Successful Restaurant Concept Ideas for 2022

Restaurant Concept Ideas

Food is the basic need of any living being. This is also true when it comes to the economy. Many people have started restaurant businesses with a small budget and had huge success in the field of hotel and restaurant industries. Today, let’s see the latest restaurant concept ideas to start your restaurant business from scratch. Restaurants can be a great profit-making business in this century if you plan well…!

The meaning of the term- restaurant has changed nowadays, Restaurants means not only serving food, but also including many things.

The food industry has a very special role in any economy. The Revenue in the Food market amounts to US$866.70bn in 2022. The market is expected to grow annually by 8.01% (CAGR 2022-2027). This industry has various options. From highway-side Dhaba to local street food, from a lodge to five-star restaurants, food industries have significant value.

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Top Unique Restaurant Concept Ideas to Inspire Your Restaurant

Fast Food Restaurant

The new generation are familiar with this type of restaurant very well. In this type of restaurant, particular fast food is made in huge quantities and is served or parceled. Though it has less table services, generally people get food to their table on their own.

These restaurants are franchisee based and needed around 10 to 15 lakh (INR RS.) for the grand opening.


Cafes are places where you can offer tea, coffee or some snack items. The advantage of this type is you can choose between table service and self-service. It doesn’t need extra utensils or extra ordinary set up. Some chip making or coffee/tea making machines are enough. Cafes have more profitability with less investment.

A good cafe set up may need around Rs. 8 lakhs; this may vary as per the location and locality.

Casual Dine Restaurant

If you want to provide full table service and a complete dinner or lunch, go to the casual dining restaurant. It needed extra ordinary staff, care, hygiene facilities and a large investment.

It may cost you RS. 25 lakhs to set up your own casual dining restaurant.

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Ghost Restaurant

Ghost restaurant means you are delivering food at your customers’ doorstep. This is the Online Ordering System for Restaurants where people order food and you deliver it. This kind of restaurant needed good home delivery services and continuous online present. Orders can be placed at any time, so that they should be delivered on time to maintain your good reputation.

Nowadays, some casual dine restaurants are also converted into ghost restaurants, they also have online presence and serve online food delivery solutions and offline together.

Restaurants Inside Mall

If you have a vision but have less money, you can also build a restaurant by having place on rent and run your business. Some malls are providing the space to make a restaurant inside their malls. This is also a good option to create a canteen facility type food business inside malls.

Factors That Affect Your Restaurant Business

Location- Your Workplace

It is the most effective prospect of any restaurant. This factor defines the success of a restaurant more than any other factor. If you want to plan a very high-profile restaurant, choosing the location where the people from upper society come is advisable. If you are planning for a medium level restaurant, choose the location accordingly.

Keep in mind that nowadays, restaurants which are located outside cities (app 4-5 km) are also in trend. People from cities specially plan to eat there and come there.

Rates- Pricelist of Dishes

Though good dishes and food are priceless, this factor can’t be ignored. Before deciding rates, also check the rates of other restaurants that are offering the same services as yours. Rates decide the type of people who can come to your place.

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Food Items- Menu

Choosing your menu is also a very crucial task. It happens with some restaurant businesses that they choose so many items to be served but can’t provide quality so they can’t get success.

If you as a businessman want to see your restaurant to be famous, choose only those things which are part of your capabilities. Offering less variety is okay because what matters is quality.  Food items can be chosen from Punjabi food, Rajasthani food, Gujarati dish, south Indian recipes, Italian food etc. The selection depends on the region you offer services to and the food habits of people living in that region.

Nowadays, single product restaurants are also trending in the market. It will maintain good quality as well as consistency and will require fewer staff.

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Staff- The Actual Dealing People

The chef who cooks food actually should be the expert in making the recipes. The hygiene habits of chefs should also be the area of thinking before you hire them. Though hiring them or not totally depends on the business owner, some people may initially run a business by becoming their own chef or may choose this industry with the only reason of their being a good chef. A chef is the key factor of any restaurant.

Besides chefs, waiters are also an important factor as they are someone who directly deals with the people (actual customers). The waiters’ behavior makes the impression of your restaurant in people’s mind. Staff with good service manners would be advisable to hire. Some restaurants have a pre-defined dress code for the waiters and chef to manage the restaurant with some unique impression.

Furniture and Utensil

The table on which the food is served should be chosen well. No matter how much money you spend on the furniture of your restaurant the first impression should always be taken from the dining table. That should also be maintained well after each meal. If you are planning your restaurant with a particular theme, your dining table should not be mismatched.

Utensils are also an important part of creating a good impression. Utensils depend upon the type of food you are offering. For classical dishes choose the utensil accordingly.

Environment of Restaurant

The environment should not be noisy. So that people can eat peacefully. Some restaurants are also using the concept of having mild music around. Some restaurants have TV, but music facilities are ideal instead of TV.

Some Unique Facility – Couple Table

Planning a family restaurant is good, but if you can build a little place to implement and attract youngsters, you should think about a couple too. Your restaurant is going to be famous if you give them some space for a candlelit dinner, romantic dates will make the couples choose your restaurant again and again. It needs some extra care and creativity.

Restaurant Concept Ideas
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