Top Delivery On-Demand Mobile App Ideas in 2020

Top Delivery On-Demand Mobile App Ideas in 2020 | DeOnDe
Top Delivery On-Demand Mobile App Ideas in 2020 | DeOnDe

Mobile App Development demand has surged in 2020, and the reason is apparent. We all have been facing the ill-effects of a pandemic on the economic segment. It is, therefore, one of the reasons that business owners are trying to shift their commercial operations online. The only business segments that ran successfully amidst the pandemic are Grocery Delivery and Medicine Delivery. 

Rise of On-demand delivery Businesses

The Delivery on Demand businesses have experienced a great surge in the demand as well as downloads. The reason is simple, people are preferring the on-demand delivery apps usage for staying safe amidst the pandemic. One more reason is the ‘luxury’ of shopping from anywhere in the world.

DeOnDe On-Demand Delivery Solutions

  • Food Delivery Solution
  • Grocery Delivery Solution
  • Liquor Delivery Solution

Benefits of Associating with the Delivery Industry

There are multiple benefits of getting associated with the delivery segment. The first thing is that delivery businesses are the future of the grocery and food business market. In the future, people will prefer the luxury of buying from home. People will indeed move towards the interest of safety, where they can easily get their favourite items without spending fuel as well as time. 

Why Monthly subscription On-Demand Delivery Application for your business?

There are numerous benefits of choosing on-demand delivery applications for your upcoming business. The first thing that a startup owner benefits with an on-demand business solution is the quick launch of the business. We at DeOnDe provide a monthly subscription solution for your next on-demand business app development. Hence, you can easily utilise our solution by saving both time and investment. 

On-demand monthly subscription is one of the ways to use the readymade delivery app solution developed by the company. It saves the time that is generally required for developing an application from scratch. On the other hand, it also saves the amount of money that is required to spend on design, development, and resources. The solution is readymade and quick to use with 100% white label solutions.

Let us talk about the 5 Brilliant Application Ideas for Startups in 2020

  • Grocery Delivery Application

Be it any country; the pandemic proved lucky for the grocery app owners as the demand surged and recorded the highest app download in the last one decade. Well, if you are planning to launch an online startup, then we would suggest you rely on grocery delivery business as the demand will roar in the coming years as well.  The top grocery delivery applications in India are BigBasket, Grofers, DMart and BigBazaar.

  • Medicine Delivery Application

Online Medicine Delivery segment is one of the top roaring business application ideas in 2020. Medicine delivery applications have helped people across the USA to get medicines at ease without leaving the comfort of their house. Amidst the pandemic, the medicine delivery app demand and downloads roared as people thought that it is wise to order medicines online rather than visiting the stores. 

  • Food Delivery Application

On-demand food delivery segment has experienced a massive surge in demand since the last few years. The top food delivery apps in the USA such as Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats experienced maximum app downloads during the pandemic. The top food delivery apps in India are Zomato, Swiggy and Foodpanda. 

Currently, many USA restaurants have switched to their routine dine-in segment, but still, the demand for online food delivery continues to surge. Investing in the food delivery segment will help business owners with rapid growth as Americans are getting conscious of their health, and the ongoing virus pandemic is insisting people either to consume the homemade food or buy food online. 

  • Liquor Delivery Business

If you are an Indian, you must have seen the surge of liquor delivery amidst the pandemic. Since when the lockdown was partially lifted, the main demand for liquor delivery set the highest records. Liquor delivery is also famous in many western countries. We at DeonDe help with feasible on-demand liquor delivery solutions for your bar or liquor outlet, anywhere in the world. 


2020 has marked as a pivotal year for the business owners across the world. We advise the above four brilliant on-demand delivery ideas for the entrepreneurs in India, UK, Australia USA. Well, if you are looking to develop an online application for your upcoming delivery business, then you can check the pricing by clicking here.

Talk with our business head and launch your next food or grocery or liquor delivery solution with ease. Visit for knowing more about our on-demand solutions.

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