywhere in the world, We at DeOnDe can help you get your grocery and food delivery solution.

The DeOnDe food app solution and grocery delivery solution are a modern and up-to-date online ordering system for skyrocketing your online delivery sales. 

Why DeOnDe On-Demand Ordering App?

There always lies a great story behind the invention or discovery of any startup or idea. DeOnDe stands for ‘Delivery On Demand’. It is the modern pillar of any on-demand ordering business that is looking to expand with the luxury and convenience of home delivery service. 

The concept of DeOnDe started with the most exciting food delivery business. We all know that food is a fascinating part of our lives. We can live without anything but not food.

Thus, with DeOnDe, we thought to make food delivery relatively easy and rapid. One can have the luxury and pleasure of having food at home without worrying about the festival table booking and reservations. DeOnDe, in short, tries to bring all the latest and updated digital features with the online delivery solution.

  • DeOnDe App For Your Restaurant Business

DeOnDe has designed an exclusive restaurant online ordering system that makes food delivery an easy service. Our food app solution includes three applications for making the process quick and organized. 

The three apps are Customer application, restaurant owner application and driver application. We have also designed an exclusive website admin panel for the app owner to run the business with ease.

The admin dashboard helps the owner to have a look at the entire business via a single screen. The screen shows the owner the ongoing orders, the orders delivered, the orders getting ready for delivery and much more. In fact, reports and analytics can be easily viewed and downloaded for further assistance with the help of DeOnDe food ordering solution. 

If you wish to check out the features that are embedded in the complete food delivery solution designed by DeOnDe, then you must watch this demo video

  • DeOnDe Grocery Delivery Solution

The DeOnDe grocery delivery application is designed to make grocery delivery easy and swift. The solution has a systematic process that includes online grocery shopping from browsing the items to adding it to the cart for successful checkout.

Just like the food delivery application, the grocery online delivery solution consists of the three apps- customer app, grocery store owner app and the driver-partner app. Here the grocery store owner application serves as the essential app because the store owner has the right to include all the categories and items in the menu for allowing the customer to make a smooth purchase of the same. 

During the pandemic, the grocery delivery business surged 5X times than before. Clients who invested in food delivery started to switch their interest in grocery delivery business by utilizing the same human resources.

It is indeed natural to indulge in any business when your existing business has ceased. During the lockdown, food delivery service was discontinued (temporarily) as people were quite sceptical about having outside food. And on the other hand, visiting a supermarket or malls was a big question.

Thus, grocery delivery apps did a great aid to the business owners, and this brought a new revolution in the world- ‘Online grocery shopping’.

Well, you must check out the features that are embedded in the complete grocery ordering solution designed by DeOnDe, then you must watch this demo video

Flourish your On-demand delivery business anywhere in the world

The best thing about utilizing the DeOnDe online ordering solution is that it can be operated anywhere in the world. You can use the DeOnDe solution for your food or grocery delivery business in India, UAE, USA, UK, or anywhere in the world. One doesn’t need to worry about the limitations of its use as you can operate your International food chain by using a single DeOnDe food app solution.

At DeOnDe, we have served numerous clients with food, grocery and medicine delivery solutions across the world. We help food outlet owners as well as cloud kitchen owners to get an exclusive DeOnDe app for restaurant businesses for pizza, meat and fish, and other food genres.

Above all, we make sure that our clients get regular updates and live customer support from our professional panel. 

If you wish to get started with your food or grocery delivery solution anywhere in the world, then consult our on-demand business experts at DeOnDe. We are just a call away to schedule a free demo. 

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