Top Restaurant Design Tips That Will Amaze Your Customers

Restaurant Design Tips


Restaurant design is a key concept that has come up in recent years that is of great importance when it comes to restaurant sales and boosting restaurant numbers.
The look and feel of a restaurant, i.e. the intangibles, play just as important a role as the rest of the hard exterior buildings that are equally necessary, so good Restaurant Design tips become very important to consider.

A satisfactory Interior Design manages to do wonders when it comes to boosting the popularity of any restaurant/ food eatable joint. It is truly amazing what a good Interior design can do and its good effects on customers.

The layout is fundamental and crucial to the popularity of the restaurant in question, so finding the key and striking the correct balance is important here if you wish to be a success.


Some Key Statistics to understand when it comes to Food Delivery:

  • Restaurant sales, of which online delivery will be a massive 40%, will be an important turning point for Food Delivery.
  • ⅓ of restauranters believe that online sales delivery will be going up shortly, so investment in online food delivery is key and important.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 7.60%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$466.20bn by 2027.
  • Amongst millennials – the current generation – approximately 57% of millennials have restaurant or delivery.
  • 31% of restauranters planned on investing in Online Food Delivery Solutions!

There are many Restaurant design tips that one can keep in mind when implementing stuff:

Top Restaurant Design Tips for 2022

  • Get an eye-opening and eye-catching entrance to draw visitors to your restaurant naturally.

Draw that clientele on the outside towards the inside with a great design that attracts one and all. For example, a unique front door design could be the Key to drawing in those footfalls on the outside towards the inside. Your entrance design will pop open using ingenious restaurant facade design ideas. Such as :

  • Mural Surrounding the entrance
  • Neon surrounding the entrance
  • Choosing the right kind of colour which matches the eye for your restaurant design

Colours prove to be highly effective in impressing and attracting people. Finding the right combination of colours and putting them on display can be pivotal in attracting the right kind of customers to your shop.

  • Get the right kind of concept for your restaurant.

Whether it be a traditional Italian Restaurant Design or a Classic Hipster Design, choose one and make it work for you and your clients!

  • Practical Design of the restaurant

Restaurant Design is crucial to the success of the restaurant. Making the most of the space correctly proves to be key as this improves the layout and eating space.

  • Focussing on your restaurant design layout to make it the best possible one.

Do many questions arise regarding restaurant design layouts, such as requirements or a cosy atmosphere?
Do you have a bar with extra seats?
Is the atmosphere sophisticated or private?
Do you want to host large parties? Such as birthdays or celebrations?

  • Taking customer design expectations

Customer is key. Noting their expectations and drawing key points from their feedback is crucial when making important updates.

  • Focussing on the atmosphere – Create a great one that no one can refuse!

Use different props to create the right atmosphere, such as romantic props. Creating a highly romantic atmosphere by adding diffuse lighting is an inspiring restaurant decor idea that can be copied and emulated.

  • Scented Candles as well as double lighting and perfume

Capitalize on the senses like a killer sense of smell when you go to increase the scent and your lighting and perfume. The aroma is crucial in overpowering the customers, so they are mind blown. For example – A coffee shop would greatly benefit from having a strong coffee smell to overpower first-time customers making an impression.

  • An exquisite menu that reflects your Design and your identity as well!

Your brand identity is reflected in the Menu as it is not just a list of dishes you have to sell. The restaurant concept + Menu should match well together! Current fonts are appreciable for modern restaurants.

  • Crafting a great bathroom experience!

There is nothing like a clean and clear bathroom that is spotless. We advise going the extra mile and adding decorations in the bathroom to make a great impression and keep the customers coming back for more.

FAQ for Top Restaurant Design Tips in 2022

1. Why is your solution for implementing Restaurant Design?

[Ans] If you feel super tired or overwhelmed with designing a restaurant, you can always use apps like Smart Draw, Floor Planner, or Dream Plan restaurant design.

2. What is an important but boring design to consider when designing Restaurants?

[Ans] HVAC- Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning are serious designs to consider. Keep cool during summers and warm during winters with a good HVAC.

3. What are some important small decor ideas that can make a difference or add to the Design?

[Ans] There are lots of useful ideas that can be considered to make a difference to the interior of the restaurant:

  • Hanging Gardens: Add to the beauty
  • Window frame seating’s
  • Back-to-back tables.
  • Colourful neon’s
  • Manually painted plates

4. How can I print the restaurant’s receipts?

[Ans] Our order-taking app can be connected with various Epson and Star thermal printers. The app can support three types of printer connections:

  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth


In short, finding and implementing solid Restaurant Design Tips is a truly great way of finding out the right kind of Design necessary for any restaurant’s sales to grow. Getting a solid restaurant with the right kind of customers is a great thing, but it is imperative to have a good design with solid credentials, amongst other factors that will boost sales and give rise to a great restaurant. Restaurant designs must be taken seriously for great customer experience and satisfaction.

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