Food Delivery Giants Step into Logistics and Liquor Delivery

Food Delivery Giants Step into Logistics and Liquor Delivery
Food Delivery Giants Step into Logistics and Liquor Delivery

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have put their foot in different segment and sector to come up with some exclusive business ideas and concepts. The food delivery giants are also trying the same as in many cities the food delivery is completely shut down. It is logistics and now, alcohol that is given complete relaxation for home delivery service.

Let’s talk about the On-Demand Delivery Business

The on-demand delivery business except than the grocery is facing a huge loss. There is a significant shutdown in almost all the business segments across the world. Also, people are getting more hygienic and are not ordering food online.

In the metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where food delivery is partially on; the food delivery giants are having a little relaxation. But in the cities like Ahmedabad and Vadodara, the food delivery industry is temporarily shut down. It is because all the restaurants are closed amidst the lockdown.

The Covid-19 pandemic along with the lockdown imposition has set back the economy for every country, and we wish the situation improves sooner, helping the economy to come in the normal tune.

Let’s chat about the other Delivery Business

Apart from food, the on-demand delivery business also has grocery, cake, flower, fuel, liquor and medicine in its segment. The grocery delivery business has boomed 10x times during the pandemic. When the malls and stores are shut down temporarily, people have turned their shopping preference online. Also, this has given rise to more grocery app downloads on the Apple Store and Play Store.

Zomato Targets Online Liquor Delivery

The coronavirus lockdown has finally given rise to the alcohol demand all over the country. There is nothing more significant than serving alcohol currently for any delivery segment in India. Well, if we believe the news flashed by Reuters, Zomato is targeting liquor delivery in India for enhancing the profit margin.

Also, the big thing about Zomato is that it has always been flexible in reshaping its delivery audience as per the circumstances. Zomato is the next big name in almost every delivery segment. It has also launched its grocery delivery services before few weeks for helping customers to get the ease of buying essential items sitting at home.

Indians are searching for On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App!

Currently, the demand for liquor is exceptionally high across India. Any startup could gain a significant amount of profit by investing in a liquor delivery app. Well, Zomato has already stepped in, and it seems that the CEO has extremely excellent business sense in managing the business profit margins. First grocery and essentials and now, liquor; people across the nation can quench their liquor thirst quickly with the help of liquor delivery apps.

Have you heard about Swiggy Genie?

Swiggy has launched its grocery delivery services too amidst the lockdown with ‘Swiggy Genie’. The food delivery startups have put forth their interest into other delivery segments also as the lockdown has shut down many restaurants and food outlets across the country.

The Swiggy Genie is the revamped version of Swiggy Go. Now, the brand offers delivery of anything you need at any time. Isn’t that an excellent service for the nation during the pandemic?

Straight From the Swiggy COO

As per the reports, Vivek Sundar, Swiggy COO acknowledged that delivering grocery among other essentials was always a part of the company’s “long-term strategy” but fastened its process to assist the customers.

 He also said, “Extending our hyper local delivery offering will unlock a new aspect of accessibility & safety for our consumers as well as incomes for our Delivery Partners during these unusual times.”



The above image was the post by Swiggy India on 15th April 2020 while launching its Swiggy Genie services. The post helps customers to understand what they can order using the platform and what items are not delivered during the pandemic by Swiggy Genie.

Swiggy has got some really great reviews with its revamped version of essential delivery across the country. In fact, few blogs have published screenshots of customers.

This is how the dashboard image for Swiggy Genie Looks Like


Wondering how to be the next on-demand startup?

Well, on-demand services have always inspired the smart business owners as it is the next-gen business. On-demand delivery highlights the importance of the current millennial need. Many on-demand delivery segments have been famous for the last decade such as food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, cake delivery, flower delivery, liquor delivery and fuel delivery.

The on-demand services also highlight the cab booking or taxi booking apps that helps the passengers to get the ride to their preferred destination. Other than that the on-demand logistics is also one of the demanding services from the past decade. Startups those who are looking for doing something exceptional can always rely on the on-demand services.

How to start an On-Demand Grocery or Liquor Delivery Service in India?

Well, it is not difficult to have your on-demand delivery startup in India. DEONDE provides quick and readymade on-demand app solutions to startups and SMEs at a very affordable rate. All you need is talk with our business head and discuss the delivery segment that you wish to invest in.

We will help you with three different apps for maintaining your business cycle and an exclusive admin dashboard for managing your online delivery business. We help with iOS and Android app development for the on-demand delivery app of your startup.

Monthly Subscription Model

We believe that currently, the market is quite unpredictable for which it is necessary to opt for the most affordable options for managing your online delivery business. DEONDE offers monthly subscription SaaS-based models for your next startup or SME. All you need to do is pay monthly rentals for using our readymade on-demand delivery solutions.

P.S. The benefits of on-demand monthly delivery solutions is it is affordable as well as quick delivery app solutions for your upcoming startup. You can get started with it in a short prescribed period.

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