How Does Monthly Subscription Based Online Grocery Ordering Software Work?

POS And Retail Software How Does Monthly Subscription Based Online Grocery Ordering Software Work?

Monthly subscription based (SaaS-Based) software is an interesting phenomenon in the IT world. It has its own share of admirers and users as it has many pros and a few cons.

Despite the fact that many businesses use monthly subscription-based online grocery ordering software, only a handful of people know how the entire system actually works. Let’s have a look at the SaaS eco-system and its finer detail.

The Basic Solution

In the regular world, when a business wants to deploy IT solutions, they consult an IT solution provider. The IT solution provider assesses their needs and gives them a quote with the timeline. They develop the entire system, deploy it and hand over the source codes to the business that has hired them. In addition, they also provide updates, maintenance, and support as long as the contract states. The ownership of the complete solution and source code, as well as the related responsibilities, lie with the business house. On the other hand, this process requires a lot of time and money.

Do You Have An Alternative?

What if you don’t have a lot of time and money? You may be thinking about a startup that you want to launch within a matter of days. Or, you are an SMB and don’t want to burden yourself with huge capital investment. Do you have an alternative?

Compare this situation with your need for a home. You want to have your home in a specific neighborhood. It should have x numbers of bedrooms and y numbers of toilets. But it costs a lot to buy one. What alternative do you have? If you can’t own it, rent it. Simple, isn’t it?

The same is true for the software world as well. If you can’t own it, rent it. You have an alternative in the form of a monthly subscription based solution.

Monthly Subscription Based Solution

A monthly subscription-based solution is altogether a different world as long as a business is concerned. For the customers, it will be the very same.

A monthly subscription based solution provider has already developed the complete system. The complete system includes 6 individual apps – 3 iOS mobile apps and 3 Android mobile apps. You will have a customer ordering app, a driver app, and an admin/owner app. The package will also offer a web-based admin panel for the convenience of managing your business from the familiar set-up of a computer. They will customize it with your brand name, logo and color palette. So it will look and feel completely authentic.

You don’t own the software, you just rent it. As a result, the responsibility of its maintenance, upgrade and updates rest with the monthly subscription-based solution provider.

The Customer End

From the customer’s point of view, there is no difference between the mobile apps you own or you rent. They will have the same user experience (UX) when they use the mobile apps provided with a monthly subscription-based solution. This option affects only your balance sheet and that too, in a positive way.

In The End

DeOnDe is a leading monthly subscription-based online grocery ordering software and mobile app provider. We have many clients using our multiple solutions across the globe. Contact us to know more and get your business up and running within a few days.

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