What Is Monthly Subscription Based (SaaS) Online Grocery Ordering Software?

What Is Monthly Subscription Based (SaaS) Online Grocery Ordering Software?
What Is Monthly Subscription Based (SaaS) Online Grocery Ordering Software?

Before we start talking about monthly subscription based (SaaS-based) online grocery ordering software, it is essential to know why we need one.

Everybody has to eat but nobody likes to go for regular grocery shopping. It’s a mundane chore that everybody hates to do yet all of us has to do that quite often. The most boring part is the to-and-from journey of the grocery stores. Also, hauling the heavy bags full of groceries and weekly supplies is a task itself. If you take those two things out of the equation, even grocery shopping is, more or less, a satisfying shopping experience. But how can we take them out of the equation?

Changing The Equation

The answer to that question lies in the use of technology, namely Information Technology. Online grocery delivery apps like Instacart, ShipIt, Postmates have changed this equation. They have developed online grocery ordering software.

After the launch and popularity of Uber, most of the products and services are available through on-demand mobile apps. Instacart, ShipIt, Postmates, and others have developed their own versions of Uber. They have mobile apps and websites for ordering and delivering the grocery to the doorsteps of users. They have employed full stack mobile app development companies and web development companies to do their bidding. So, they have got an iOS mobile app, Android mobile app, and website for online grocery ordering.

Some of them run the grocery business with their own inventory. On the other hand, a few have partnered with local stores and drivers. They actually aggregate the business. But the investment is a big issue in this model.

Online Grocery Ordering Software

There is no business that doesn’t require an investment of one sort or the other. And grocery business itself requires a huge inventory to cater to a variety of needs of the metropolitan customers. If you add the cost of mobile app development and web development to that, it will be impossible for SMBs and startups to do so.

But there is an alternative to that. Again, technology has come to rescue. The solution is the online grocery ordering software. You do not need to invest a huge capital amount initially or later on. All you need to do is pay the monthly subscription charges and you can use the software as long as you want.

Monthly Subscription Based Software

When you subscribe to one of the monthly subscription-based online grocery ordering software, you get the following:

  • iOS app for customers
  • Drivers app for iOS
  • iOS app for admin/owner
  • Android app for customers
  • Drivers app for Android
  • Android app for admin/owner
  • Web-Based Admin Panel
  • Customer Service & Support

When you can have everything you want for a nominal monthly subscription charge, you don’t need to worry about the huge capital investment or development time. You can start using them straight away and focus on your actual business.


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