Million Dollar Business Idea: Food Delivery Startup Insights

Million Dollar Business Idea: Food Delivery Startup Insights
Million Dollar Business Idea: Food Delivery Startup Insights

Yes, food delivery startup is a million-dollar business idea. Be it any country, India or UK or USA; the pandemic has proved that any business that has accepted the digital platform are able to survive the worst. Let, us understand how the food delivery application can help you earn a lot of money in the coming years. 

Can we start with the examples of the giant food delivery startups?

Well, every successful person or brand faced the struggling period. Rome was not built in a day, likewise your food delivery startup will also take a few years to be successful and famous. But, if your business idea is into on-demand delivery, you are sure to gain success sooner or later. 

UberEats, Postmates, Zomato, Swiggy are the few food delivery platforms that are famous in respective countries and locations like USA and India. but before these startups were famous, they also faced a struggling time to get more restaurants and more customers on board. So, if you invest time and effort, the ball is ready to roll!

Food Delivery Business Insights

We are not supporting the food delivery startup ideas because we are a part of this industry. We have proven facts and stats to help you understand that this business is one of the growing business across the globe. Also, the pandemic has added this business segment on people’s essential checklist as visiting restaurants is not safe anymore (for the time being). 

The global online on-demand food delivery services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.76% during the period 2017-2021. One of the major growth drivers is the convenience and accessibility food delivery enterprises offer.  

(Source: Jungleworks)

Food Delivery Application

Now, when you say creating a food delivery startup, it involves a lot of things. A food delivery startup needs a complete setup of restaurant partnerships, customer registrations, delivery agency partnerships and a cloud kitchen if needed. Zomato in India has started investing in cloud kitchen to expand its business. One can give a thumbs up for the same idea in the later stages of the startup.

The main applications that you need to develop are:

  • Customer App
  • Restaurant App
  • Driver App

Here is an interesting image that you must not miss reading and sharing. It helps you understand the online food delivery market size by type. The growth is clearly predictable and measurable by the image stats.

asia pacific online food delivery services market

In order to make your food delivery startup successful, it is important to have a very engaging and functional food delivery application. The features of the food delivery app decide whether the customers and restaurant owners are going to use it smoothly in the future. Below are the must have food delivery mobile app features. 


How will a food delivery application help to earn?

A food delivery application can help you earn in different ways. Let us explore the three different ways of earning income from a food delivery startup.

  • Online Ads

You can earn via your online food delivery startup by registering with Google AdSense. Generating revenue becomes easy and swift. You can also run online ads on your application of restaurants and their combos for earning a fair income. 

  • Commission

The major income of food delivery startups is via commission from the restaurants. Your application will earn fixed or agreed commission from every order. To enhance your income via commission, you can add more popular restaurants on your food delivery channel. 

  • Partnership

You can charge a strategic amount or fee while partnering with new restaurants or food startups thereby delivering them few services. 

How to build a food delivery application?

Developing a food delivery application is a complex process. It involves a lot of professional expertise and technological tools. We would recommend you to consult a food delivery app development company for the same. However, there are food delivery app development companies that help with monthly subscription plans (SaaS-based). 

The monthly subscription food delivery apps are easy to afford as it is a pure pay as you go model. Here you need to pay a monthly fees for acquiring the food delivery solution. You can inquire more by logging on to our official website and pricing schemes.

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