How DeOnDe restaurant management software helps Food Outlets?

How DeOnDe restaurant management software helps Food Outlets?
How DeOnDe restaurant management software helps Food Outlets?

The changing Indian mentality has finally helped many food outlets to grow their business 5X times with food delivery services. The food delivery apps work in synchronisation with the restaurant management software for giving the desired results.

It is not wrong to admit that an increase in the average wage, as well as the influence of the technology, has makeover the luxurious dining experience to parcel and food delivery.

DeOnDe has successfully managed different delivery portals with SaaS-based solutions. We help to develop your delivery business in your city; be it food, liquor or cake delivery business. Talking about the food delivery business, we expertise in enhancing your delivery model with our exclusive restaurant management software.

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Let us discuss, ‘What is restaurant management software’?

A restaurant management system is a POS system that is designed for increasing the efficiency of the entire restaurant management process. The POS includes the entire process from menu feeding, order taking, order preparation, billing, food delivery update, restaurant waiting, inventory updates, etc.

DeOnDe expertise in developing both POS (Point of Sale) system and Food Delivery Application for your restaurant or food delivery outlet. It enhances the management process by increasing the efficiency of your workflow. Everything is managed via software, and hence, it becomes easy to track down sales, inventory as well as account books.

With the increasing craze of outdoor dining as well as food delivery, a restaurant owner has to manage both dining as well as delivery segment simultaneously. A restaurant management software helps with the same to the food outlet or restaurant owners. The POS, as well as the food delivery application,  works using the SaaS-based solutions that are ready to use as well as customizable.

How will your restaurant business benefit with our SaaS-based solutions?

For instance, you are a restaurant owner. The primary goal of your business is to manage strict inventory to make the dishes available for the customer. Apart from that, you will require a manager who is well versed with the order taking responsibility as the order will be submitted to the kitchen supervisor, and he will take the further responsibility of the order preparations while reading it for the chefs. The entire system is managed likewise using the POS restaurant management system, but the process is digital, which leaves no room for error.

Still confused, let’s talk a little deep!

The Point of Sale system is a restaurant management software that is feed with your restaurant’s menu items in advance. Before you switch to POS for order taking, the menu items need to be feed in the system for the easy convenience of order taking feature.

The restaurant manager or the captain will utilise the tablet screen for preparing the unique kitchen order ticket for the particular order of the particular table. The kitchen order ticket that is created using the POS mentions everything in detail such as the time of order, the order number, the table number, the customer name if required and the name of the F&B employee- who initiated the order to the kitchen department.

Kitchen Order Ticket via POS

Furthermore, the POS system indicates the order ticket to the Kitchen screen, where the POS tablet of the captain is connected to the kitchen via Wi-Fi. The order displays on the screen in first come first basis and the running orders are also flashed on the screen separately to help the chef and supervisor understand the priority of food delivery on the table.

Once the order is delivered on the table, it is stopped flashing from the screen, which avoids confusion. Also, the food delivery or takeaway orders are flashed on the screen as per the time mentioned to the customers for the delivery. Isn’t it an amazing way to manage your restaurant system from getting pissed between confusions and delays?

Restaurant billing managed in a minute or less!

Let us also talk about the billing part. Using the PoS billing software also becomes efficient and easy as the kitchen order ticket copy is sent to the cashier PC for the billing process.

SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery App: Launch Your Complete System In Just 3 Days

Customisation and more!

Apart from the POS system, DeOnDe also delivers customizable SaaS-based solutions for food delivery application that has three applications separately for the restaurant, the customer and the driver. It is also accompanied by the website dashboard for managing the analytics.

We offer a complete package of POS system along with food delivery solutions to our clients, which makes restaurant management easy and effective. It further increases the rate of working efficiency and productivity as sales, order management, billing, and delivery is managed without any lack of confusion. The entire process becomes systematic and easy to supervise for the food franchise owner.


DeOnDe would love to be your one-stop solution for your restaurant management as well as food delivery business. We like to explain it to you in detail via an audio or video call. You can schedule an appointment with our business manager by logging on to DeOnDe.

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